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Awesome July 31, 2008 posted by

Yamaha DGC1M4 Disklavier Mark IV Grand Piano – the piano that thinks it’s a computer

The new Yamaha DGC1M4 Disklavier Mark IV Grand Piano is a piano in the same way that a space shuttle is a crop duster. Yeah sure, it makes reassuringly nice grand piano sounds when you plink the keys, but does your aging honky-tonk in the basement feature: Direct Internet connection for streaming music from the web to your keys. Pocket Remote Control touchscreen PDA with wireless LAN card for song control. Karaoke player with microphone input Integrated piano teacher (with auto-follow accompaniment)…

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ReadManiac – superb free ebook reader for all mobile phones

ReadManiac is an excellent open source Java ebook reader for mobile phones. The cool thing about it, apart from the free loveliness, is the fact that it comes with its own application customiser. You can select from a variety of different handsets and Java settings and it will create an ebook reader which will be optimised for your model of phone. One tip, make sure you increase the default memory size if you’re customising for a modern smartphone. (click to expand) Having…

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Gadgets July 30, 2008 posted by

USB Webcam with Fan and Mic – talk, view and cool too

This USB Webcam with Microphone and Fan is a doozy. Not only can you stay cool while chatting to your ex, but you can make it look as though you’re sitting on your yacht at the same time, with all that sea breeze blowing through your hair. Yeah, maybe not. $22.99.  USB 2.0 Interface # Send Video Email anywhere # Excellent Still Image Capture # Video Recording # Video Conference # Motion detect # Secure Function # Sucker base with…

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Remember the Milk for Gmail – cool Firefox extension adds task manager to your email

Remember the Milk for Gmail is a super cool Firefox add-on which integrates a task manager into your Gmail service. You’ll recognise the name from the original RTM proglet, but this new version really does have some clever bits going for it. For starters the integration with Google is really tight, so you can link tasks with contacts, connect a task with a particular email (e.g. find out flight details and email back to Ian by Thursday) and even connect…

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Gadgets July 29, 2008 posted by

SATA HDD Multimedia Dock – build your own media center from an old disk and this drop-in dock

This new SATA HDD Multimedia Dock not only accepts 2.5/3.5 inch hard disks and SD Cards but will deliver multimedia content like video and audio from the disk to your television without a computer. Now that’s cool. So you can drop in your disk full of photos or MP3s, hook the thing up to your HiFi or TV and play it all without missing a beat. Now that’s cool. Did we say that already? There is however one tiny hitch, the thing…

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Namu6 Web Site Creator – free simple site creator is fast fast fast

Namu6 Web Site Creator. I want you to understand that you will NOT repeat not win any design, coding or other awards by using this free website editor tool to create your website, but you will be able to knock something up in about 3.5 seconds from loading the software. And to be blunt, there’s a ton of people out there who just want to bang up a quick page or two to publish to the world, and this will…

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diy July 28, 2008 posted by

DIY Music Box – create your own paper music scores you little Mozart you

This DIY Music Box features a punch-hole mechanism which will accept any punched paper ‘score’. So in theory you could compose a masterpiece using this instrument and go on to win fame and fortune on some naff reality show on Fox Television. However we all know that’s not likely to happen, don’t we? Especially since you can’t play sharps and flats with this puppy. Ah well, worth a dream. £15.99/$31.98.  This is the ‘big brother’ version of the Music Box Set. It…

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Magnifying Glass – very cool screen magnification freeware makes it all clear now…

The Magnifying Glass screen magnifying tool is really cool. There’s nothing super flash about it, but it does its job well. Just fire it up and move it over your computer screen to make everything so much bigger. You get hard, soft and fisheye lens options. Nice one.  Magnifying Glass is a high quality magnification software that employs advanced image filtering algorithms. It allows displaying magnified portions of the screens that are smooth and sharp which results in increased readability….

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Gadgets July 26, 2008 posted by

Iocell Contents Phone – hard disk telephone adds computer functions to POTS

The Iocell Contents Phone breaks new ground by a) looking very cool, in a villian’s lair lasers on shark type of way and b) containing a hard disk which can be used for music on hold, recording your conversations and even playing background music during your chats (eh?). We’re a sucker for phones which stand upright on stands, so we’re going to vote for this. But in the meantime please listen to this recorded announcement from our Korean sponsors…  IOCELL…

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Gadgets July 25, 2008 posted by

Desktop VoIP Conference Speaker – hands free talking and driving at your desktop

Desktop VoIP Conference Speaker. Microphone and speakers in a small desktop form factor that looks slightly alien. Yeah it does, if you look out of the corner of your eye with a squint. See? Anyhoo, it’s USB powered, aren’t they all sweetie?, and comes with echo cancellation and noise suppression. The output’s a pitiful 1.5W per channel, but what do you expect for $29.99?  Dual functions: Stereo LoupSpeakers + VoIP / Video Conferencing device (Mic + Speakers) – Dual Voice…

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FoxLingo – Firefox extension provides automatic web page translations

FoxLingo is a Firefox add-on which provides all the language translation goodness that you deserve, you hard working surfer you. Not just the usual suspects either, like web page translation between 1000 language pairs, but also things like dictionaries, search and language learning. Preetty coool, yeais.  The Ultimate Language Tool! Web Page Translation, Translated Search, Auto Translation, Text Translation, Language Resources, Learning Languages, etc. Tags: foxlingo, firefox+addon, freeware

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Gadgets July 24, 2008 posted by

768 LED Clock – you call that an LED clock? Now THIS is an LED clock…

768 LED Clock. Look, if you’re going to go all modern and LED on us, get it right with this mega bulb model. C’mon, 768 bulbs beaming their timely notifications at you 24/7/365 (with time off for power cuts) should be enough for anyone right? Each digit consumes 128 LEDs, so you can throw your green badge out of the window right now. (Check the video) $89.00. Tags: gadget, 768+led+clock, led

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Speak-A-Message – record and send personal voice messages via email

Speak-A-Message is a free audio recorder for making and sending voice messages using your email program. You can also use it to add vocal annotations to documents or presentations, which sounds useful, eh? I’m not sure about the sounds effects feature, sounds like a recipe for lots of weirdness, but still worth a look I reckon.  Speak-A-Message provides a rich communication experience that enables you to create and email your own audio messages and to listen to audio messages in…

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Gadgets July 23, 2008 posted by

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Panoramic Set – the perfect tool for precision panoramic photos

The Seitz Roundshot VR Drive Panoramic Set is a fully automatic panorama motor for your digital camera. Just attach your digicam, set up rotation speed and other settings and set it going. No vibration, no dodgy shots, just a series of up to 72 shots for your subsequent stitching. Perfection costs though, at £1200.00 + VAT per.  The VR Drive is the perfect tool to create digital panoramas by stitching. It works with your digital camera and controls and automatically…

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