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KukuKlok – delicious Swiss made online alarm clock promises perfect timekeeping

KukuKlok is a Swiss built online alarm clock that offers a new slant on the genre. For one it looks great and is super easy to set up, for two it saves your settings even if you disconnect from the Internet, which could be very useful if you’re a big traveller. Or even if you’re a small one. There’s a rumour that it might even include Youtube video and MP3 alarms soon, as well as the cockerel and assorted bits. Definitely bookmark…

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Bizarre July 22, 2008 posted by

Cyber Clean – beats as it sweeps as it cleans…

Cyber Clean is a totally weird – but in a funny way logical – product for cleaning keyboards. I have a feeling that it would be a perfect way to get inside the nooks and crannies of my keyboard for instance. Hey, and it’s Swiss so it’s got to be good, right? £7.95 for a 500g pot.  Did you know that the average computer keyboard is proven to accumulate more germs than a public toilet? Now there’s a Swiss solution that can help…

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Poster Forge – make your own posters for freeeeee

Poster Forge is a free DIY poster making program. Yep, you too can now make movie, motivational and even wanted posters out of your favourite images. The free version sticks a small watermark on each poster you print, otherwise it’s $9.95. And remember folks, the wisest owl is the one which hoots at sundown.  Poster Forge doesn’t require any knowledge of graphics or design and enables users to create posters in clicks. This software has a step-by-step wizard for each…

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Awesome July 21, 2008 posted by

Westfalia Verdier Solar Powered Camper – awesome camper concept needs to get made

This awesome Westfalia Verdier Camper is a concept product that has yet to see production as far as we can tell. It comes with some fabulous features, and lots of hybrid drive technology and solar power loveliness. It’s Canadian, sleeps two adults and two kids and will cost around $69,000 a pop if/when it ever touches asphalt.  A system of intelligent solar panels called ” SUN TRACKER “. This system makes it possible to provide electricity to the on-board accessories while the vehicle is…

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Ots CD Scratch 1200 – free virtual turntable program for aspiring DJs everywhere

Ots CD Scratch 1200 is a freeware virtual turntable program which lets you play two songs from the same CD at the SAME TIME (their emphasis!). One forward and one reverse. And you can scratch and add vinyl crackles and all sorts of jollity. Yeah baby!  CD Scratch is a FREE, funky and incredibly fun “Virtual Turntables CD Player” performing the seemingly impossible… Play two songs from the same CD at the same time – one forwards and one in…

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reprise July 20, 2008 posted by

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy. Codetch – a free full featured WYSIWYG web editor in your browser – Codetch is a… JATY DR7200 – satellite navigation, DMB television, MP3 player, phone charger and alcohol tester – The new Korean JATY DR7200 must be… iJerry and iPiggy – convert your desk top into a music speaker – iJerry. Turn your table or… Authentic New York Hot Dog Cart – add…

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Gadgets July 19, 2008 posted by

Parrot MK6100 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit – remote control car phone system combines style and safety

The Parrot MK6100 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit shows that a bit of ergonomic forethought can produce equipment that delivers genuine user value. The point is that taking hand and eye of the wheel for however long immediately increases the risk level of any hands free system – including those visor mounted things – so voice recognition and a handy wheel mounted RF remote control is definitely the best way to go. $299.99.  With its sober and elegant design, its high definition OLED screen,…

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Gadgets July 18, 2008 posted by

Toyti – the wireless digital home entertainer for all the family

Toyti is a Korean wireless home entertainment system that doubles up as a parental content controller, a set top box, a media extender and a mobile battery operated television for the kitchen, garden or wherever you want. The one huge mystery is why the thing wasn’t designed to grab a broadband Internet signal too (after all it uses WiFi for the rest), at which point it would be really interesting. The other interesting thing is that the unit also functions…

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Gadgets July 18, 2008 posted by

CPC Wristband – the World’s Best Hands Free Device…for free

The CPC Wristband is…ahem…a wristband. Stick the band around your wrist, slot the phone into the hole (they call it a pocket, but we know better don’t we readers?) and there you go. Hands free phone calls all day long. Who needs stinky old Bluetooth anyway, eh? Erm…this is either complete genius or just totally off the chart. For $25.99 we’re tending towards the latter, although there is a SPECIAL OFFER of a a free unit for a lucky 2000…

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Gadgets July 18, 2008 posted by

Rocket Alarm Clock – yet another Pavlovian wake up call for the sleepy heads

The Rocket Alarm Clock is yet another of those products designed to make our lives miserable in the morning. Why do they keep making them? Anyway, stop the countdown before it ends or you’ll have to get out of bed to retrieve the launched rocket to turn the alarm off. You’ll also probably have to rush Fido to pet hospital with a rocket embedded in his snout, but that’s another story right? £14.98.  The Rocket Alarm Clock is here to ensure that…

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Bizarre July 18, 2008 posted by

Reborn Babies – eerily realistic baby dolls threaten to take over the world, or at least eBay

Reborn Babies are distinctly…ah…surreal. Take one normal kind of baby doll and spend literally days painting the thing carefully to match the skin tones of a real baby, use specially weighted fillings to make it feel real, and then stitch in realistic hair. To top it off, find some cutesy little outfits which are suitably awwww….and bingo. They’re selling on eBay for anything up to £300/$600 and beyond, with or without a fake heartbeat. Wow! So how real are they? Er…very.  The…

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Cool Web Apps & Sites July 18, 2008 posted by

Guideal – psst…fancy becoming a tour guide?

Guideal is an interesting little idea. It’s basically an online portal for amateur and professional tour guides. The idea is to harness the wisdom of the crowds to match those who would like a tour of a location with those who would like to give a tour of their favourite locale. Some of the guides want money, some offer tours on the site for free, but either way you’ve got to love the sentiment.   It’s very early days yet,…

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Free Software July 18, 2008 posted by

Mediabee – a life management system for families

Mediabee is a ‘life management system’ for families, which I think translates into a family calendar on steroids. It certainly appears to be stacked with oodles of functionality, including a planner for every member of the household, phone book, memo pad, To-Do list generator and progress monitor (one for controlling the kiddies methinks) and even a grocery list generator. To be honest it’s one of those bits of software that look so efficient it’s kinda scary. Know what I mean?…

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cool tech July 17, 2008 posted by

Voice Thermo Talking Forehead Thermometer – wow you’re hot, dude

The Voice Thermo Talking Forehead Thermometer is apparently the world’s only such device. Which is probably a good thing. It’s not that we object to the concept of a forehead thermometer, you understand? We’re all for them. It’s just the idea of the thing shouting out our problems for all to hear is just not cool. Oh no. It works via an infrared signal which measures the temp of the forehead skin in about 1.5 seconds. And saves the readings from the last 30 tests. Which…

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