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reprise September 21, 2008 posted by

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy. Ubiquity – the awesome web task engine for Firefox – I’ve been playing with… Worldwide Travel Adapter – power to the people, wherever they are – Jet lag. It’s a pain in the neck…. JVC HXD77J Mini System – put down the remote, sir, and step away from the power supply… – JVC HXD77J Mini System. So,… Interactive Talking First Aid Guide –…

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Gadgets September 20, 2008 posted by

Cell Ranger PORT – USB powered cellular signal booster

The Cell Ranger PORT is a USB powered dongle and aerial which boosts your mobile phone and data card signal in poor reception areas. It’s plug and play, just slot it in the USB socket and put the aerial near a window. They’re claiming it will add 2–3 bars to your signal and reduce or eliminate dropped calls (as long as the problems are caused by the incoming signal or downlink. If it’s an uplink issue, i.e. your phone isn’t…

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cool tech September 19, 2008 posted by

Solar Stik – the ultimate independent power station

The Solar Stik portable solar array system looks pretty cool. It folds up into a set of smallish packages which are semi hand portable (100+ lbs) and can be erected in around 10 minutes. They’re pitching it against the standard portable petrol generator and their marketing demonstrates the low cost of running solar in comparison. The rig produces 100W of power, which is enough to run most small appliances provided you’ve got the sun, otherwise you might find yourself a…

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Bizarre September 19, 2008 posted by

Decorative Car Wind Power Lamp – huh?

Um…trying to work out the reasoning behind this bizarre car accessory. The Decorative Car Wind Power Lamp clearly fulfills some purpose in one universe or another, although probably not ours. So we’re figuring the car moves, the wind blows, the prop turns, the light lights and bystanders laugh. Or something. £2.83. Specifically designed for car decorative lamp. # Stylish streamline body. # Wind power, no battery, wiring required. # The strong wind, the bright of the lamp. # Easy placing at…

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Gadgets September 19, 2008 posted by

Dynamo Massager Torch – the light touch of the inexhaustible masseuse

The Dynamo Massager Torch provides non-stop light and vibration massage for as long as you can keep cranking. Which judging by my experiences with a plain vanilla wind-up flashlight this summer is not that long. Around 3 to 4 minutes before the fingers and hands give out. Not to mention looking a bit of a dutz sitting there cranking away in the corner of the room. Sheesh…$25.00.  Mini Dynamo Massager Torch is a combo gadget. It is an environmental friendly…

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Fun & Games September 19, 2008 posted by

Phosphor – online shockwave FPS game

Phosphor is a Shockwave FPS game. In default mode you play against three computer generated bots in a simple setting and try to stay alive. It won’t give Valve any sleepless nights, but it’s Shockwave for goodness sake. Running in your browser. Beware the crashing Firefox on exit syndrome though. Oh and it’s got multi-player support built in too. Astonishing.  Phosphor is a first-person shooter created with Macromedia Director. The Shockwave Player allows the game to run within a web browser…

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Free Software September 19, 2008 posted by

YPlay – tiny but flexible freeware music player

YPlay is not grand and it’s not fancy, it’s just a freeware music player. Anyhoo, this one grabs my fancy because it plays Ogg, MIDI and FLAC as well as MP3. And most importantly, as the developer himself says – “I’m not pretending it has more features than the other programs (it doesn’t) or that it’s better in any way. It’s just smaller, simpler and lighter.”  As of version 1.0.22, yPlay has an option to speak all controls (and file names)…

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Gadgets September 18, 2008 posted by

Porto Go – leather bound iPod dock says ya boo to plastic

The Audio Pro Porto Go is a leather covered, battery (or mains) powered iPod docking portable music player. It comes with a credit card sized remote control and a matching Gucci backpack in alpaca wool. Nah, just kidding. 100 decibel output and eight hours play time from a set of batteries should show the neighbours who’s boss. £179.00.  Other source components, including the iPod Shuffle and other MP3 players, can be connected using 3.5mm stereo jack. There’s also a subwoofer output…

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Gadgets September 18, 2008 posted by

Stiletto Phone – all pink and wobbly wobbly

This Stiletto Phone has got to be one of the weirdest of the weird, right? I mean, who’s going to hold this thing up to an ear? In public? Imelda Marcos? Talk to the toe dude, ‘cause the heel ain’t listenin’. Weird. $22.00.  Well..Don’t try to wear it!! It is a high heel shoe design telephone. It is a great gift for your girlfriends or a decor at home!! Tags: stilletto+phone, gadget, telephone

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hardware September 18, 2008 posted by

SONY KDL70X3500 LCD TV – big picture, higher resolution, mega price…

The Sony KDL70X3500 LCD Television. Seventy inches. 1920×1080 resolution. £24,999.99. Yep you read that right. OK…now let me see. Nice car, good holiday, pay off credit cards. Or American Idol in high def? Hmm…  The X3500 series represent the flagship range of BRAVIA LCD TVs. With the raft of features on the W3000, the new X Series range includes BRAVIA Engine PRO, Motionflow +100Hz and premium design in brushed aluminium to complete the ultimate BRAVIA experience. Tags: SONY+KDL70X3500+LCD+TV, lcd+television, home+entertainment

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Gadgets September 18, 2008 posted by

Aquapac Flip Phone Waterproof Case – say what…?

The Aquapac Flip Phone Waterproof Case is clearly a product where form follows function. Flip, gurgle, talk. You get the idea. OK, so it’s actually designed to let you take photos and videos at up to 15ft depth, but even so it’s a funny kind of product if you think about it. Which we’re trying not to. $39.95.  With its clear front and back panels, the Flip Phone case allows you to take pictures and view video footage whilst in…

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hmm..interesting September 18, 2008 posted by

SideTaker – take your arguments online

SideTaker is an online forum for arguments. Yep, you can now anonymously post your personal problems online and have the world and its dog offer suggestions, tips and commiserations on your predicament. I’m guessing it’s not going to be a pretty place to hang out, but some people seem to really enjoy things like that. Witness reality shows, eh? Your call…  Fighting with your significant other? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Air it out anonymously while letting people of the…

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announcement September 18, 2008 posted by

Mippin – the Ferret is mobilized…

I’ve just started using Mippin to format and deliver our content in a mobile phone friendly way. I succumbed because it’s a total cinch to implement (there’s even a WordPress plugin) and I think it adds value by making our stuff much easier to read and access on every type of mobile phone. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a try please – go to on your phone and it’s all done automatically – and let me…

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huh..? September 18, 2008 posted by

The big question no-one is asking…

I’m sorry to interject something mundane here, but I’ve just got to ask this simple question which everyone seems to be ignoring – Where have the $2–$3 trillion in funds that governments around the world have pumped into the financial markets gone? We certainly haven’t received them, have we? And the banks are still failing. So where exactly has all this money gone? I’m genuinely baffled. Tags: financial+meltdown, subprime+crisis, money+as+debt

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Gadgets September 17, 2008 posted by

USB Telephone 4 Port Hub – four holes, 10 numbers, no calls…

This 4 Port USB Telephone Hub is designed to harass the easily confused. Just  surreptitiously place it on their desk and laugh as they continually pick up the fake handset and try to make a call. Ha ha, ho, ho. Such merriment in the office, you couldn’t pay money for better. $15.00.  USB hub is designed as a telephone shape. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports which are embedded behind the number. Turns the cover just like you dial a…

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