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Free Software January 5, 2009 posted by

Vista Codec Package – enhance your multimedia donkey of an operating system here

The Vista Codec Package is a standalone freeware add-on to Windows Vista which installs the codecs you need to run most popular media on the net and beyond. Sounds like a win.  With this package installed you will be able to use any media player, limited only by the players’ capabilities, to play all movies and video clips. Streaming video is supported in several formats in all popular web browsers. Users of VCP have the ability to choose what is installed and…

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Fun & Games January 3, 2009 posted by

Emergency Yodel Button – just in case things get on top of you…

Look, you never know when you’re going to need an Emergency Yodel Button in your life. Especially in these uncertain, challenging times. Really this should be a mandatory part of the anti–recessionary tool kit for every homeowner and entrepreneur in the country. Really. $12.50.  Nothing lifts the spirits like a good yodel, but most of us don’t have the skill to yodel on cue. That’s where the Emergency Yodel Button comes in. Keep this 4″ x 3″ x 5/8″ plastic…

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Gadgets January 2, 2009 posted by

Heart Rate Ring – stick it on your pinkie and relax

The Heart Rate Ring is designed to help you relax about your health by giving a nice visible readout of your resting heart rate. Don’t stick it on the finger you use for picking up those yummy McDuggets pieces though, will you? We don’t want dripping grease obscuring the display. $39.95.  Your heart rate is one of the four vital signs and this ring makes it incredibly easy to monitor. The infrared technology provides accurate and continuous feedback, whether you’re at work, at play, or…

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cool tech January 2, 2009 posted by

Flower Fire Extinguisher – put out those nasty kitchen flare ups with style

This Flower Fire Extinguisher is just delightful. Instead of grappling with a massive clunky red iron thing next time you have a kitchen emergency, just drop these specially formulated flowers into the pan flames and watch as the fire is smothered in moments. Of course they may not work as well if the curtains catch alight, so caveat fumor and all that. $59.00.  For those who cook with oil, it’s important to be extremely careful with the possibility of fire….

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Free Software January 2, 2009 posted by

Trellian WebPage – fast and simple HTML WYSIWYG editor

Trellian WebPage is a free but fully featured HTML web page editor. It comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, including a meta tag editor, built in spellchecker and support for Photoshop plugins. Good value for the price, peeps.  Intuitive Interface # Imports pages compatible with today’s browsers # Absolute positioning of HTML elements # Color Highlighted HTML Editor # Meta Tag editor # Drag & drop interface # Imports all major image formats including PNG & JPEG #…

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Fun & Games January 1, 2009 posted by

Danger Bomb Alarm Clock – choose the right wires or….

The Danger Bomb Alarm Clock forces you to defuse a bomb every morning in order to switch off the alarm sound. Oh you may think it sounds brutal, but just think of the practice it will give little Johnny, having to go all military James Bond every day before he pops off to school. Pretty soon he’ll be volunteering for all sorts of dangerous assignments in global hotspots, safe in the knowledge that it’s all just a matter of silencing that…

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general January 1, 2009 posted by

Share-A-Call Dual Handset Phone – love means eavesdropping in perfect harmony

The Share-A-Call Dual Handset Phone is there to help you share all those beautiful moments together, like the first time your daughter called her parole officer, or the call you made together to order the His n’ Hers matching Barry Manilow slippers. Anyhoo, this has to be the perfect present for the lovely dovey couple in your family. $99.95.  Share-A-Call is the latest idea in communications clarity. It allows two people to hear and participate in a conversation at once,…

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Free Software January 1, 2009 posted by

BitMeter II – freeware bandwidth meter tracks your broadband use

BitMeter II is a freeware bandwidth monitoring program which shows upload and download speeds, usage totals per day/week/month and alerts to let you know if and when you get close to your monthly ISP limit or specific speeds. Pretty useful tool to have around these days (especially if you’re suffering from slow patches in your connection and the ISP wants proof).  BitMeter 2 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling…

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