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What on earth…?

huh..? November 3, 2005 posted by

The Combat SUV.

The T-98 Combat SUV. Russian, heavily armoured, luxurious, very fast and $138,000 for the base model. If you’re so unpopular that you need to scoot around town in one of these, perhaps you should stay in and watch telly a little more often?  The 8.1 litre 340 bhp Vortec V8 can push the T-98 along at over 180 km/h, and in addition to sumptuous leather and woodgrain fittings, you can order almost any level of active safety feature, from gun ports to a full…

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huh..? October 27, 2005 posted by


ShotSpotter. Detect and locate gunfire in your urban area – now with video integration. Ay yi yi!  ShotSpotter’s gunshot location technology is based on acoustic detection of muzzle blast and, depending on the circumstances, the sound of the projectile while it travels. Unlike optical (muzzle flash) detection techniques, acoustic techniques do not require the shooter to be located in the field of view of a sensor. An acoustic system can cover a much larger area than an optical system and…

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huh..? October 25, 2005 posted by

Juicy Fruit Blog.

The Juicy Fruit Blog. Will someone please take that marketing person outside and put them out of their misery? Thank you.  That was me today. I was the thing that didn’t belong. But I don’t care. I want that Juicy Fruit more today than ever. Who knew this pack of Juicy Fruit would take me to so many places? Man it scares me to think where I’ll end up next…

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huh..? October 14, 2005 posted by

Celebrity messages.

Celebrity Messages. For when your own personality just doesn’t cut it.   Celebrity Messages provides authentic celebrity video and audio messages via mobile phones and email. It is the first company to develop and offer the purchase of content from one mobile phone to be used on another, known as ‘gifting’.

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huh..? October 13, 2005 posted by

Open Source spies.

Jeepers, if it wasn’t for the URL you’d swear that this was a spoof. But it ain’t. For some bizarre reason the spies at MI6 have suddenly decided they’ve got to have an Official Secret Intelligence Service website. Huh? That’s the strangest definition of secret I’ve ever heard. What next, Open Source spooks operating undercover and under a GPL (graft, probe, lie) license?  Welcome to the official website of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). As Britain’s secret service, SIS provides the…

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huh..? September 20, 2005 posted by

Camera phones as scanners.

Camera phones as scanners? So what’s the big deal? Modern digital cameras nowadays can do this very easily. Just snap a page at 5 megapixel resolution and what do you get? A scanned image of the page. Pfaff!  As a page is being scanned the OCR software takes dozens of still images of the page and effectively merges them together using the outline of the page as a reference guide. The software can also detect the curvature of the page…

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huh..? September 19, 2005 posted by

Scan first, ask later…

ClubScan. Welcome to the brave new world peeps. Hope we enjoy it. £999.00.  IDscan is set to revolutionise the licensed trade – by allowing pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars and licensed premises to take a record of everyone entering their premises and check the validity of their ID in a matter of seconds. …an easy-to-use data collection scanner, which can scan and recognise most forms of ID including passports, driving licenses and national identity cards from Europe, the US, Australia, the…

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huh..? September 6, 2005 posted by

Nu Ride, for nubiles.

Why are they smiling? Because they’re taking apparently taking advantage of NuRide, a strangely unimpressive service to encourage ride sharing where it’s so desperately needed. Why unimpressive, you ask, with a Skinny Decaf Latte en route to your lips. Well the rewards suck, for starters. A $25.00 gift voucher to TGI Fridays? For sharing your 70 minute ride with a corpulent toothbrush salesman from Idaho? Hmm….   NuRiding is similar to airline travel but for your car. You plan your trips online and…

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huh..? August 18, 2005 posted by


Alice sends me news of the Poopsadaisy. It’s an awfully clever bag that you hang round your favourite pooch’s neck so that they can carry their own excrement around for you after you’ve ‘scooped’. Yeah, you’re a dog owner and you’re going to spend $18.95 on that, right? Sure. No question. NEXT!  This fashion-crafted pack slips easily on and off over your dog’s collar before and after walks. The Poopsadaisy’s patented two-pocket design safely holds the dog’s ‘business’ and is designed to…

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huh..? August 11, 2005 posted by

Counterfeit camcorders.

Hmm..just received warning from Sony PR that there are fake Sony Handycam camcorders popping up for sale on eBay and elsewhere at the moment. The company is trying to track them down, but in the meantime if you happen to see one that’s a bit too cheap, well….caveat emptor, eh?

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huh..? August 1, 2005 posted by

Teen tracking.

Teen Tracking. Like the rabid, scurvied dogs they are, teens are now open season to all-comers. Got one lurking in your garage? Then make sure you keep tabs on the troublesome tyke with the Discrete Wireless Teen Tracking GPS Vehicle System. Make the little scum wish they’d never been born. At least not in your family anyway. Good grief!  “Using our system, parents can be immediately notified, by text message, blackberry, or email, if their teen does something they shouldn’t….

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hmm..interesting July 27, 2005 posted by

Water powered engine.

Running a gasoline engine on hydrogen using water. Long title eh? Yep, that’s what we thought too. Very long title. Longer than your average title actually. By quite a way. Yes sirree. Lots of words there all right.

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huh..? July 21, 2005 posted by

Pepper grinder.

The Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray. Pepper, tear gas and UV dye in one handy pocket sized spray. Don’t leave home without it! From $16.95.  Triple-Action combines OC PEPPER with CN TEAR GAS along with UV MARKING DYE. OC PEPPER causes eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable coughing and choking. CN TEAR GAS causes profuse tearing, an intense burning sensation to the face and disorientation. UV DYE marks the assailant and may aid in identification once apprehended.

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huh..? July 15, 2005 posted by

Pepper Spray Gun.

The Pepper Spray Gun. Well…ah…I suppose if you’re going to wield a pepper spray you might as well go for it big time. Suppose. Even if it does get you shot mid squirt, eh?

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huh..? July 13, 2005 posted by

Ghillie suit.

The Ghillie Suit. Discreet camouflage for those all important ‘I want to be alone’ moments in the local Wal-Mart car park.  Also available in Leafy Green, which we believe is next door to Thousand Oaks. $215.00.  This Full Size Ghillie Suit has Jute attached to a 5’x 9′ netting. Includes generous sized hood and sleeves to put your arms through. Weighs just 7.5 lbs. Our most popular! THE MOSSY OAK IS SHOWN AT LEFT. Use for Photography, Hunting, Paintball, Police, Military, Surveillance! Available…

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