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What on earth…?

huh..? February 11, 2005 posted by

Legal lines. Quick access to legal help from your mobile phone? Riight! So what’s this, the impulse litigation business? Wow, some lawyers are so…persistent aren’t they? offers quick access to legal help from WAP enabled cell phones, Palm Pilots and Blackberries. By filling in a short form, you can instantly send your legal request, right from the scene of an injury, to a series of interested attorneys.

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huh..? February 9, 2005 posted by

Finders keypers.

The C-Car Keychain. $5.98. Suddenly the awesome and unbridgeable gap between life in the US and that in Europe stares us in the face like a wounded buffalo. We live in separate universes!  Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you lost your car in the parking lot — you aren’t alone! Just ask that guy wandering next to you! But now there’s a solution — the C-Car keychain. Simply point the keychain toward the store from your car and line up the rotating car…

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huh..? February 9, 2005 posted by

Poxidating? The world’s first ever Bluetooth proximity dating software? The Ferret is feeling kind of dizzy at the moment…be right back.   Maybe your dream date is but a few metres away… Proxidating is a totally new way for single people to meet up instantly. All you need to do is install Proxidating on your mobile phone, create your profile, enable Bluetooth and wait for your dream date to appear… Whenever you come within about 15m of a person with…

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huh..? February 8, 2005 posted by

Pod Finder.

Find Huh…? Riiight!  Welcome to the search engine totally dedicated to anything iPod. iPod has the Internet buzzing and makes all that information easily accessible. Be it accessories, software, news or blogs – if it’s about iPod will find it for you. Try it NOW

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huh..? February 7, 2005 posted by

Crystal dribble.

The Little Prince Beaded Pacifier Clip. Got baby? Then what you may need is a dummy tether studded with Swarovski crystals which later converts into a bracelet. Or not. And what’s with the gender switching, guys? A little prince or a damsel? $60.00.  Fit for holding court or recuing [sic] maids, all little princes [sic] deserve such finery. Small black and clear Swarovski crystals coupled with 2 large Swarovski crystal cubes look fit for a king with the large sterling silver beaded…

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Bizarre February 2, 2005 posted by

Passing the buck, dear?

Look, there are some things that the Ferret simply has to draw the line at. And one of them involves standing around singing along with your favourite plastic deer head. Sorry, but that’s it. No arguments. [Time to take a short rest, perhaps? – Ed] $159.98.  Life-Size 10 Point Buck Sings, Dances, And Moves To The Beat. Let Buck be the life of the party as he moves and grooves to the music. Mount him on the wall and let…

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heh heh! January 31, 2005 posted by


Date My Pet. The pet lovers meeting place. Probably the most bizarre, but logical, dating website in the world. Oh, and if there’s a cute 30 something girl who’s into crustaceans and would like to hook up with Monty the Crawfish, then Brad would like to talk to her soon. Ay, yi, yi!  Date Me…Date My Pet. Whether you are looking for a life partner, a buddy for your pet or just someone to hang out with, here you’ll be able to…

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huh..? January 25, 2005 posted by


I remember interviewing a senior Intel VP a few years back and asking him why on earth we needed all this extra memory and faster processors when most people just used their word processor. His reply was something like, ‘well eventually you’ll want to run lots of things at the same time.’ I didn’t get it then at all. I get it now.

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huh..? January 20, 2005 posted by

Ergo I am, maybe.

The Ergomatic Keyboard. $175.00. Can this fearsome looking implement really be ergonomic? Handwritten answers only please, to…  Designed by the internationally recognized expert Lillian Malt of England, the Ergomatic keyboard provides users with the option to use the standard QWERTY layout or the revolutionary Malt layout. At the touch of a key, users can switch from the standard QWERTY layout, which was designed to slow typers down, to enjoy the Malt layout, which is ergonomically correct for the mind! The…

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huh..? January 13, 2005 posted by

US Bunkum.

US Bunkers. $48,000 sure buys you a better class of garden shed nowadays, doesn’t it?  The company has developed the multipurpose platform (MPP) bunker, which is a unit that can adapt to a wide variety of uses and applications it is armored, air/watertight and with 13-18 tons of pure protection. It is the latest invention in aboveground, underground and underwater bunkers, capable of withstanding monster hurricanes, tornadoes military and terrorist attacks and extreme underwater pressures…With populations becoming increasingly larger and…

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huh..? January 12, 2005 posted by

Stone cold sober.

OK, so now you can grab yerself a Mac mini for not much cash, what about the missing keyboard, monitor and meece? Well the Ferret has a suggestion. How’s about a complete set of Wood Contour Corporation USB peripherals made out of stone? OK, so it’s not actually stone, it’s ‘scratch, stain and heat resistant’ Corian, but who’ll know? Choice of 120 colours (including white!) and yours for a mere $8100.00 a set. Waddya mean budget?  For comfort and style, these Corian designs…

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huh..? January 10, 2005 posted by


The WaterCarOne project. The world’s first contest to develop a car powered by water. First prize 3 million euros ($3.96 million). Need some cash? Get going then. Will this do for I-90 travel what the X-Prize promises for high 90K travel? Or will it all end up a…cough…damp squib?  The web site is a bit weird (read sparse), but it all looks kinda kosher…er…doesn’t it?

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Gadgets January 7, 2005 posted by


Robopet. I don’t know. The Japanese keep announcing astonishing feats of robotic genius, and all we keep coming up with in the West are stupid, cute useless things? Yes, yes, I know it’s a different market, but still…  This biomechanical Robopet is extremely expressive with lifelike animations and digital animal sounds. Robopet is easily programmed with a remote to perform sequences of movements and tricks. Robopet walks, crawls, sits down and stands up, runs and jumps, and can perform an array…

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huh..? December 22, 2004 posted by

Just out of reach.

The Just Out of Reach light extension for kids. Ferrets, of course, don’t bother about lights. Or switches. But if they did, they would probably buy a bit of string. And certainly not a bit of plastic for $10.95.  Wow….. kids grow up so fast. They want to get to their toys, their bedroom or the bathroom by themselves. But…. the next thing you hear is, “Mommy, Daddy, it’s dark in here. Can you turn on the light?”. So you…

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