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Bookmark This! April 5, 2006 posted by


Schmap. Superb travel tool built around an uber clever player which you download and which combines detailed information on city features with Flikr photos, animated tour guides and a places of interest search engine etc. Limitation – not that many maps as yet, and performance could be better. But once it’s fully populated it will be an awesome resource for travellers. They’ll need to make it mobile phone friendly at some point too.

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Bluebottle spam killer.

Bluebottle. 100% effective spam protection. It says here. Free and premium versions. Worth a look.  Bluebottle’s Email Verification (Challenge/Response) feature is similar to having your own gatekeeper. It works by not allowing any email to be delivered to your inbox unless the sender.s address is on your allowed list. When an email is received from an address not on your allowed list the email is held and a verification request is returned to the sender. Once the sender responds to…

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Scaredy mail. Free, anonymous, single view, self destructing online email service. I’m not sure that I understand the logic behind trusting your private messages to a remote server outside your control, but hey, we’re open minded here at Ferret Towers. Absolutely  Okay, so what do I use this for? A: To be honest with you, we‘re not precisely sure. Here are some ideas: * Sending out passwords? it‘s much better than your password sitting in someone else‘s mailbox for eternity, or *…

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World music finder.

Calabash Music. Billed as the world’s first fair trade music company, this cool site features…er…world music. Excellent, about time, nice one! Offers a limited range of free tracks for download – c’mon guys don’t be so mean, shove some more tunes up there – and a great selection of stuff to buy from all sorts of obscure villages and villes. And artists get…gasp…paid!  Through our digital network, independent artists are able to sell directly to you. Our artists earn an ‘equal exchange’…

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Attensa online RSS reader.

Attensa Online. It’s hard to get excited about RSS readers any more, two a penny really, eh? But stumbled across this puppy a few days ago and quite liked it. Nice feel, very quick and accessible from any computer. Worth a look-see. And it’s free.  Attensa Online is a Web based RSS reader that works like a dedicated RSS reader application to make keeping on top of RSS information easy. Attensa Online is a free online RSS reader that you…

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User scripts. One of the most astonishing things about the Firefox browser is how powerful it is. I now have over 35 extensions installed which have literally transformed my working and browsing habits. So it’s with astonishment that I report an even larger body of add-ons for this mighty tool, in the shape of Greasemonkey scripts. This site has nearly a million of them. Does that sound like a lot to you? Yeah me too. The only problem is that I’ve found they can…

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Classifieds come to Google.

Block Rocker. Google maps meets classified adverts, with RSS feeds tagged to your local area. It’s a bit kludgy at the moment, but you can see the potential of this kind of geo-targeted stuff can’t you? Of course it needs heaps more data, and surely it’s only a matter of time before one of the big boys (Yahoo!, eBay, Craig’s List, the big G. themselves?) launches this type of app or tech? Still, very cool indeed. Nice one.  Zoom in…

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Email Tracer.

Email Route Map. A lovely little Google Maps mashup which lets you trace where your email messages have come from geographically. Just enter in the header information from the message you want to trace and off it goes. For some strange reason, some of my stuff is going through an obscure European town before arriving here. Fascinating.   Paste an email with full headers (we need the ‘Received’ lines — we don’t need your email addresses, digg). The app will…

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I want to say again that I’m loving Bubbleshare. It’s just about the fastest, easiest, most usable photo sharing tool I’ve come across. Ever. It’s had a couple of performance glitches recently, no doubt related to an upsurge in users, but it’s fab nonetheless. There’s no frills but it’s fast fast fast. I can get an album uploaded in literally 5 minutes from scratch. Try it.

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Snap, crackle, crop.

The improbably named Pixoh. Edit your photos online. I’ve got to say, I’m not *that* sure about these kinds of services. I don’t really get the user value proposition here. Is it that I’m wandering around needing an online image editor whilst travelling? Or what? Anyhoo, worth a look, if only…

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DIY Planner.

The DIY Planner site. Free templates and documentation to help you create all kinds of useful paper planners. Volunteer driven and with lots of downloads. Worth a bookmark for the organiser challenged.  …a set of free do-it-yourself templates, covers, documentation and other gear for creating your own highly customised paper planner system. A year in the making, this new version includes nearly 200 pages of forms covering life management, calendars, project planning, note-taking, health, finance, and even creative uses like…

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Photo Galleries.

I’ve been searching for a simple easy, fast and good looking image gallery product for ages, and suddenly two alternatives have popped up out of nowhere. The first is the Simpleviewer/Porta combo, which you host yourself on your own web server. You can either use Porta on its own (it’s mind bogglingly simple to set up and use), or add in Simpleviewer for some sophisticated Flash effects. I personally prefer the plain vanilla gallery since it won’t break any browsers, and I still…

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Free magic tricks.

Free Magic Tricks. Yep, learn how to bedazzle, amuse and impress. Enjoy!  What will you learn at Learn how to do magic tricks! Great sleight of hand moves! The real secrets of performing! You can learn how to pull a card out of thin air, how to throw a card 50 to 100 feet in the air, make people believe you are psychic, and do spectacular card magic! And the best thing is it’s all free!

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