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Bookmark This! January 24, 2006 posted by

Hassle Me.

Hassle Me. Not married yet? Then you might need this. What dear? No, of course I didn’t mean you. Nooo, would I say that? No honestly, look please….don’t…slam….that….door…. Mmm…must set reminders to keep my mouth shut.  Not eating enough fruit? Forgot to feed the fish again? Need a little help keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Tell us what to hassle you about, and we’ll nag you via email at semi-unpredictable intervals.

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Stream that radio, Jack!

XstreamRadio. An uber cool idea – a free net radio player which includes a recorder. So not only can you listen to the 1000 or more pre-programmed international radio stations but record tracks in MP3 on demand. Love this net thang sometimes, do I.  XstreamRadio is one of the most extensive radio players of this moment. Besides listening to your favorite radio stations it also allows you to record music. This player contains more than 1.000 international pre-programmed radio stations,…

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PhotoJix. Embed your face in photos of celebrities, heroes, exotic locations or media. Cut and paste land. Upload yer face and cough $4.95 for your moment of glory.  photojix – defn: a digital modification of your photograph made so that you appear to be seen with superstars, hollywood heroes, or in exotic locations, on magazine covers, movie posters …and within other exciting photographs. [ generally used to impress friends and family ]

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Ringtone Converter.

Ringtone Converter. Online ringtone converter offers free…ah…conversion of same. Upload file, select conversion formats and press go. Offers 20 seconds max, 24 formats, and no polyphonics from MP3 files, but hey it’s free what more do you want? It does support over 90% of current handsets too. [Thanks Max]  Many proprietary ringtone formats exist at the moment, and it would be a great business to be able to interpret them all. Convert-Ringtones system supports almost all of these formats. The…

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i-text. Sign up, download the software to your Java enabled mobile phone and get free SMS text messages in return for viewing an advert or two. Sound fair? Perfect for hungry students in love.  While you top up, the application shows you a list of advertisers that want to tell you something, and the number of free text messages they are offering you in exchange for viewing their message….We will never send you an advertisement unless you are topping up….

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Favorville. Need help with something? Then try this online community. You never know… is a social networking tool which provides members with the opportunity to help and be helped by others. With Favorville, members can post help requests, offer help and help grow the community. Favorville makes it easy to get in touch and build lasting connections with helpful neighbors, both in your locale or across the global village.

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Google plays DJ!

Gook Box. So this is a clever app that lets you save and play your music using your Google email/Gmail account. Lovely idea isn’t it? Free download. Hmm…wonder how long this trend for pastel colour design and cutesy product names is gonna last?  The first musicail application. Plays and stores music in your google mail account. You now dont need to duplicate or recreate your music collection when you relocate or travel. When you are almost online most of your time…

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AJ Chat. Instant chat via Ajax. You can add it to your web site too. ‘Nuff said maybe.

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Airsafe. Paranoid about flying? Then stay away from this site. Unless you absolutely, positively, want to know about things like the Fatal Events Rate for Selected Airliners? Hint: The Fokker F28 safety record appears to be pretty…ah…interesting.  Since its inception, the goals of have been to provide the aviation safety community and the general public with factual and timely information on events that involve the deaths of airline passengers. also provides fatal event information by airline and aircraft model, as…

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Fix your own printer.

FixYourOwnPrinter. Dot com. Interesting idea. Set up a site which sells a selection of inkjet repair kits for various brands. Inevitably there are not enough models on offer, but the forums and reference sections are definitely a useful resource if you’ve got a printer problem…

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Lick that lyric.

Lyricsfly. Lyric search engine. 160,000 song titles. Cool. was created to simplify the process of finding lyrics to your favorite song titles. Tired of popup ads and flashy advertisements from other lyrics-serving websites, we wanted to make a simple and useful website without all the garbage around it.

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Goofile. Google based file search service. Music, movies, torrents. Interesting idea, let’s just see how useful it really is, shall we?  Customized Google search, designed especially for finding media on the web. Searches only pages which represent listing of folders’ downloadable content.

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The Riffs social commentary site. Kind of a cross between Digg and Epinions. Log in and rant or rave about anything you like. Your commentary in turn will be voted on, and so it goes. You know what…I like it. I’m not sure that it adds a *huge* amount of value to my life, but maybe it could develop into a cool kind of product search add-on tool. Anyhoo, check it out and see what you think.

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Ringbits. The ringtone search engine. What it says on the label. About 1.35 million of the little blighters indexed around the world. Can’t stand ‘em meself. Noisy little things. Harrumph!

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