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Bookmark This! November 30, 2005 posted by

Color design redux.

I really like this Color Scheme Tool for website design. Really easy to use, which makes it a snap to output a quick Web 2.0 pastel design for your new collaborative sharing, community tagging, Ruby powered, AJAX enabled, RSS featured, Open Sourced, Creative Commons licensed, API extensible, Google Mapped, application mega-portal.

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Passport photo booth.

ePassportPhoto. A free online passport photo generator. Upload, rotate and print. So cool, so cool. [Thanks Tom]  In order to create your free passport photos, you’ll need to take a digital photo. A natural expression, having the full head and a white background is all that needed

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Flickr? Meet Flash!

FlapiViewer. An online Flikr photo gallery creator which uses Flash to do the business. Great for posting a nice gallery on your weblog or site. Looks quite nice actually. Beta so caveat!

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Pandora, music friend.

Pandora. No messing, no gimmicks, just a beautifully crafted music recommendation service. Put in your favourite music, they’ll stream stuff they think you’ll like, which you then rate as you go. Ad supported or subscription. It’s gorgeous. No really!  We take your input (artists, songs) and feedback (“I like this”, “I don’t like this”) and use the Music Genome Project to create stations that play songs that are musically similar to what you’ve told us. That’s it; only the music…

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1000 top web design tools.

Web design tools. You want ‘em? We’ve got ‘em. Here’s the pick of the crop – if you can’t find it here, it don’t exist. Oh no! Web Developer’s Handbook. Unbelievably comprehensive collection of webmeister stuff. CSS References. Massive collection of tutorials; A-Z, beginner to veteran. The Best of the Web. Another absolutely huge collection of web design resources. The Layout Cookbook. 500 great layouts to help create your own customised design. Typography Crash Course. Fabulous round-up of tools for this oh so…

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Tape it off the Internet.

Tape It Off The Internet. This is what marks out the new Internet from the old, a genuinely useful – albeit somewhat ambitious – service for all. Think global TV guide, which includes collaborative recommendations, BitTorrent listings, tags, feeds et al all wrapped up in a cool community type interface. Hope you can pull it off, guys, because this is cool stuff.  Television, drug of the nation, pacifier par excellence, we love you. Except you never quite have the things we…

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Open Street Map.

Open Street Map. The free wiki world map. Ambitious project at point zero right now, so don’t expect to see much on the site. But definitely worth watching/supporting, don’t you think?  OpenStreetMap is a project aimed squarely at creating and providing free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. This is because most maps you might think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from all walks of life…

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Feedtier. Create RSS feeds for sites that don’t have their own. Worth a look.  FeedTier is a web feeds generator for web pages without an existing syndication format. FeedTier performs content analysis, picks-up the most prominent cluster of hyperlinks and automatically generates RSS web feeds from web pages without existing sydincation options.

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WebORB. Heh, combine AJAX, Google maps and a chat room and what have you got? A totally funky application where you can see which town folks are chatting from in real time. I’m totally not sure whether this application can scale, or whether it would be useful in a real world environment, but it’s outstanding technology nonetheless. Nice one, guys.  This example demonstrates bi-directional messaging between heterogeneous (Flash and AJAX) clients and WebORB Message Server. The server performs additional processing…

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The Wikipedia Open Source Software entry.

The Wikipedia Open Source Software List. There’s lots here. Lots. Definitely worth a bookmark if you want to impress at your geeky dinner parties.  This is a list of open-source software packages: Computer software licensed under an open-source license. Software that fits the Free software definition may be more appropriately called free software…

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Snapzone. Ferrety reader James drops us a line about his new venture and it looks good. Basically a mobile phone online image gallery. Snap, send photo by email, et voila, published for the world to see. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but like the simple interface and setup.  SnapZone gives you a simple and easy way to store and share the photos you have on your mobile phone. Just take a snap on your mobile, send it…

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Healthline. Oh no, the world’s first medically filtered health search engine? With alerts, result saves, health maps, tags and community? Uhh..I feel a touch of something coming on. A slight twitch in the throat. A tingle in the glands. Oh no…  What if you could have over one thousand doctors help you search for health information on the Internet? Or if you could discover resources and information about a disease or condition without typing in a keyword or knowing any…

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Map FTP servers as local drives.

How to map a remote FTP server as a local drive. Means you can use your personal webspace to store files as easily as copying them to your D drive or a CD ROM. Except of course you’ll need a fast broadband connection to upload bigger files.  Still, nice one.  Today, my dream became reality, courtesy of Novell. Netdrive, which is a part of the Novell Client, makes it all possible, and it works flawlessly. After you install it, configure…

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Indie Flix.

Indie Flix. A forum, showcase and community for independent film makers. Like what you see? Then buy the DVD. About time.   IndieFlix is dedicated to providing a forum for filmmakers and their audience to interact, and to building a community that translates artistic vision into commercial success. IndieFlix promises to build a fair and open market to empower filmmakers to be the engine of their achievement and audiences to be a vital part of a movie’s success. IndieFlix is…

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