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Awesome June 21, 2005 posted by

World 66

World66. Clever clever travel site that uses wiki type Zope technology to let anyone add or edit reviews and travel material. Currently at 67,000 articles covering 10,000 destinations and what’s more it’s all smartphone and PDA friendly for instant access on the move. Awesome idea folks!  World66 is a collaborative project to create an open content travel guide. This means that virtually anyone can edit our articles simply by clicking on the [edit] link. So, if you: * Have trekked…

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Frequent flyer.

Flat Seats. Customer reviews of the best and worse in premium quality aircraft seating. Kind of groovy indeed, and just what long haul travellers need in order to make informed choices. The Ferret’s recent experience? Boeing Connexion broadband WiFi at 35,000 feet? Works. Brilliantly. $29.95 for a whole flight or $9.95 per hour. Powered seat essential though, obviously. Oh and the new seat back entertainment systems on Lufthansa use Windows CE, which could explain why they seem to work rather poorly. The…

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Conversate. Nice idea. Isn’t this what QuickTopic does though?  Conversate gives you your own online discussion space for any topic, with anyone you want to invite. It’s totally free and ideal for talking about articles or websites and for organizing projects and events. Here’s how to get started:

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Kapanga. A voice over IP program with a couple of interesting features. To whit – video/audio recording and fax send/receive. The authors appear to be a little unsure whether it’s freeware or shareware, what the price is, or when the full product is going to be released due to some ‘licensing issues. Still, worth watching methinks.  In addition to placing calls or establishing videoconferencing, Kapanga enables you to send and receive faxes. When in auto-answer mode, Kapanga can also receive faxes…

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eBay sleuth.

SearchDome. Oh so clever search robot for eBay. Continually spiders the auction for stuff-u-like and emails you daily with results. Bookmark, oh shoppers of the world. Bookmark.  SearchDome can help. Create an eBay search on SearchDome and SearchDome will search eBay for you. Not just today, but tomorrow, the next day, as long as you’d like. When your search returns positive results you will be notified by email.

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Track or treat?

The Tracker Trail website. Read it and learn stuff. Useful stuff. Natural stuff. Stuff you won’t need down the 7Eleven.  The Tracker Trail website contains information on wilderness survival skills, tracking and nature, from the viewpoint of the ancient philosophy of living in harmony with the Earth, which is what might be called “wilderness mind”…After having “played” with ice lenses last winter, I decided to push a little deeper in trying to perfect this form of fire-starting. These are the…

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Wondir. Ask a question, any question. And it may be answered. Or not. Or answer a question yourself and help someone out. It’s all free. Some of the questions can be surprisingly heart wrenching, though, so be warned. Very clever idea, by the way.  Wondir is an organization with a simple mission: eliminate the barriers between questions and answers. Wondir is building a new and different kind of information service, Wondir, to connect people who have information needs with the…

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Ahoy there.

The Naval Safety Center. A lot of scary photos of dangerous stuff. Just to show how accidents happen. Worth a look for the education if nothing else.  

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Video frenzy.

Video? You want video? Well here you go. [kinda via Metafilter] Creature Comforts. Aaaaaardman shorts. And we don’t mean the wrong trousers either. Cartoon Fridge. Hmm..not sure about this. Needs a plugin + strange disclaimer. Caveat. Er…a music video weblog? With links to such? Look at This. Yet more music videos via a blog list format. Gran Faro. 622 music videos ,alphabetically organised. Yowsers.

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Floppy Swop.

Floppy Swop A place for sharing any files small enough to fit on a conventional floppy disc. Cute.  Floppyswop needs your input! we need you to send your files, tampered floppys, or anything else up to 1.44 Meg in file size or 3 1/4 inch in actual size. just send them and we’ll put em up.

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smashTheTONES. Delicious. [Via Metafilter]  What is smashTheTONES? smashTheTONES takes your music (MP3s/M4As) and pictures and delivers them to your mobile phone as a ringtone or graphic, automatically. It works for most cellphones, around the world.

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Go figure.

Auction Figure. eBay done simple. But properly. Very nice and definitely worth a bookmark.   Find typos, filter junk, save money!

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Online breathalyzer.

The Online Breathalyzer. First, locate your computer…   Enter in a type of drink and the number of those drinks consumed, then press “Add”. If your drink isn’t listed, you can manually enter the alcohol level and size of glass (metric converter) instead of choosing a drink from the list. Continue with each type of drink you consumed throughout the night. If you make a mistake, press “Clear all drinks” and start over.

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GPRS love.

This GPRS list is rather useful. GPRS data settings for major phone providers around the world. Definitely worth a bookmark.

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