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Mmm…wonder if it works?

hmm..interesting May 20, 2005 posted by

Tickle your fancy.

Tickle. The world’s leading self discovery site? Uh-huh!  Tickle offers a comprehensive set of tests, all of which help you leverage your personal and professional relationships, in a fun, useful and familiar environment…Tickle’s methods are built on over 80 years of consumer science research developed at Harvard, Yale, Duke, Northeastern, Washington University in St. Louis, SUNY at Albany, and The University of Kansas. This environment provides a safe place for members to receive deep, rich and meaningful information that connects them…

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hmm..interesting May 18, 2005 posted by

Podcasting news.

Podcasting News is building a podcast directory. Inevitable really, and useful if you’re into this kind of thang. Still don’t really *get* podcasting, me. Oh and the Podcast Directory at looks good too.

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hmm..interesting May 6, 2005 posted by

Spyware clues.

11 Signs of Spyware.  1. You find a new finger-size hardware device connected between your keyboard cable’s plug and the corresponding socket on the back of your computer. Or maybe someone recently offered you “a better keyboard.”

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hmm..interesting April 26, 2005 posted by


Vidiac Networks. Appears to be a free home for video content for all-comers. How do they make enough money to cover the bandwidth then?  Vidiac is an Internet broadcast company that helps web site owners create video communities. We leverage our infrastructure and sponsorship relationships so that site owners can quickly create their own “Internet TV Channel”. Users create and upload the video content and site owners are given tools to moderate and manage their site’s content.

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hmm..interesting April 15, 2005 posted by

Adware scum run.

Richard Stiennon has produced a short report on his blog looking at the extent of the global adware ‘plague’, using figures culled from a sample of 1.49 million computers. If the figures are true they’re astonishing. To quote a teeny bit: If we take the leap and assume that the sample is representative of the Internet in total we can estimate how many machines have each of these products installed on them. Using the reported number of “active Internet users” from the…

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hmm..interesting April 13, 2005 posted by

Handheld heaven.  We are part of the Open Source Software movement, focused specifically on handheld and wearable computers. Our goal is to encourage and facilitate the creation of open software solutions for use on handheld computing platforms. We welcome participation and sponsorship by individuals, groups and companies seeking to further this goal.

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hmm..interesting March 23, 2005 posted by

E me.

Tips for mastering email overload. Don’t know about you, but I’m definitely experiencing a touch of overload. And there’s some interesting points here.

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hmm..interesting March 21, 2005 posted by

Nano paint.

Titanium Dioxide is commonly used in household paint, but this Japanese company is now selling a Ti02 household spray as a super efficient nanotech cleaner. Apparently good enough to turn most surfaces into self-cleaning marvels of 21st century engineering.   Our paints and coating product line will make any coated surface into a organic air filtering system. It is perfect for public facilities like hotels anf hospitals to minimize the risk of possible in-facility infections while cutting the cos and riskt of…

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hmm..interesting March 14, 2005 posted by

Lies, all lies.

The site. Just don’t lie to us, OK?  Polygraph “testing” has no scientific basis, and America’s adversaries have long known how to fool the lie detector…This non-profit, public interest website is dedicated to telling the truth about lie detectors that those with vested interests in perpetuating the polygraph don’t want you to know…Did you know that it takes less training to give polygraph “tests” than it does to give haircuts? The longest polygraph school (run by the U.S. Government;…

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hmm..interesting March 14, 2005 posted by

Gadget weary?

Hmm…Aunty reports that the Gadget Shop has just gone into administration. Have gadgets jumped the shark? Should the Ferret move on to covering gardening tips? What is a garden anyway?

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hmm..interesting March 9, 2005 posted by


Spleak. Not sure about this. In general I find very little to recommend ‘virtual buddies’, but maybe this MSN Messenger version is useful to some people. Here’s more on Spleak from developers IMT Labs. Hmm…one slight problem, it won’t download properly from Firefox, needs IE. Tsk sloppy! Anyway on playing around, it looks quite interesting, in a ‘probably remember to use it for 5 mins then forget’ kind of way. And shame it’s MSN Messenger bound.  They call me an Instant…

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hmm..interesting March 8, 2005 posted by


Deep in the impenetrable bowels of a website so obscure it makes James Joyce look like Noddy, lies DigiPie. An idea which may or may not have merit. Apparently it’s about consumers grabbing an equity share in artists. Consumer downloads song/media, earns points, which are then redeemed for an x% share of the artist’s total earnings over a period. Confused? You may well be. Guys, you need to make the concept clearer to us muppets out here!  With DigiPie a user can locate,…

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cool tech March 7, 2005 posted by

SMS for voice?

T2Me. It’s a kind of push-to-talk voice chat software for mobile phones using GPRS. I’d say it looks like excellent tech except for the fact that there’s no pricing for it at the moment, which is important isn’t it? Anyway 2 cool things – one, it’s free for now and two, you can use it from a desktop PC too.  T2Me is a Push-to-Talk system which converts your existing cellular phone into a virtual Walkie-Talkie; it lets you exchange voice messages with other T2Me users anywhere in…

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