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hardware January 21, 2009 posted by

Bulletproof Press Vest – definitely one for the dodgier members of our profession

If I had the money, I’d definitely send a Bulletproof Press Vest out to a few members of our honourable…cough…profession to help protect them in times of crisis. Like when they’d written something derogatory about Tom Cruise or Michael ‘Too Big To Fail’ Arrington. The picture above actually features Joel Johnson of BoingBoing at work. Few people realise he was actually a location scout for a Beverley Hills based SWAT team for several years before he became a journalist. Straight up. I…

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Bookmark This! October 31, 2008 posted by

Stealth Yourself – enjoy the Ferret and keep your job too

Stealth Yourself is a new – and slightly tongue in cheek – way of enjoying your surfing habits at work, while maintaining that diligent reputation you’ve taken years to build. OK, so it’s a boss key, embedded in a frame above selected content. Any sign of the boss, hit the red icon and surf yourself to safety on a serious looking productivity page. It’ll be good enough for PHBs, but forget it for any of your superiors with actual brains. You…

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heh heh! October 14, 2008 posted by

Duct Tape Bandage – now it can fix everything

Sure, everybody says duct tape can fix anything, but now it really can. Patch up the bloke in your life with these; Duct Tape Bandage from 3M and no one will laugh at him … much. Probably doesn’t help hammer related injuries even though they’re made of real duct tape. Nexcare™ Duct Tape Bandages are made of real duct tape with medical grade adhesive. * Longer length for larger fingers * Adhesive seals around the pad to help keep out…

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Duct Tape Bandage – now it can fix everything
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Hit Me Later – A snooze button for your email

I like simple things that just work and I’m loving Hit Me Later. A simple email rescheduling service that allows you to deal with emails when you feel like it. Simply forward an email to their address and preface it with the number of hours in the future or following day of the week that you would like receive it. That’s how simple it is. Everything is routed via their secure server and so no one will ever read the…

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Hit Me Later – A snooze button for your email
heh heh! September 4, 2008 posted by

Diggerland – a hole load of pun

If you’re sick of the whole roller-coaster/thrill/Disney type of amusement park, and you happen to be passing through England, be sure and drop into one the four Diggerland theme parks. They’ve got 4 parks scattered all over England so there’s bound to be one near you. They have drive-yourself dump trucks, excavator rides and even an excavator-driving stunt team. This isn’t pretend stuff though, you really do get to learn and drive professional earth moving equipment, all under professional supervision…

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Diggerland – a hole load of pun
heh heh! August 18, 2008 posted by

Let Meow’t – cat door for genius cats

Cats and I don’t get along, I don’t like them and more importantly they don’t like me. The only thing I like less than a cat would be looking after one, all that up and down to let them in or out. This device however, could make living with a cat bearable. Made by the impossibly cutely named Let Meow’t (giddit?) people, this cat door lets your cat in or out of the house any time. It’s unusual for a…

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Bizarre August 18, 2008 posted by

Now do this!

This isn’t a subtle attempt at subliminal mind control, this isn’t a subtle anything. Now Do This is a minimalist To Do list from the Max Mosley School of Getting Things Done. Forget Remember The Milk, tell Getting Things Done to get lost because you can’t count on your 43 Folders anymore. Get real, get simple, get Now Do This. Click on the edit list, add your objectionable actionable items and hit Save. Now you’re ready to conquer the world….

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Gadgets August 7, 2008 posted by

UNICAT – not your average motor home

German company UNICAT make a range of full-fat, off-road adventure vehicles with more than the usual dash of liveability and luxury. These aren’t your glorified Greyhound buses with marble bathrooms and tuck-away Mercedes, people. The UNICAT range comprises 4×4 and 6×6 truck bodies with go-anywhere-and-get-back-again underpinnings. Each truck is made to order with a dizzying array of options; fully independent suspension, hydro-pneumatic suspension, fuel heaters, onboard power generation, winches, bullet proof cabs, tyre cranes and even rear wheel steering. But…

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heh heh! July 14, 2008 posted by

LuserMan – credit crisis, what crisis…?

LuserMan – credit crisis, what crisis…? An imaginary conversation from a place not so far away. Ring ring. Ring Ring. LuserMan (LM): Good morning and welcome to the Luser Bank Credit Card hotline. How may I help you today? Me: Hi there. Ermm…I’ve just received a replacement credit card from you in the post today, and I notice that it’s already dated as expired from last month. It’s obviously a mistake and… LM: Ah yes sir, you’re correct. That is how…

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hardware July 10, 2008 posted by

Tandem TDEC-2 Electric Car – Noddy’s transport gets an eco makeover?

The Tandem TDEC-2 Electric Car shows that the Chinese do have a sense of humour. Either that or someone was a big fan of Big Ears and the N. dude. So it comes in a range of exciting colours (sigh…all right red, blue, black, yellow and white), moves at an humiliatingly fast 45 km/h and travels several inches before the battery runs out. OK you got us, we don’t know how far, we just made that up. No really.  Net…

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heh heh! July 7, 2008 posted by

Friendly welcome

The Oh No! Doormat. Well it made me laugh. £16.00. [Very English and very out of stock, which says a lot doncha think?] Tags: oh+no+mat, household+items, novelty

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