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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets December 20, 2004 posted by

Pronto Pro.

The Philips ProntoPro NG universal remote control. Oooh, lookit all dem fancy button icons. And me just a simple country boy. $999.99 or less.  PC software to design your own remote, Create macros that perform multiple commands with one button, 64K TFT color LCD screen for extensive graphical capabilities, 16 MB* of memory to enable creation of large custom configuration files

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Gadgets December 20, 2004 posted by

Did I? Did I not?

Memory Key. Can’t remember whether you locked the front door or not? You need this, oh person of distracted attention. $17.99.  Can’t remember if you locked your front door this morning? Let the Memory Key remind you! Just clamp the Memory Key housing over your existing house key and place the small marker on your door lock. Now every time you lock or unlock the door, the Memory Key will recognize it and store that information in its memory. So the next…

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Gadgets December 17, 2004 posted by

Warning, Will Robinson!

The All Hazards Alert Monitor. $59.95 with cradle. And dummy? And security blanket? Sheesh! And it comes with an 8 minute snooze alarm? Like who’s got time to sleep with all this scary stuff going on?  Monitors U.S. Emergency All Hazards and Emergency Alert System (EAS) weather bulletins, warnings, and forecasts, Receives all Public Alert warnings, and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA) reports, Emergency alert standby mode with 3 levels of alert: advisory, watch, warning, 100-decibel alarm with visual alert..

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Gadgets December 17, 2004 posted by

Park n’smile.

The Parking Sensor/Camera System. £199.00. You really know you’ve got a bit of a problem when you need 4 ultrasonic sensors and a low light camera system to help you park up the Nissan of a night, eh? Shame!    The parking distance detection system will switch on automatically when the car is operating or the 4 sensor system can be wired through reversing lights and thus only operates when reverse is selected…When the car is parking the ultra-low light compensation camera can automatically turn…

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Gadgets December 15, 2004 posted by

Wireless dial up.

Absolutely no clue what make this is, but it’s a wireless Bluetooth modem for dial up Internet access. Spiffy! And a veritable bargain at just £59.90, eh?  Enjoy absolute mobility when surfing the net with this Wireless Modem Set. All you have to do is connect it to the phone socket and the wireless technology looks after the rest! You can also connect up to six additional Bluetooth devices, e.g. for data transfer to mobile phones and PDAs the Wireless Modem transfers data…

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Gadgets December 14, 2004 posted by

Wrist n’ Run.

The Casio CMD30B-1T Wrist Remote Controller. $69.99. Hey why have a remote control watch that can just control the telly, when you can have one which will learn all your other infrared control codes too? Turn on your washing machine with a flick of the wrist, eh? Waddya mean washing machines don’t have…..   The Wristwatch that memorizes infrared signals! This watch memorizes infrared signal patterns to control your TV, video, stereo and other infrared remote controlled appliances around the…

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Gadgets December 14, 2004 posted by

Cell lighter.

The Cell-Phone Lighter. $5.99.  Looks just like a real cellphone. When you push the button on top, the lighter will lite up and says the words “I Love You”.

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Gadgets December 13, 2004 posted by


The Carb Counter. $49.95. Hey, with this you can still eat badly, but at least you can count ‘em in and total ‘em up. T’riffic!  It’s so simple to save and track your carbohydrate, caloric and fiber intake… Entering the first few letters of a food item will take you to a food (or to a particular restaurant such as Taco Bell, McDonalds, etc.) You can then easily scroll through the menu items to a particular food or meal. Remember…

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Gadgets December 13, 2004 posted by

Cool for cats!

The Coleman Coolbox. $209.95. Essential equipment this winter. Oh yes…  AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Integrated CD Storage Compartment Stores 8 CD’s, Two 4″ Speakers, Cooler Compartment keeps 9 Cans or 6 Bottles of Soda Cool…

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Gadgets December 10, 2004 posted by

Smart Mug.

The Smart Mug. $24.95. Now here’s a product clearly calling out for the USB treatment.  But what do we get? Yet another tedious miniature Xmas tree ionizer. Sheesh!  Plug Smart Mug into your car’s cigarette lighter to keep beverages exactly the temperature you specify! Perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Choose any temperature between 85 and 160 degrees F; an audible alert confirms that the beverage is ready to drink. The dishwasher-safe liner is removable for washing. 16 oz. mug fits standard…

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Gadgets December 9, 2004 posted by

The..ahar there…watch.

The Casio Sea Pathfinder is a watch for pirates, laddy. Not for lily livered land-lubbers with wrists the size of a string bean. Ahar there…! [Thank you, I think we’ve all identified the oceanographic reference by now – Ed] And just in case you’re thinking of wandering anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle, it comes with its own ‘abnormal magnetic field detect function’. $174.95.   It displays weather information and vital data required for seafarers, boating and yachting enthusiasts. Packed with features,…

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Gadgets December 8, 2004 posted by

Sound and fury.

The Intercom/Sound System. From $999.99. Yes, you too can now recreate that Stepford Wives Wal-Mart type atmosphere in your home instantly, complete with cheesy muzak and cheery announcements. Hoorah!  Monitor and communicate with your family through an intercom that acts as a full sound system. Program through the master station, which controls intercom functionality at the room and weather-resistant patio stations, which can in turn control the system’s music power, volume and up to four music sources. Speak to visitors…

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Gadgets December 8, 2004 posted by

Harley flashlight.

The Harley Davidson Flashlight and radio $70.00. See? There is life in the old macho dog yet.  A booming flashlight and handy radio inside Harley Davidson’s trademark toughness. • AM/FM radio. • Powerful light. • Utility style aluminum case. • Unique hanging handle.

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Gadgets December 7, 2004 posted by

Get wit da ridim.

The Casio BH200A-8 Biorhythm watch. $59.95. There was a time, peeps, when this Ferret was very much into Circadian rhythms, but no longer. The errant impulse has now been replaced with a nagging urge to consume strawberry milkshakes. Ah me. Such is life and the nature of true feedback!  Chrome Plated Resin Case Just imput your birthday and press a button for instant grafic display of your biorhythms Biorhythm graph display,Biorhythm graph based on specified date.Physical/sensitivity/intellect rhythum days based on specific…

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