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nice idea... December 22, 2006 posted by

Yahoo! Finds of the Year 2006 – web site lovelies

Recently had the privilege of being one of the judges on this year’s Yahoo! Finds of the Year 2006 awards for the most interesting websites in the UK. We had a fab panel of judges, and it was lots of fun sifting through the nominations to make our choices. The judging is all done now (so please, no more unmarked bills through the letterbox) but the voting is still open for the most important category – The People’s Choice. So do yourself and the…

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Bookmark This! June 15, 2006 posted by

Publish with Dublish.

Dublish. Super simple free online publishing service. No registration, just enter username and password, and write what you want to say. The username is in case you need to edit or delete later. You can use HTML, embed video, allow comments, etc etc. Lovely simple implementation, and very well done. Check it out!  The purpose of this site is to create an easy way to publish information very fast. It’s not a blog, though the presentation of the articles is…

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Bookmark This! March 24, 2006 posted by

World music finder.

Calabash Music. Billed as the world’s first fair trade music company, this cool site features…er…world music. Excellent, about time, nice one! Offers a limited range of free tracks for download – c’mon guys don’t be so mean, shove some more tunes up there – and a great selection of stuff to buy from all sorts of obscure villages and villes. And artists get…gasp…paid!  Through our digital network, independent artists are able to sell directly to you. Our artists earn an ‘equal exchange’…

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nice idea... March 10, 2006 posted by

Rustic reminiscences.

The Rustic Leather Photo Book. It kind of makes sense that having paid several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars on your fancy new digital camera, you would want to store the print-outs in something a bit better than a plastic folder from Staples. So why not invest in a classy bit of animal skin? $50.00.  It’s that beautiful… so much so that other books and albums pale in comparison. This is the sister book of our Medieval Photo Book……

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nice idea... September 6, 2005 posted by

Audio Book Radio.

Audio Book Radio. What it says actually. A spoken word Internet radio station. I like the idea. A lot.  Listen to spoken word Internet radio station broadcasting 24/7. We are a free radio station dedicated to broadcasting stories, drama, poetry and interviews. We broadcast popular audio books by best-selling authors, as well as promoting new and unsigned writers from around the world.

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nice idea... June 7, 2005 posted by


Dropcash. A quick and dirty way to set up a fundraiser program. It looks neat, although you do need to set up a TypeKey account first. Oh, and there’s a blog too. But the super cool thing is the API, which has spawned things like the Dropcash Badge so you can promote your fundraiser on your website. Time for a ‘Ferrets Need Haagen Dazs’ campaign, perhaps?   Dropcash lets you set up a page so everyone can follow your progress as you near your goal…Once…

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hmm..interesting February 9, 2005 posted by

Chop and change!

Suddenly there seems to be a rush of people – OK two – growing their own furniture. First a Mr Wu harvesting his own chairs, and then Ms Lois Walpole and her cultivated coat hangers et al. Don’t sell your IKEA shares just yet, though will ya?

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nice idea... January 24, 2005 posted by

Charity tray.

Interesting to see the extent to which the tech/web world has tried to offer help to the tsunami victims. We may not do big fancy concerts, but hey… Travel Pictorial.  For Every Picture Added, $0.01 is donated to help Asia Tsunami victims. Help Today! Cell for Cash.  By choosing this Tsunami Relief Promotion, you receive cash for the value of your phone, and will donate an additional dollar for every phone you sell to charities helping to lead the…

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nice idea... January 18, 2005 posted by

Modest needs.

Modest Needs.  Today at Modest Needs, compassionate persons whose lives have been touched by kindness pass that kindness on by pooling just a bit of what we can afford to share and using those funds to keep struggling families from entering the cycle of poverty. We do this by helping as many persons as we can to afford unexpected expenses like those we’ve all encountered before – expenses which, though small, can easily force a family over the edge and…

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