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Do it yourself, dude!

diy March 2, 2006 posted by

DIY LCD Projector.

The DIY LCD Projector Project. Cut price, cut fingers?   The principals that make projection in general possible are very simple in concept. You need simply 4 requirements to be met: a light source, the brighter the better; some form of imagery medium, film or LCD it’s all the same conceptually; a focusing mechanism to help provide a crisp image; and finally a display medium.

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diy February 28, 2006 posted by

DIY Wireless RF Car Alarm.

The A-Tek X3 DIY Wireless RF Car Alarm. Connect the wireless siren to the car battery’s terminals and plug the wireless sensor into the cigar lighter. Any door, window trunk, broken glass will trigger alarm. Quite clever, eh? Oh and the alarm has 6 days standby after a three hour charge. [Thanks Oliver].

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diy February 24, 2006 posted by

DIY Key Logger.

Make your own DIY Keylogger. Er…?   Before you start, go down this list and see if you have all the basic stuff needed to do this project on your own: * a little bit of experience in electronics * a soldering iron * a microcontroller programmer supporting the Atmel 89C20XX family The biggest problem will probably be the programmer. This will be needed only once, to program the AT89C2051 chip.

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diy February 22, 2006 posted by

DIY book scanner.

How to build your very own automatic book scanner using an eraser, a few bits of LEGO, a laptop and an upside down Epson flatbed scanner. It’s slow yes, but think of the long term implications…[Via GizmoWatch]

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diy February 15, 2006 posted by

Make a can.

Canned Goods Production Machine. Cool stuff, peeps, create your very own 1 minute per can factory production line in the bedroom. Think of the fun you can have (geddit?) coming up with new products to sell. Hair clippings, belly button fluff, London Fog (a sure fire winner with folks from Arizona I believe), or even corned beef from King Arthur’s Square Table. Knock up a quick web site and bingo, you’re an Internet zillionnaire. The unit costs around $253.00 in yen like substances…

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diy February 14, 2006 posted by

LCD Windows box.

Hmm…just wondering why you’d want to embed a full blown LCD screen into your desktop computer? New definition of luggable computing? No desk space? Or just because you can? Answers on a Segway television please to….   All the materials for this project are easily available. Costs are moderate on this project because lets face it, LCD’s aren’t cheep yet. I am sure this same rig can be made much cheaper, there are many surplus outlets that have used LCD…

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diy February 9, 2006 posted by

Disposable camera stun gun.

Create your own stun gun from a Kodak disposable camera. Er….? Usual caveats about roasted body parts apply.  Because this isn’t very safe and you have a chance of getting shocked, (personal experience) an easy way to make a protective case is to. Step1) Cut apart the hard plastic inside of a “Five Star” binder. The tough plastic is very flexible and and can just be glued together.

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diy February 1, 2006 posted by

DIY Cutouts.

‘Turn any good quality photo into a full sized cardboard cutout’ at home using this $29.95 e-book. From the sad-but-true department. Usual caveats about rain, sharp scissors and general nerdiness apply.  Your games room looking a little boring? Your bedroom needs to be more “fun”? Missing your girlfriend or grandkids? This has to be the solution! All you need is your color printer, some stationery, a few stationery tools and about an hour of your time.

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diy January 27, 2006 posted by

DIY RFID Zapper.

Build your own RFID Zapper out of a cheap disposable camera and confuse the bits out of your local superstore. Or police station. As you’ll likely be invited to visit there shortly.  To keep the costs of the RFID-Zapper as low as possible, we decided to modify the electric component of a singe-use-camera with flash, as can be found almost everywhere…It generates a strong electromagnetic field with a coil, which should be placed as near to the target RFID-Tag as possible. The…

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diy January 11, 2006 posted by

DIY Vase.

The DIY Wonder Vase. Fill with warm water, hand form to your preferred shape, empty and re-fill with cold water to set. Rinse and repeat as needed. Best of all you can smooth them flat for storage. Neato thermal sensitive polymer see? Set of two – $12.95 each.

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diy January 4, 2006 posted by

Build your own game chair.

Build your own game seat rig. Save yourself a bundle and craft your own driving simulator chair. Who knows you may even have fun.  Unless you want to mess with all the wiring and supplying 12v to it, etc., just avoid power seats. If you really wanted to do a power seat, look for one that has the controls in the seat itself (as opposed to the door or center console) so you don’t have to figure out how to…

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Bookmark This! January 2, 2006 posted by

Fix your own printer.

FixYourOwnPrinter. Dot com. Interesting idea. Set up a site which sells a selection of inkjet repair kits for various brands. Inevitably there are not enough models on offer, but the forums and reference sections are definitely a useful resource if you’ve got a printer problem…

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diy December 20, 2005 posted by


Stepmania. Funky free Open Source version of the smash hit console and arcade dance pad game Dance Dance Revolution. We also love love the massive amount of home grown user-crafted add-ons and dance mats floating around. Fab stuff.  StepMania is a rhythm game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It features 3D graphics, keyboard and “dance pad” support, and an editor for creating your own steps. Arrows scroll up from the bottom of the screen and you must hit a button in time…

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diy December 9, 2005 posted by

Make your own scratchcards.

The Bandai Pripy Pripy Tape. Make your own scratchcards with this roll on metallic tape. Think of the opportunities to swizzle old Aunt Agatha’s fortune out of her grasping hands. Boggle. Around $4.00 a pack.

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