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Logo Instant – free Web 2.0 logos for all

Logo Instant. Free Web 2.0 style logos available for download. Updated daily and available in a delicious range of different categories. Gosh, aren’t the Internets lovely?  You can use all the logo design accessed from this website as inspirations, using it on your website or your project or even using them for your clients. You don’t have to spend big bucks anymore for designer, because this service is 100% free Tags: logo+instant, free+logos, web+design

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Cool web design tools for ordinary people – why struggle when you can cruise?

Here’s a small round up of some cool web design tools that you might find useful, especially if you’re a little…ahem…web design challenged. Edicy. Super simple web site creator. Free and Pro versions. Super fast sign up means you can be editing in seconds. Templates are a bit average. Jimdo. Yet another site creator. Nice templates, and an easy editing interface are marred by an overly complex login process. Pretty output though. Free Web Page Headers. Collection of free Creative Commons licensed…

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WikiScanner 2 – keeping Wikipedia honest, one edit at a time

WikiScanner 2 is the latest incarnation of the Wikipedia monitoring service and is now part of the WikiWatcher service. The idea is to keep tabs on suspicious edits and reveal any that seem to be a little dishonest. The interface is truly horrible in that geeky ‘we’re academics and we don’t need no stinkin’ interface’ way, which is a real shame as it will inevitably put people off. Anyway, a noble effort.  WikiScanner (also known as Wikipedia Scanner) is a tool…

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Dropbox – synch your files across Mac, Linux, PC and Web

Dropbox has been getting a whole heap of webplay recently, not least because it seems to work really well and really easily. The idea is you download the client and then drag files and folders you wish to share into your newly created ‘dropbox’ account. This then immediately makes them available to any computer via the web (or cloud if you wanna be trendy). Now there’s a bunch of file sharing, backup and sync services out there, but what makes…

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Awesome December 16, 2008 posted by

Artisteer – the ultimate WordPress theme creator

We’ve tested a fair few web design services and programs in the past, but I’ve got to say that this new Artisteer package has taken the genre to a completely new level. On the face of it it looks like any other DIY page designer, but what makes this one absolutely terrific is the kind of design help you get from the options available on the menu. Spend no more than a couple of minutes hitting the Suggest Design button and…

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GooSync – synchronize Google Calendar with your PDA or mobile phone

GooSync lets you synchronize Google Calendar in real time with your mobile phone or PDA using SyncML. The cool thing is it’s bi-directional and instant, so you can keep a live calendar going between you and your base running permanently. A great app for execs who are on the road a lot or for those who are preternaturally disorganised. The free version offers synching of calendars up to 30 days in advance, for a longer timeline and contacts and tasks…

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Tiny Checkout – very cool little online checkout service

Tiny Checkout is a clever little solution to an old problem. How can you quickly set up a payment checkout for a small ticket item like an e-book, shareware program or music track or similar? Sure you can sign up for a full shopping cart service (expensive) or grab an open source script (cheap but complex) or even roll up your sleeves and create your own Paypal page if you’re geeky. But now there’s an even quicker way. Just pop over…

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Awesome December 11, 2008 posted by

DoodleBuzz – typographic news explorer

DoodleBuzz is a new take on displaying news articles from around the internets. Choose a news item you wish to search for and make a squiggle to display relevant articles. You can then drag out the more interesting articles, explore them in detail, see where else they link to or click through to the story itself. Words don’t really do DoodleBuzz justice so go and have a play, it’s very cool and a great way to discover new angles on…

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DoodleBuzz – typographic news explorer
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Couch Tycoon – P2P venture capital

Behind the jokesy design  of the new Couch Tycoon site lies a heart of pure gold finance. The idea is to turn the process of angel business investment into a quasi-game – with virtual currency (couch chips), virtual shares (asset slips) and real risk (back the wrong horse with your couch chips and watch your real money disappear faster than an investment banker with a pink slip). Remember that people are seriously forecasting the death of venture capital and you’ll see that…

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12 Seconds TV – twitter for video

12 Seconds TV is a new service (still in private Alpha) that lets you upload precisely 12 seconds of video footage on any subject you like. Actually you don’t have to do the counting, the service just grabs the first 12 seconds of whatever you upload. Oh and it’s got comments too. It’s like Twitter for video, and while it comes across as kind of weird at first, you do eventually get used to it. In fact you could say it’s…aargh…compelling….

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Now – total data immersion Web 2.0 style

Heh, I really like the Now page. It’s stupidly engrossing. Or maybe it’s just that I feel stupid for wasting my time on this kind of trivia. Where else could you find out there are 1600 tons of eggs being produced or there’s two people currently stuck in elevators? Weird, fascinating and totally ridiculous. I’m hooked. Tags: now, data+page, web+2.0

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Twuffer – the Twitter buffer

Twuffer. Like there’s not enough tweeting to go round, now you can store them up and deliver them at predetermined times and dates in the future. That’s right, why not input a bunch of tweets telling the world what you’re going to eat for breakfast, before you eat it. Or something. More seriously though, it could be a useful tool if you want to keep your subscribers updated on regular scheduled events and stuff like that.  Twuffer allows the Twitter user to…

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Awesome November 3, 2008 posted by

Notifu – awesome group messaging application gets it right at last!

The Notifu group messaging application is a thing of beauty dear people, and it’s just gone on to the short list as my web application of the year. It provides a simple way to run a group messaging service across multiple platforms. So you can now contact your friends and colleagues automatically via email, SMS, normal phone and IM just by sending off a single message. There’s a bunch of companies out there trying to win in this group messaging business and…

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Digsby – the ultimate messaging tool?

Digsby must rank as the most complete communication tool out there at the moment. Why? Well, for a start it supports just about everything in existence except Skype chat. We’re talking MSN, AOL, Facebook and all the rest of the IM chat bunch. Oh and it’s free. You can also add POP and webmail notifications to stay on top of email and – get this – track your Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn stuff too. We’re thinking that once you dive…

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