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Couch Tycoon – P2P venture capital

Behind the jokesy design  of the new Couch Tycoon site lies a heart of pure gold finance. The idea is to turn the process of angel business investment into a quasi-game – with virtual currency (couch chips), virtual shares (asset slips) and real risk (back the wrong horse with your couch chips and watch your real money disappear faster than an investment banker with a pink slip). Remember that people are seriously forecasting the death of venture capital and you’ll see that…

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12 Seconds TV – twitter for video

12 Seconds TV is a new service (still in private Alpha) that lets you upload precisely 12 seconds of video footage on any subject you like. Actually you don’t have to do the counting, the service just grabs the first 12 seconds of whatever you upload. Oh and it’s got comments too. It’s like Twitter for video, and while it comes across as kind of weird at first, you do eventually get used to it. In fact you could say it’s…aargh…compelling….

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Now – total data immersion Web 2.0 style

Heh, I really like the Now page. It’s stupidly engrossing. Or maybe it’s just that I feel stupid for wasting my time on this kind of trivia. Where else could you find out there are 1600 tons of eggs being produced or there’s two people currently stuck in elevators? Weird, fascinating and totally ridiculous. I’m hooked. Tags: now, data+page, web+2.0

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Twuffer – the Twitter buffer

Twuffer. Like there’s not enough tweeting to go round, now you can store them up and deliver them at predetermined times and dates in the future. That’s right, why not input a bunch of tweets telling the world what you’re going to eat for breakfast, before you eat it. Or something. More seriously though, it could be a useful tool if you want to keep your subscribers updated on regular scheduled events and stuff like that.  Twuffer allows the Twitter user to…

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Awesome November 3, 2008 posted by

Notifu – awesome group messaging application gets it right at last!

The Notifu group messaging application is a thing of beauty dear people, and it’s just gone on to the short list as my web application of the year. It provides a simple way to run a group messaging service across multiple platforms. So you can now contact your friends and colleagues automatically via email, SMS, normal phone and IM just by sending off a single message. There’s a bunch of companies out there trying to win in this group messaging business and…

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Digsby – the ultimate messaging tool?

Digsby must rank as the most complete communication tool out there at the moment. Why? Well, for a start it supports just about everything in existence except Skype chat. We’re talking MSN, AOL, Facebook and all the rest of the IM chat bunch. Oh and it’s free. You can also add POP and webmail notifications to stay on top of email and – get this – track your Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn stuff too. We’re thinking that once you dive…

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Mixwit – the media playground

Think of Mixwit as an online mixtape on steroids and you’ll probably be close. Not only can you create an online playlist to share with your friends using some super simple drag and drop stuff, but you’ll also get the chance to show off your artistic tendencies by uploading artwork too. Neat. But do we need any more of these applications after this…? Prolly not.  It’s your mix, so make something unique. Add pictures, photos, artwork, drawings… Anything you want….

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Cool Web Apps & Sites October 22, 2008 posted by

Moviestorm – find some direction

Moviestorm is a do-it-yourself package for creating 3D animated CGI movies. The free starter kit kicks you off with the movie creation studio, some generic people, sets and props. Build your sets, furnish and light them and start reliving your fave scenes from movies or strike out and be the director you’ve always wanted. You have full control over your virtual studio, put people and props wherever you like, record lines for your characters to deliver or if you prefer…

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Moviestorm – find some direction
Awesome October 17, 2008 posted by

Spotify – the free music war is over, and we won…

OK, so today I’m going to declare it. The free music war is over, we won, the RIAA and music industry dinosaurs are licked. Forget all the stuff still going on in the courts, the RIAA press releases, they’re all smoke screen. It’s done, folks. Music is free. The battle is now about who controls the access and how it’s monetized, and that’s a completely different thing. The reason for my, some would say foolish, pronouncement is Spotify, which is a…

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Quicken Online for free – veteran personal finance gets the Web 2.0 treatment

Free Quicken Online is a new web version of the veteran personal finance package. Actually the new bit is the fact that it’s free, since the program has been online for a while. It comes with security encryption safeguards, connectivity with major US banks and is iPhone compatible too, which will please the black roll-neck brigade. Be aware, however, that the value of your bank can go down as well as up. This has been a public service announcement.  Protecting critical…

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FairSoftware – start your own online business

FairSoftware is a new business portal to help people set up online service businesses like software developers, web designers and web publishers. The idea is you sign up, list your project and find collaborators to invest time and skills, after which you can set up an online store to sell your stuff as well. In return for their help in setting up, finding colleagues, offering legal infrastructure and a shopping cart, you pay a 9.9% fee which seems reasonable. Of…

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Awesome September 15, 2008 posted by

Snappages – free online website creator goes all beautiful Web 2.0 on our heads…

Snappages is a gorgeous free online website creator and editor, which goes waaaay beyond your conventional services by offering some really cool editing features, so you can actually create sites that look….gasp….modern and hip. The editor is clean and simple, and although the developer has deliberately restricted the amount of customisation you can do in order to keep things under control, there are enough variations to keep most people happy. I especially liked the ability to customise a theme separately to…

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Cool Web Apps & Sites September 11, 2008 posted by

Instablogs – start spreading the news

Unless you’ve been living on the sun, chances are you’ve noticed that the traditional news media is being dragged kicking and screaming into a new age. News is being gathered via people on the ground via text messages and mobile phone photos. Events like the London tube bombings, the recent cyclone in Burma and the New York steam explosion are bringing readers much closer to the event than was ever possible before. Instablogs is a news aggregation website that combines…

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Instablogs – start spreading the news
Cool Web Apps & Sites September 3, 2008 posted by

YoYo Games – an online game making community

Nigel first blogged about Game Maker , the free game designing software, way back in 2003. Well a lot has happened in 5 years. The Gamemaker engine is now up to version 7 and they’ve made a lot of improvements. Using Game Maker you can now create platform games, first person shooters, third person shooters, massive multiplayer online games and construction/management games like Sim City. The games you can make have also improved allowing you to add 3D models as…

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YoYo Games – an online game making community
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Dolphin Community Builder – build your own Facebook with this open source software

So, you want to play like the big boys, huh? Build yourself an online social network empire like Mr Zuckerberg? Well now you can with the free open source Dolphin Smart Community Builder. It’s an Australian product which seems to offer just about everything you’ll ever need to set up an online community project, apart from the traffic. And some design smarts. The main site seems a little busy in terms of product offerings, but apart from that it looks as…

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