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Cool Web Apps & Sites July 18, 2008 posted by

Guideal – psst…fancy becoming a tour guide?

Guideal is an interesting little idea. It’s basically an online portal for amateur and professional tour guides. The idea is to harness the wisdom of the crowds to match those who would like a tour of a location with those who would like to give a tour of their favourite locale. Some of the guides want money, some offer tours on the site for free, but either way you’ve got to love the sentiment.   It’s very early days yet,…

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Cool Web Apps & Sites July 15, 2008 posted by

Jamglue – remixing for the masses

Jamglue. Upload your tracks and play around. Add cool FX, mix and max different tracks, let your imagination run rout/reet/riot. The developers have thrown in all the usual community stuff, as well as a smattering of contest action to keep you engaged as you play away. Not a bad effort really, nice and clean and immediately engaging if you’re into this sort of thing, although I do have a feeling they’re trying just a bit too hard. Ah well, check it out all you LL…

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Cool Web Apps & Sites July 11, 2008 posted by

Switchabit – write once, copy everywhere…but why…?

Switchabit is a new service which lets you deliver your communication to multiple sources automatically. Kind of like an online social network switchboard. So say you have a Blogger account and you want your posts to go to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, just set it up here and every time you post something in Blogger Switchabit will automatically copy it to the networks you’ve selected. Is it just me or is the web becoming just a little bit over self-absorbed with all…

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Inner-Live – world wide web television with a difference is a new web television service with a twist. The idea is you don’t just look at the programs, but chat about them in real time too. Hmm…interesting. I’m not sure that text chat and television go together so well, but maybe during the commercial breaks it makes sense? Anyhoo, the chat room box is there for you to use if you want (as well as favouriting a channel, voting et al). The video quality is pretty good, and…

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Spendji – excellent online group planning done super easy

Spendji is an excellent online application which aims to take the hassle out of arranging group activities. You know, things like joint vacations, parties, family or friend reunions, even things like weddings and home improvements. What makes it cool is the thought that has gone into incorporating all the tools you might need to get things done as a group. Collaborative budgets, money movements, best price search, as well as the usual stuff like to-do lists, calendars and group messaging. Mind…

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Palabea – the language community

Palabea is an online language learning service. Yes another one. No I have no idea why there are so many. Yes, it’s German. No I don’t know what the name means. Well, possibly it could be an excuse to find cute partners in exotic countries, or even get a Green Card, but I can’t tell from here. Yes, the site is very well designed, and has some heavyweight partners like the BBC and Deutsche Welle. OK, well since you asked…

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Cool Web Apps & Sites June 10, 2008 posted by

FlyTunes – portable music service for the iPhone

FlyTunes. Free online music service streams 375 channels of ‘music, news and sport’ for you to consume everywhere on this planet. Uh…except tunnels. Or caves. Obviously. Anyhoo, it works over the Edge network, so you don’t need WiFi, but you do need a flat rate data plan. Or a very rich uncle. Check out the online demo.  FlyTunes is a FREE service that gives you what you really want – portable music and talk radio that’s better than Satellite radio,…

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BrandDoozie – DIY marketing materials for small companies

BrandDoozie is a new online service which lets you create a full suite of marketing material quickly and easily. The package includes tools to create your brand logos, marketing documents like brochures, stationery and business cards and even photos relevant to your industry sector. The service is free while in beta, and it looks like an interesting way for a small business to get up and running quickly with a respectable brand, but of course what the site doesn’t do…

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Dipiti – vertical message board search with some smarter sauce?

Dipiti. On the face of it this beta level search engine is just another forum search tool, like Omgili or Twing, but unlike these two this new service makes no attempt to be all things to all men. That’s because Dipiti is catering specifically for some tightly defined vertical search sectors like Health, Legal, Money and rather strangely Pet Care. The result is that the search results should be significantly better than the generic results from Google and the others. The company…

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BookRabbit – a new kind of online bookstore and social network

BookRabbit. Well it had to come and now it has, a socially networked online bookstore with all the trimmings and none of the dusty shelves stuff. The idea is to bring together people’s love of books, with an innovative categorisation system and lots of social discourse. The site is crammed with Web 2.0 type loveliness, from the slots for video reviews, to reader reviews and a fab ‘meet the author’ feature. One unique feature is the ability to upload a photo…

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Cool Web Apps & Sites May 21, 2008 posted by

Litmus – painlessly test your email and web designs

Litmus is a nice looking new service which takes screenshots of your web site and email newsletters to show whether the design works properly across browsers and clients. Browsershots exists already in this market, but it’s always good to see competition, isn’t it? Worth a bookmark if you’re a designer type.  Litmus shows you precisely how your designs will be seen by your customers. We deliver screenshots of your web sites and email newsletters in seconds across all popular platforms….

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Google Health – search giant launches scary online health service

Google Health is a free online health portal for everyone. You can store your personal details, track your medical history, research symptoms and locate hospitals and doctors. The site also lets you import data from your existing medical records (US only at the moment) to make it easy to get up and running. The company has even set up a Health Advisory Council to act as a consultancy service on the running of the new site (video). Why is it…

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iTalki – chat room language learning

iTalki is a language learning social network which comes with all the Web 2.0 sauce you’d expect to find this side of 2007. There are groups, a wiki, a place to share files and at the core of the system is a sophisticated search engine to help you find the best partner to help you learn the language of your dreams. Once you’ve located a suitable ‘study buddy’ (oy!) you can set up a Facebook like relationship with them and…

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Frevvo Live Forms – a super easy way to create sophisticated online forms

Frevvo Live Forms. The Frevvo folk sent me through a note about their new online form creation product and having taken a look I’m impressed. The hosted and downloadable software service goes way beyond Wufoo in terms of power and flexibility and the overall feel of the application is very slick and polished. The interface is clean and the functionality it very cool. You can create all sorts of different levels of forms, with image, video or text fields, radio…

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WordHustler – the automated online personal assistant for writers

WordHustler is a really interesting new online application created by a couple of writers for writers. The idea is that writing is hard enough, without all the hassle of having to deal with markets and submissions, so they’re trying to take all that stuff away. The normal process of submitting your prose usually revolves around lots of photocopying, stamp licking and market research, which WordHustler claims to do for you. So all you have to do is focus on writing that…

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