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Eco Friendly January 19, 2010 posted by

Newspaper schoolhouse – Ultimate recycling

Canadian-born John Lamorie and his Taiwanese wife, Shelly Wu have built what’s probably the most eco-friendly schoolhouse in the world in Taiwan. Using more than 2,200 pounds (over 1,000 kg) of newspapers, many donated by students, the couple has built a 75 sq-meter newspaper schoolhouse in rural Pingtung county in southern Taiwan where Lamorie and Wu live. Lamorie built a blender using a truck bed and a lawn mower blade, then fed newspapers, water and cement into it to form…

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Newspaper schoolhouse – Ultimate recycling
Eco Friendly January 18, 2010 posted by

Flexy – The eco friendly slinky

The fun, accordion-shaped Flexy reminds me of my favorite low-tech gizmo, the Slinky. But it goes one better – it’s earth-friendly! Made of recycled cardboard, the Flexy is biodegradable and comes with instructions to help you make it move in ways including a rippling rainbow, a big dipper and cool sculpture-like shapes. It claims to be able to do everything its metal counterpart can do. Though not as compact as the old stand-by, it promises not to tangle like a…

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Awesome January 16, 2010 posted by

Pave Guard – Innovative solar powered bridge de-icer

Pave Guard – a new bridge deck heating system that uses solar power to keep bridges ice free – will be installed on two bridges in Missouri this summer. Patterned after the idea of radiant floor heating, this new technology will eliminate the need for corrosive pavement clearing materials during times of ice and snow. The system will automatically activate when the temperature reaches 38F, sending heated water flowing through its tubing and preventing the concrete from freezing. Kansas City’s…

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Eco Friendly January 13, 2010 posted by

Solar Powered Torch – let it shine, let it shine, let it…

Interesting to see this new category of gadgets which are  thinking outside the box. This Solar Powered Torch, for instance, doesn’t just rely on a paltry solar panel approach, but comes with a full solar docking station, which means it can actually do some proper charging. Sure it’s clunkier than normal, but just think of the climates, peeps. $42.00.   Tags: gadget, solar+powered+torch, solar+power, ecological

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Eco Friendly January 11, 2010 posted by

Yogen – the ultimate eco gadget charger

The Yogen Universal Mobile Charger works via people power. To be more precise you pull a string to recharge the device and in turn it delivers that power to your phone, player or other small portable gadget. As with all these products don’t expect too much electricity without a lot of huffing and puffing, but if you’re stranded on a desert island, hey, sweat it out. $39.99 (including suitable adaptor tips). A foot pedal version called Yogen Max is also…

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diy January 4, 2010 posted by

Solar Powered Model Biplane – fun for all ages

Solar panels are being used for almost everything these days and now you can build the Solar Powered Model Biplane, which comes in a put-together kit. Its working propeller is powered by solar panels placed on the tip of each wing. With wooden pieces that slot together, the plane needs no glue to assemble, so it’s perfect for ages 6 on up. Weighing only 200g (just under 7 ounces), this model plane is small enough to put on a desk…

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Bookmark This! January 1, 2010 posted by

101 New Uses for Everyday Things – well well, who would have thought…?

This most excellent list of 101 New Uses for Everyday Things contains a great selection of household hints and tips. You’ll know some of them of course, but I kinda guarantee you’ll find new ones which will surprise ya. Baking soda as an underarm deodorant? Whoa.   Prevent frost from accumulating inside car windows. Rub the glass with a solution of 2 teaspoons of salt in 1 gallon of hot water. Wipe dry. Tags: 101+new+uses+for+everyday+things, household+tips, ecological

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Eco Friendly December 21, 2009 posted by

Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning – Keeping cool via the abyss

Cold seawater will soon be pumped from the ocean’s bottom to cool more than half of downtown Honolulu. This $240 million project by Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning LLC owned by investors in Hawaii, Sweden, and Minnesota, and managed by Renewable Energy Innovations – could cut the city’s air conditioning electricity usage up to 75% while slashing carbon emissions and the use of ozone-depleting refrigerants. A five-foot wide pipeline will run hundreds of feet below the ocean, suck up thousands of…

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Bookmark This! December 15, 2009 posted by

Sugru – the world’s first hacker specific material

Sugru is a brand new substance designed to make it easy to fix, customise, repair and update things. It’s like modelling clay, but sets to a flexible silicone constituency, is adhesive to just about anything like super glue, is heat and cold impervious and waterproof. It comes in a number of colours and once taken out of the sachet cures in 24 hours. They’re marketing it as the ultimate hacker material, useful for fixing up just about anything, especially where…

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cool tech December 14, 2009 posted by

Why eco light bulbs aren’t what they seem – some useful info for greenies

This BBC report on why eco light bulbs aren’t what they seem is one of the best articles I’ve seen yet on the issue of eco bulbs for the home – the technology, the real pay-back figures, their effectiveness and the future. Worth the read.  At home, brightness varies as conditions change. “A compact fluorescent light is designed to provide maximum light output at 25C, and when it gets hotter or colder than that, its brightness can be reduced. “If your bulb is…

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but is it art? December 11, 2009 posted by

Solar Street Light Kit – Recycle shoes into party lights

It’s amazing the creative ways people think of the 2nd R (as in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). This spring, do-it-yourself-ers will love the new Solar Street Light Kit. No more tossing out those favorite, well-used sneakers or running shoes when you can turn them into party lights by adding solar cells and LEDs Created by Scottish design firm Lost Values, the kit contains solar cells and LEDs and comes in two sizes – for kids or adults, with 3 or 6…

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Eco Friendly December 9, 2009 posted by

GreenPrint – Useful freeware to save money and trees

Nigel blogged about GreenPrint a couple of years ago but the times they are a changin’. GreenPrint is now freeware for homes, schools and non-profit organisations, being supported by way of “tasteful” advertising. If you need a faster GreenPrint experience then there’s Home Premium for US$29. GreenPrint is a print utility that allows you to select which parts of a page to print and which parts to discard before printing. You can then elect to send the print job to…

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Eco Friendly December 2, 2009 posted by

CarGo – Saves car spaces for parking bikes

Copenhagen, site of the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference, has introduced something unique to handle their astonishing 15,000 bicycles in their fair city – the CarGo. Though a pilot project lasting the next 6 months, this fiberglass, car-shaped shell, by Danish design firm Goodmorning Technology has cabins to store 4 cargo bikes inside and takes the space of just one traditional car parking spot. The outer casing features solar powered lights -four headlights that light up after dark and another…

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cool tech November 30, 2009 posted by

321 Water – Bottled water takes the plunge

The 321 Water bottle is a water purifier in a bottle. Just add your yucky, nasty tap water into the top, and push the very-stylish plunger down. The water is forced through an activated carbon filter, removing chlorine and nasty flavours and the wholesome water is stored in the bottle ready to drink. The whole thing is designed as an alternative to bottled water and as such the bottle has a screw top and is designed to fit into car…

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