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It’s coming WHEN?

future tech February 14, 2005 posted by

Patch work.

The Thinking Carpet is an interesting project. Mind you, I’m not sure just how much more thinking I need from my furniture and environment. [Thanks Andi]  A self-organising network of robust microchips is responsible for the capturing and processing of data in the “Thinking Carpet”. In this case, self-organising means: If a sensor fails for some reason, the neighbouring processors can use their own positioning to look for a new connecting route which circumvents the defective region and maintains functionality….

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future tech February 11, 2005 posted by


The CLEVER Project. Yet Another Funky Urban Transportation Project. Are any of these things ever ack-tually going to appear on the streets?  The natural gas engine allows travelling with minimal fuel consumption (2.5 l/100km (111 mpg) equivalent to gasoline for CO2 emissions of 60g/km)…Because of the lack of appropriate infrastructure with natural gas filling stations, the refuelling of CLEVER is possible by the exchange of gas bottles. Two mounted gas bottles offer a driving range of approximately 150 km.

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future tech February 10, 2005 posted by

Cyber tube.

Cybertelly, CyberSky and Byte-Tornado. Watch this one folks, it could be fascinating. At the moment distribution of the beta software has been stopped due to a temporary injunction issued by a German court on 7th Jan this year. [Thanks James!] Cybertelly. P2P television using a small (220kb) downloaded client. CyberTelly is a new technology of broadcasting TV, an Alternative to Cable-TV or Satellite-TV. Instead sending satellites into space or laying a cable into household, we use the internet for signal transmission. Cybersky….

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future tech February 10, 2005 posted by

Third eye.

The folks at ThirdEye Interfaces reckon they’ve come up with an innovative game controller tech which uses the seeing capabilities of cameras like the EyeToy to control on-screen action. Hard to explain, take a look at the video for more meat. The Ferret is not totally convinced, if only because it’s unclear from the rather sparse web site just how flexible the tech will be in the real world. A mere two degrees of motion is not good enough for…

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future tech February 1, 2005 posted by

The Griefcase.

The Griefcase. A courier-safe briefcase which can only be opened by someone who is not the owner or carrier. Not so great for smuggling cheese sarnies and crisps into the library then. [Huh? – Ed]   In order to ensure this accountability, the owner or person carrying this briefcase cannot open it. Only persons other than the owner of this briefcase can open it. Anyone opening this briefcase, whether they be law enforcement officers, customs officials, military police, or private security forces, must therefore be…

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cool tech January 17, 2005 posted by

TiVo tools.

The new TiVo third party toolset announcement looks really ho-hum until you dig deep into the concept, at which point light bulbs start popping. The tools allow anyone with smarts and content like TV programs or music videos, to ‘broadcast’ it directly to TiVo boxes using broadband, i.e. without going through the traditional TV network routes . The Ferret reckons that this is colossal stuff, peeps, ‘cause once broadband is everywhere, all it needs is a widespread deployment of this kind of tech…

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future tech January 10, 2005 posted by

Le Segway, zoot alors!

Looks like the Europeans may be warming to the Segway concept better than the domestic US market. Viz the Oxygen Network – a zero emission vehicle rental station in the city of Lille in France.  The Oxygen Station is located on the Champ de Mars, just Northwest of Lille near a large parking lot. The Oxygen Boutique is located in the center of the city at the Lille Flandres railway station. A total of 16 Segway HTs and 25 electric bikes…

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future tech January 10, 2005 posted by

Syn-ful future.

The Ford SYN US concept car. With its slit windows and menacing front profile this concept urban vehicle looks like something out of Judge Dredd.  An armoured car SUV for the terminally frightened perhaps? Look well suburbanites, for this is your post-Hummer future.  The architecture of the SYN US comes from the Ford Fiesta and the inspiration definitely came from bank vaults and armored cars – this concept’s exterior design immediately communicates that it takes security seriously. When parked and…

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cool tech January 4, 2005 posted by

Senso the dramatic.

The Rinspeed Senso is billed as the ‘most sensuous car in the world’. Let’s just hope that it’s not too temperamental or high maintenance as well, eh? More here.   …the idea behind the car is that it will sense and adapt to the driver’s mood. The car apparently uses a combination of biometric and other information to assess the driver’s mindset, then assists the driver to reach an optimum state of mind by altering ambient light, and “feel, smell and sound.”

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future tech December 8, 2004 posted by

Flying ferrets.

The Capanina Project. Actually this should be filed under ‘random press releases I have received this week which don’t say much at all really.’  Solar Power Aircraft Will Make Broadband Available To All…“The opportunities offered by HAPs..[high altitude platforms]..are exciting as they could deliver broadband connections which are 2,000 times faster than a traditional modem and 200 times faster than today’s ‘wired’ ADSL broadband. HAPs are also easier to maintain than satellites as they can be periodically brought back to…

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future tech December 3, 2004 posted by


The Quasiturbine. It’s cool to know that there’s work being done on reducing the negative environmental impact of our bad driving habits. But it would be nice to see some mainstream products come out of all this, eh? More here.  Each Quasiturbine device is at the crossroad of the 3 modern engines :Inspired by the turbine, it perfects the piston, and improves on the Wankel…High torque, low RPM, zero vibration, potentially oil free, fast acceleration, 20 times less noise, less…

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future tech November 30, 2004 posted by

Jet Pods.

JetPods. Today’s commuter vehicle? Tomorrow? [via fabbo bi-rivets]  For discerning clients who want a very fast, easy and safe to fly personal twinjet aircraft, we are able to offer them the Jetpod P-200. The P-200 will come with refined seating and personalised features subject to weight and size constraints. The P-200 is also meant for commuters who want to land at short countryside private strips that demand low noise. The aircraft is capable of taking-off and landing on grass and roughly prepared…

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future tech November 26, 2004 posted by

Death of the arcade?

The Holo Dek Sphere. A game centre which incorporates a giant sphere with 360 degree vision and a host of other immersive tools for computer gaming? The future of  public visual entertainment?  When Sullivan powers up the game Far Cry, the room floods with light and the wall seems to fall away, replaced by palm trees and tropical blue sea and the sandy beach of a desert atoll. Tiny, frothy waves lap at the carpet from the bottom of the screen, rendered in exquisite…

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