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Mercora IMRadio. P2P radio. Share, find and listen.  Mercora P2P Radio is a software application that uses peer-to-peer technologies to create the largest legal online radio network. Mercora lets you legally share your music with others on the Internet while conforming to webcasting laws specified in the DMCA. Read more about it on our product pages. Mercora is pronounced Mer-co-ra and rhymes with “flora.”…Think of the Mercora network as a giant webcasting radio station with lots of channels offering an…

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Tech, Tac, Toe?

In the interests of fair and balanced reporting, the Ferret brings to you both sides of the eternal tech argument – Why Does Windows Still Suck? MacMini, the Emperor’s New Computer.

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Free stock images on the Web.

OK, today is free images day. So for your delectation, and my personal records, here is a list of the free online image sites currently extant, and in no particular order. Er…expect some consolidation fairly soon. Enjoy! Free for private and commercial use with credit/link. (FPCWC) Creativity 103. Abstract images. FPCWC. Small but nice set of image galleries. A little slow. FPCWC. Stock.xchng IV. Humungous moderated (100,000+ images) resource. FPC. Texture Nice textures gallery, FPC under Creative Commons…

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Smart radio.

The DIY smart Radio Station using iTunes.  A while ago I read a tip somewhere about how to make a few smart playlists work with each other to make a mix of music for a smaller iPod. After thinking for a short time I realized I could make a perfect little ever-changing radio station out of iTunes with a similar methodology…The core here is that you’re going to have to rate all of your music for this to work. Unrated…

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Pod Finder.

Find Huh…? Riiight!  Welcome to the search engine totally dedicated to anything iPod. iPod has the Internet buzzing and makes all that information easily accessible. Be it accessories, software, news or blogs – if it’s about iPod will find it for you. Try it NOW

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Ski daddle.

The Smig 2000. Hmm…Smig 2000? Sounds like a Dr Evil machine worth …one …billion …dollars! Actually it’s a downhill ski and snowboarding machine from sunny Poland. And no, we don’t know why Polish snow appears to be green! [Thanks Kevin]   The training and rehabilitation device SMIG 2000 is a motorised downhill ski-slope. The skier remains in the same place, and the slope moves at a controlled speed and steepness, which makes an impression of skiing in virtually real conditions. Additionally, the motorised…

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LED Bin clok.

The LED Binary Clock. Dude, you’ve got to be one hour short of a weekend if you enjoy making it hard to check the time. Wasting time, wasting time? Sheesh! From $19.99.  Displays Time In True Binary As Well As Powers Of Two Binary Mode! Woohoo! It’s easy for any self-respecting geek to figure out how to read this clock in a few minutes. Check out the image below for the details. Still don’t get it? Then you probably shouldn’t…

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Pocket owee.

The Pocket Dentist.  $6.98. Considering that the world and his grandpa are somewhat leery of dentists, which bright spark marketing whizz thought that carrying around a 6–in-1 torture tool would make things better? Did you see the shape of that pick?  This neat little smile enhancer tucks in purse, pocket, or keychain. Compact tool looks like a mini pocket knife, but opens to reveal a tiny magnifying mirror, between-teeth pick, scaler, interdental brush, plastic toothpick, and a small tongue scraper.

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Check it!

Bugs, glitches and stuffups. Use the link at the top of the page to check your Internet Explorer browser for parasites. Plus the 10 Immutable Laws of Security.  Law #8: An out of date virus scanner is only marginally better than no virus scanner at all

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Gizoogle.  Gigiggle! Tha Red Ferret JournalWelcome ta Tha Red Ferret Journal. Gadgets, coo’ sites, tizzy news n trivia droppin hits. In orda ta makes tha mizzay of this site pleaze activate … – 52k – Similar Pages  Why snoop dogg? We are all huge fans of Snoop Dogg and his work. This website was created in his honor and we hope nobody is offended by us doing so. Please help support Snoop Dogg and his works by buying his albums…

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Crystal dribble.

The Little Prince Beaded Pacifier Clip. Got baby? Then what you may need is a dummy tether studded with Swarovski crystals which later converts into a bracelet. Or not. And what’s with the gender switching, guys? A little prince or a damsel? $60.00.  Fit for holding court or recuing [sic] maids, all little princes [sic] deserve such finery. Small black and clear Swarovski crystals coupled with 2 large Swarovski crystal cubes look fit for a king with the large sterling silver beaded…

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RiderCam. Camcorder + rollercoaster = instant DVD of your horrified facial contortions. Rewind, review, re-scream.   RIDERCAM is not only a camera on your coaster! The RIDERCAM experience starts while you are waiting in line…After boarding RIDERCAM immediately begins recording the adventure. Every moment is being captured, from the beginning of the lift hill to breaking at the end. Right after exiting the car the passenger arrives in the RIDERCAM shop where flat screens display short clips of the previous…

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Wash day ooze?

Apparently a Brit boffin in Australia has discovered that you can clean clothes using just water, and no soap. The secret lies in ‘de-gassing’ the water first, which sounds rather dodgy really.  Richard Pashley, a professor of physical chemistry at the Australian National University in Canberra, has discovered that when tiny air “particles” are removed from water – a process known as “de-gassing” – the water lifts oily stains from the surface of clothes, allowing soap-free cleaning. Prof Pashley said that the technique was…

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My Nuggets.

My Nuggets. Apparently we all have a yen to ask questions while out and about? Or maybe it’s about looking clever when you’re not. Whatever. It’s free, so why not use it and see?   Did you ever have the answer to a question on the tip of your tongue and nobody around you knew either? Now you can ask your mobile phone. Simply send an SMS containing the word ASK followed by your question to Nuggets and get back results…

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VR vroom.

The new Vortek VR arcade machine. PC based, boom mounted virtual reality headset booth with networking built in. You will not believe just how dorky people look when they’re playing this thing. Dance Revolution? Pah! [Thanks Kevin at The Stinger Report]

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