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Free Software August 31, 2006 posted by

5 lightweight alternatives to MSN Messenger.

Here are 5 lightweight and free alternatives to MSN Messenger. Enjoy! Instan-T Messenger. Glitzy multi-network chat client. MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ. SIM-IM. Open Source instant messenger for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Geeky? Jabber. Famous MSN alternative, huge developer community and very extensible. Miranda IM. Tiny, floppy disk sized client with over 350 plugins available. Easy Message. 240kb gives MSN, AOL, ICQ and Yahoo! Also POP3 monitoring.

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Free Software August 25, 2006 posted by

Firefox Video Downloader Extension.

Man, you gotta just keep loving Firefox and the developer community doncha? The new Video Downloader Extension puts a button on your Firefox bar which lets you download any YouTube, iFilm, MetaCafe, Google Video or whatever other multimedia material you can find out there, from over 60 different sites. Including MP3, Quicktime etc. It’s an absolutely superb extension, so grab grab grab it. And if you want the icing on the cake, just use SUPER to convert the footage to any other format (to…

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Free Software August 21, 2006 posted by

Skype Email Toolbar.

The Skype Email Toolbar. Beta toolbar which looks quite useful. Install it into an email client like Outlook Express or Thunderbird and email messages become IM and presence enabled. And you can call them too while reading their messages.   * Call Skype Names and phone numbers written in emails * See when your contacts are online * Start instant messaging in follow up to emails * Add a Skype Button to your email signature, so other people can just click to…

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Free Software August 16, 2006 posted by

CLEO – simple way to install Firefox extensions.

The rather gorgeous CompactLibraryExtensionOrganiser or CLEO, lets you bundle up all your Firefox extensions into a single xpi file which can be installed in one go. It’s a great way to backup and restore your whole extension list when you move machines, and also a cool way to distribute extensions to Firefox newbies or anyone else for that matter. As proof, here’s the download link to my Top 10 Firefox Extensions file. Download it, unzip and install my faves all…

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Free Software August 15, 2006 posted by


Bubbles. No, not Michael Jackson’s chimp friend, but a free application which gives you a system tray on steroids. Minimise web sites to it, drag photos there to upload to Flickr and view notification bubbles from online applications like Google Calendar and Yahoo! Mail. My system tray would explode if I stuffed anything more onto it, but still, sounds like a useful app.   * Keep your favorite web-sites a click away, on the system-tray. * Enjoy new features in existing web-sites with Smart-Bubbles. * Enhance…

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Free Software August 14, 2006 posted by

Real7ime Converter.

Real7ime Converter. Tiny bit of freeware which claims to convert any RealPlayer stream to AVI/WAV/MP3 on demand in real time. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but if it works as advertised it could be quite a nice utility to keep in the tool chest.

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Free Software August 4, 2006 posted by


RemoveWGA. Fed up with Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage spyware clogging up your Windows XP installation, phoning home every 10 minutes and otherwise acting like a nasty bully? You might need this little software utility then. See, there really is a Santa Claus.  RemoveWGA enables you to remove the Microsoft “Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications” tool, which is calling home and connect to Microsoft servers every time you boot (pilot version), or every two weeks (current release)…Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is different…

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Free Software August 2, 2006 posted by

Printer Anywhere.

Printer Anywhere. Man, colour me frustrated. This appears to be one of the most innovative and downright useful applications I’ve come across in a long time and can I get it to work on my rig? Can I heck! Tsk. Basically it lets you set up any printer as a global shared unit, so you can literally print a document to that printer from anywhere you’ve got a web browser. It’s such a cool app my teeth are chattering. But…despite…

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Free Software July 27, 2006 posted by

Snaptune redux.

We’ve talked about the Snaptune audio recorder program before, but they’ve now gone and updated the software to allow you to record any Internet radio station to your hard disk. It’s pretty neat, and seems to work well, although we’re still in love with Station Ripper really.  Snaptune works with any audio source including web radio stations, USB radio tuners, or a simple line-in connection to your radio receiver. Pick a station from Snaptune’s extensive list of local or web radio stations;…

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Free Software July 25, 2006 posted by

Free gizmo calls.

‘EXTRA, EXTRA, Read all abaht it…’ – free phone calls to national and 60 international landlines (not just PC to PC) with the free Gizmo Project VoIP software. All you need is for both parties on the call to be registered and regular users of the Gizmo service. That’s it, no cash required. It’s either a suicide play or a desperate and genius reaction to the growing dominance of Skype services and peripheral products.   The Gizmo Project All Calls Free plan allows you to…

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Free Software July 21, 2006 posted by


Huminity. Kind of an under the radar group blogging freeware application which has some rather interesting concepts in it. Like an inbuilt chat engine…yeah hold on, there’s more…with an embedded visualisation map of your social circle of friends. So now, not only can you chat with your mates, but also bounce off the map to their mates and have a chat, and then to their friends and so on. It’s kind of 6 degrees of Linked In meets Blogger meets AIM. Definitely worth…

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Free Software July 17, 2006 posted by

Make typing easy. Peasy.

Phrase Express. Auto text entry freeware which lets you add phrases and words to your documents at the press of a key. Apparently it works with all applications, which is interesting. Hotkey support too.  PhraseExpress works like the AutoCorrect function in MS Office but for all applications on your computer. AutoText expands short keywords into full phrases. Example: typing ‘btw’ would be automatically expanded to ‘by the way’ while you type. Ever missed this feature in your web browser or…

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Free Software July 12, 2006 posted by

Collaborate or die.

activeCollab. Need a free open source web based collaboration tool? Kinda like Basecamp but without the fees and stuff? Only tiny hassle is that it needs PHP5, which is a bit of a pain. But this is definitely one to watch.   1. Easy to install and easy to use 2. Web-based. After installation the only thing you’ll need to use it is a web browser 3. 100% open source, 100% free 4. No limitations on number of projects, clients,…

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Bookmark This! July 11, 2006 posted by

Free File Hosting services.

Free File Hosting Services. Excellent definitive list of nearly 100 free file hosting services on the net, divided into capacity and type (e.g. image hosting etc). Of course once Google’s offering arrives the whole arena will change significantly. Nevertheless a must bookmark dear reader!  Free File Hosts allow you to upload certain filetypes to their websites, this is ideal for storage or trading with your friends. Maybe you would like to upload files that you also need at work, or…

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