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Gadgets July 3, 2006 posted by

Hava heart.

The HAVA Video Streamer. Apparently this puppy out performs the groovy Slingbox in several cool ways. One, it streams high quality video to multiple clients in the home (still only one via the web though, for obvious reasons. Hint: lawsuits?) Two it’s got wireless, 802.11g. And the most important one? The built-in tuner means that you can watch one program remotely while those in the house watch another via the set top box connect. Nice. Currently at $199.00 with rebate.  Stream…

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Free Software July 3, 2006 posted by

Pretty May.

Pretty May. Free personal voice assistant for Skype. Record your Skype conversations, auto-answer answering machine, forward audio files automatically via email, broadcast Skypecasts, share background music while talking and the rather nifty feature – switch sound device mid conversation (e.g. you want to move from wired headset to Bluetooth headset).  So PrettyMay has been designed to extend the functionality of Skype considerably, Features PrettyMay adds are Emailing Forwarding,Switching sound device while conversation,calling recording, Automatic answer for both Skype and so…

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yeah, right! July 3, 2006 posted by

Pseudoscience fights back.

Hmm…so industry commentator Josh Umbehr over at the Medgadget weblog seems to have been the subject of a bit of PR harrasment for daring to suggest that a product we both featured – the Emwave – may not be quite as…ahem…robust as claimed. Dear me, it’s a bit much when PR folk start hassling folk at home to get their point across. Naughty, naughty Miss PR.  In retrospect, we think it was the “pseudoscience” label that really ruffled emWave’s feathers. When…

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