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Awesome July 11, 2008 posted by

Hands on with the Nokia N82 – the next generation super phone

I’ve been playing with the Nokia N82 Symbian powered smartphone for the past few weeks, and I’ve got to say that this is a gorgeous piece of equipment all round. Regular readers will know I’m an unabashed Nokia fan, so the previous statement is probably no surprise, but even taking into account my obvious pathetic bias, this is quite a beast in many glorious ways.

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Cool Web Apps & Sites July 11, 2008 posted by

Switchabit – write once, copy everywhere…but why…?

Switchabit is a new service which lets you deliver your communication to multiple sources automatically. Kind of like an online social network switchboard. So say you have a Blogger account and you want your posts to go to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, just set it up here and every time you post something in Blogger Switchabit will automatically copy it to the networks you’ve selected. Is it just me or is the web becoming just a little bit over self-absorbed with all…

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Bookmark This! July 11, 2008 posted by

Foxclocks – Firefox add-on puts the world time in your browser bar

Foxclocks is a neat little Firefox addon that lets you display your choice of world time clocks in the browser status bar. Neat, unobtrusive and very useful if you’re a global kinda person. It also offers some neat customisation features, like the ability to make the clock change colour at certain times (e.g. go green when it’s OK to call Australia without dragging people out of bed).  FoxClocks lets you keep an eye on the time around the world –…

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Gadgets July 10, 2008 posted by

Nexcopy USB200OPC USB Duplicator – super compact USB flash drive photocopier

The Nexcopy USB200PC USB Duplicator lets you copy data to up to 20 USB flash drives at a time. Perfect for distributing your resume to everyone you know, or for selling your e-book on 100 Top Cat Farming Recipes. The box comes with all the software you need, power surge protection and embedded verification tech to ensure your precious data is transmitted correctly. Priced at a very reasonable $1299.00.  The USB200PC is a sleekly designed product with outstanding performance, reliability and quality that will…

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hardware July 10, 2008 posted by

Tandem TDEC-2 Electric Car – Noddy’s transport gets an eco makeover?

The Tandem TDEC-2 Electric Car shows that the Chinese do have a sense of humour. Either that or someone was a big fan of Big Ears and the N. dude. So it comes in a range of exciting colours (sigh…all right red, blue, black, yellow and white), moves at an humiliatingly fast 45 km/h and travels several inches before the battery runs out. OK you got us, we don’t know how far, we just made that up. No really.  Net…

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future tech July 10, 2008 posted by

Aquavac Electronic Tea Towel – fighting for kitchen hygiene one electron at a time

Student designer Paul Oxley has created the Aquavac Electronic Tea Towel as a high tech replacement for the common or garden kitchen cloth. Apparently one of the main ways food poisoning spreads is through dirty cloths, so the idea is to use this device to hygienically clean up spills and dry crockery. Whether or not a high tech piece of anti-bacterial plastic is cook friendly enough to replace the traditional kitchen rag remains to be seen, but we give him 8 out of…

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Awesome July 10, 2008 posted by

The Pencil Project – brilliant free Firefox add-on turns the browser into a full blown sketching tool

The Pencil Project is a brilliant example of just how powerful the Firefox platform has become in terms of adding high value applications to the web browser. This free Open Source add-on turns Firefox into a fully featured sketching and diagraming application which can be used for anything from prototyping and wireframing web designs to producing org charts and other business style stuff.   Once installed you just fire it up and you’re in the application, complete with common template…

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Free Software July 10, 2008 posted by

Home Typist – add typewriter sounds to your computer keyboard

Home Typist is a small freeware program that adds typewriter sounds to your standard computer keyboard. Clackety, clackety clack… Add a fun retro feel to your computing and for that perfect finishing touch throw in a Steampunk Keyboard as well and amaze your friends and family.  Home Typist adds typewriter sounds to your computer keyboard. The program is useful for home typists. At every touch of the keyboard there is the new sound, which makes the process of typing more…

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cool tech July 10, 2008 posted by

Greenest Host – world’s first 100% solar powered web hosting service

Greenest Host is the world’s first 100% solar powered web hosting service. That’s right, they’ve located the facility in the desert sunshine of Southern California, and supply all the juice they need from an array of solar panels situated on top of a rusting Ford Mustang in the parking lot. Or something. Fabulous idea, and although they’re aiming at the more business end of web hosting, their prices are not that expensive. Great initiative and one that deserves support and replication far and…

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Bookmark This! July 10, 2008 posted by

Inner-Live – world wide web television with a difference is a new web television service with a twist. The idea is you don’t just look at the programs, but chat about them in real time too. Hmm…interesting. I’m not sure that text chat and television go together so well, but maybe during the commercial breaks it makes sense? Anyhoo, the chat room box is there for you to use if you want (as well as favouriting a channel, voting et al). The video quality is pretty good, and…

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Gadgets July 9, 2008 posted by

MusicTube Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player – dolphin friendly player sports anti rust body and spill proof earbuds

MusicTube Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player. Manic xtreme sports dudes can go really crazy and fling themselves into the nearest ocean with this thing playing and be more or less guaranteed an uninterrupted musical escapade. Of sorts. Of course we understand from the National Geographic channel that the surf can be rather…ahem…loud at times, but what do we know? On offer at £39.99.  This waterproof MusicTube is a high-end personal audio player. It not only provides you with fantastic audio and MP3 player…

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Gadgets July 9, 2008 posted by

Swann FlashlightDVR – compact digital video recorder torch

The Swann FlashlightDVR is an updated version of the Far Eastern device we mentioned last year. This one comes with 128 MB of internal memory, an integrated SD card slot for extra storage, a super bright 17 bulb LED flashlight and 3 hours of VGA resolution MPEG-4 video recording at 30 fps onto a 2GB SD card. It also sports a USB port, internal mic and runs off 3 C size – that’s large to you and me – batteries, either rechargeable or alkaline. Oh…

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Bizarre July 9, 2008 posted by

Miracle Berry Tablets – taste twisting pills mess your mouth up in weird delicious ways

These Miracle Berry Tablets contain some rogue protein which binds to the tastebuds on your tongue. The result is you taste differently after you take one. Sour tastes sweet, sweet tastes astonishing and basically your tongue does a freak out for around 2 hours. Is this a good thing? Diet fanatics will no doubt think so. £9.95.  Each pill rewires the way your palate perceives flavours for up to two hours, so you’ve plenty of time to try tons of…

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cool tech July 9, 2008 posted by

Silver Pilot – software converts scanned negatives into photos

Silver Pilot is a software program that converts digitized negatives into proper photo images (aka positives). It has a fairly primitive interface, but from the look of the examples included seems to do the job as expected. Just select the negative image, give it a reference point, click on the start button and the job is done automatically. No doubt true artists will want to tweak and fiddle with the post-processing tools or fire up their fave image editor afterwards….

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