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Free Software August 27, 2008 posted by

Dark Orbit – space, the final browserware

Dark Orbit is billed as a browser based space shooter. So if you’re a space buccaneering, freeware lovin’, massively multiplayer oriented geeky type this might be the place for you to hang out (with 20,000 other like minded folk). Oh and you can win prizes too. Oooh…. Experience the infinite expanses of outer space while you fight alone or with your allies in increasingly remote sectors. Discover strange new worlds and be on your guard for mysterious aliens. Join one…

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announcement August 27, 2008 posted by

All Clear Folks! Sorry for the hassles…

Whew, great. The malware has now been vaporized thanks to some excellent work by the team at my awesome web hosting service MediaLayer. In the last 48 hours the Ferret has been scrubbed, cleaned, polished and gleams once more as in yesteryear. We’re now just sitting here waiting to see how long it will be before the Mighty Google (TM) releases us from this bad boy’s prison. Of course we’re hoping not long, but who knows….? Thanks for all the…

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announcement August 26, 2008 posted by

Sorry all – ad servers hacked?

Hi folks, Just a quick note to say thanks to all of the Ferret readers who have reported the problems with a trojan attack on the site. Right now it looks as though some nasty types have compromised the ad server service I’ve been trying out on the site and that’s caused all the commotion. We’ve not been able to find anything compromised with the actual Ferret site code at all. I’ve now pulled all the 3rd party ads (apart…

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Gadgets August 26, 2008 posted by

DogPause – the healthy dog bowl

DogPause is the first pooch bowl in the world with proprietary ‘SlowZones’ which slow down the rate at which Rover woolfs his food. Apparently slowing down the eating makes for a happier and healthier dog all round. Video. Hmm…perhaps I should try using one of these? $17.95.  DogPause is the only dog bowl clinically proven to slow down dogs’ eating. In clinical tests run by professional vets, DogPause slowed down dogs by an average of 50% vs. standard dog bowls. As…

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hardware August 26, 2008 posted by

GL3000W Electric Sports Car – are you scared yet, Mr Tesla Motors?

The GL3000W Electric Sports Car may not keep Tesla Motors execs awake at night, yet, but it definitely shows that the Chinese manufacturing machine is starting to think out of the box in terms of upcoming electric vehicles. The performance is startlingly pathetic right now using lead acid battery tech, but who knows about the future. Max speed 45km/h, range 100 km, recharge 6–12 hours. Oh and it comes with a 400W heater, which could be useful doncha think?  1….

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Bookmark This! August 26, 2008 posted by

Dolphin Community Builder – build your own Facebook with this open source software

So, you want to play like the big boys, huh? Build yourself an online social network empire like Mr Zuckerberg? Well now you can with the free open source Dolphin Smart Community Builder. It’s an Australian product which seems to offer just about everything you’ll ever need to set up an online community project, apart from the traffic. And some design smarts. The main site seems a little busy in terms of product offerings, but apart from that it looks as…

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but is it art? August 25, 2008 posted by

Crayola EZ Type USB Keyboard

What better way to show off your uniqueness and love of life to the office crowd than with a Crayola EZ Type USB keyboard? It doesn’t have any function keys, a numerical keypad or half the punctuation but it does have a *huge* Escape key, lots of colourful demarcations and the ISO standard for cuteness, Comic Sans, all over the keys. On the other hand, instead of showing off to the office, you could always use it to teach the…

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Gadgets August 25, 2008 posted by

Targus Mobile Data Transfer Cable – move your data around fast and easy

This Targus Mobile Data Transfer Cable may sound boring, but listen, you can use it to move data from laptop to laptop, Mac to PC and vice versa and all points in between. Now if that isn’t a useful puppy, we don’t know what is. £23.54 to the gentleman in green with the full hard disk.  Transferring files and settings from one notebook to another can often be a time consuming and complicated process, but now you can do it…

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Free Software August 25, 2008 posted by

Spiceworks – free IT management software

Spiceworks is a freeware network management software package which is designed for geek professionals rather than Posh, Baby, Scary and Ginger. It’s free because the program beams ads at geeks, and judging by the user base of 400,000 it’s pretty successful.  Spiceworks combines everything you need to manage IT in one easy-to-use application: * Software inventory, network inventory, PC inventory. Inventory every IT thing you manage. * Network monitoring, Exchange monitoring, license monitoring and more. Stay alert! * Asset reporting,…

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reprise August 24, 2008 posted by

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy. The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See – The Most IMPORTANT Video… Boynq Swing USB Hub – might leave you hanging – Ever wondered what would happen if… Let Meow’t – cat door for genius cats – Cats and I don’t get along, I… Now do this! – This isn’t a subtle attempt at… Photo Safe II – take your photos and keep…

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Gadgets August 23, 2008 posted by

USB Mirror Web Cam – lights, mirror, action…

We can’t help but applaud the ingenuity of thought that came up with a lighted USB Mirror Webcam as a product idea. C’mon, it’s a marriage made in heaven, isn’t it? In one swift stroke you can cater for the dim lit room, the fading beauty and inherent narcissism  of the webcam user and pander to it all. Glorious. It’s a 1.3 megapixel camera mind you, so no hi-definition high jinks going on here. $79.00.  USB Mirror Web Camera is a web camera with…

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Gadgets August 22, 2008 posted by

Portable Motion Detecting LED Night Light – get illuminated in style

The Portable Motion Detecting LED Night Light only works at night. Which is kinda logical really. It’s portable so you can move it around, has a pretty blue colour and won’t work in the daylight hours. Did we say that already? Sorry. It’s just such an astonishing product that we were momentarily dazzled by its brilliance. Or something. $24.99.  Provide a lighted, safe environment at night by using the battery operated Portable Motion Detecting Dusk-to-Dawn LED Blue Night Light. The…

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hmm..interesting August 22, 2008 posted by

iHitch High Tech Hitchhiking – using the power of today, to travel to tomorrow

I really like this iHitch idea, aka a new form of shared community travel. It combines GPS, mobile phones and instant digital payments to provide a safe and ubiquitous car sharing system for all. The fact that it also includes an online reputation management system makes it a little more than just pie in the sky too. OK, so there are services like this around already, but no-one has really done the job superbly, with all of the best technologies and processes. It’s…

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Bookmark This! August 22, 2008 posted by

Xero – the world’s easiest accounting system?

They’re boldly billing Xero as the world’s easiest accounting system, and we’re happy to play along for a bit. It’s pretty as a button, comes with oodles of nice charts and graphs, and has an Ajax enhanced UI that looks like it really makes sense. It’s designed for UK and New Zealand small businesses (a full international version arrives next year) and costs £29.00 a month + VAT which also includes a nice little ‘partner’ feature to help small entrepreneurs find…

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cool tech August 21, 2008 posted by

MediaPlayer XS – Not your average media centre

The MediaPlayer XS is a compact, no nonsense media centre capable of displaying movies, music and photos straight from a USB drive via a television with no computer required. Smaller than a paperback novel this media powerhouse can play pretty much anything including; avi (Xvid and DivX), dat, mpg (1, 2 and 4), m-jpeg, mp3, wma, wav, jpg, tif, gif and bmp. It even has a built-in photo slideshow to turn your telly into a digital picture frame. It reads…

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