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LittleShoot P2P Browser Plugin – elegant integration of P2P file sharing with your web browser

LittleShoot is a new P2P web browser plugin, which integrates peer to peer file sharing into any web browser via a Java powered application. In use it looks just like another web page/tab, but underneath it’s connected to Limewire, IsoHunt, YouTube and other services to offer full search and download from the network. To use, you install the software and then visit the site and access the search tab at which point the software loads into the browser. From there…

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but is it art? April 1, 2009 posted by

Voss & Mauser Implantable GPS – nice day today ain’t it…?

You want April 1st? We’ll give you some. If you’re going to do it, do it right peeps, not just some random Photoshop and a bit of har-har text. This Voss & Mauser GPS implant service site does it properly. Stick the gun on the arm, shoot the little GPS dongle under the skin. Perfect for tracking baby’s wanderings right? Love the Flash design, the funky music loop and the German (nice touch, bit of a Bond scientist feel there). Happy…

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Bizarre April 1, 2009 posted by

Omegle – grab a random chat with someone you don’t know

Omegle is a new and rather strange online chat service which automatically hooks you up with a random stranger when you log in. In one sense this is the ultimate Web 2.0 pop, sharing your time with the world, on the other hand it can be very disconcerting to log on and discover some stranger at the other end asking you where you’re from. Maybe it’s a personality thang? Anyhoo, it’s an interesting experiment, and just a tiny weeny bit creepy. Not…

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