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Eco-Button – power saving USB button makes you feel good about your life


The Eco-Button is an ecologically friendly USB add-on for your computer. You’ve noticed that it’s green, right? OK, so plug it into your USB port and every time you leave the desk tap the jolly green button to put your computer into low power mode. We realise that what you really want is a little green button to put your boss into low power mode, but this will have to do for now. OK? £14.99.

 Have you ever wondered how much energy you waste leaving your PC sitting idle while you’re away from your desk? Quite a lot it would seem and all of it adds up over the years creating a hefty carbon footprint that could only be rivalled by Bigfoot – if he used a PC. That’s where the Eco-Button steps in. Plug this little gizmo into your USB port and give it a tap every time you have to leave your desk. Whether it’s for a long drawn out meeting with the boss or drinks at lunchtime the Eco Button makes sure that your PC and monitor draw as little power as possible. Not only do you get to see how many carbon units you’ve saved when you reactivate the PC, but, and this is the best bit, the Eco Button software will also show you how much cash would have been spent if you’d left the computer on…

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  • Of course, the damage done to the environment BY the Eco-Button’s production and later disposal far outweigh any benefit it could possibly have, particularly given that the built-in power options could probably do everything automatically, or a million freeware apps could give you a hot-key combo to toss the PC into hibernate, if there isn’t one already.

  • This device is a lot better than hibernate, because hibernating your pc firstly takes a long time to turn off, and then to turn it on you will have to start windows all over again. I'v used this device before and it's really good, it puts your computer into a deep sleep mode, shutting off nearly everything (first time I tried it I thought it had turned off the computer), but as soon as I pressed a key, it immediately went to the desktop. So it's really well worth it, if you quickly have a toilet break or make a cup of coffee, and it probably will save you a few pounds in the long run, but probably won't have any real positive impacts on the enviornment.

  • The Eco Button is now available from Florida Eco Products

    Thank you, Paul

  • Save energy by just pressing one key. We are the manufacturer of USB eco button in China, if you need that, pls contact me. MSN: [email protected]

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