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SaveCell – protects your phone contacts from perps


SaveCell is a Symbian 60 phone application that backs up and protects your contacts allowing you to retrieve them if your phone is lost or stolen. After downloading the application and registering, your contacts are transmitted securely to the SaveCell vault. It’s live too, so as soon as you add or amend a contact the details are updated.

If/when you lose your phone you can retrieve your contacts from SaveCell via SMS to your new phone. If you want to make sure your contacts are not recoverable from your lost handset then you can “nuke” your contact list remotely. It can even be wiped if the phone has a new SIM card in it.


So far SaveCell is only available to Symbian 60 phones in the UK with UK SIMs. It still works overseas though. The service costs 1 per 30 days and payment is via premium SMS so you don’t need credit cards or billing details. Getting your contacts back cost 12p for each of the Blowfish encrypted texts containing your contact details, approximately 18 texts equates to 60 contacts. Sounds like an inexpensive and great idea to me.

SaveCell is a small application that runs on your cell phone and, using the standard SMS text messaging service that you already have, backs-up all of your personal phonebook information and contacts automatically, securely, immediately and inexpensively.

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  • Comes free with iPhone.

  • How can it wipe contacts from your SIM if the phone has a new SIM in it? Magic?

    • I think you've misunderstood Mike, it doesn't say anything about wiping your contacts from your SIM, only about wiping your contact list from the handset.
      From the FAQs:

      Besides, who stores their contacts on their SIM anymore, that's so 1997.
      You've got to sync. :)

  • How much did you get paid for posting this advertisement?

    • =C2=A37634.19 ex VAT. We had to negotiate for a few weeks to get them to increase the repeat commission on views and then there was a huge argument over whether we should re-run the post two or three times a month to keep it fresh in people's minds. In the end we compromised by saying that we'd run it once, then take a video of an exploding sausage, link it to a cell phone and upload the whole thing in High Def to Vimeo. I think it came out rather well in the end, don't you? :)

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