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Kid Safety Labels We Want to See – Protect your kids from bland toys


I had a pretty adventurous childhood. Building things, racing, riding and crashing things, breaking at least 3 bones (I’m not sure about the toe) along the way. Now as the father of a toddler who is starting to realise that climbing is fun, that egg cartons can become trains and toilet rolls can become giraffes, these Kid Safety Labels look like a fabulous idea to me. Just don’t stick them on my Lego. [via Book of Joe].

… he and I agree that [American] kids are raised in an overly cautious manner, out of fear that they might get hurt and we are limiting their ability to explore a wider range of experience. In place of traditional safety warnings on kids’ toys.

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Dan Ferris is the Red Ferret’s Oceanic correspondent and Associate Editor based in Sydney, Australia. Despite not knowing Russell Crowe or Nicole Kidman, Dan has risen above adversity and now scours the world for interesting tidbits to write about. He spends far too much time photographing stuff and tinkering with computers.

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  • Rich!

    I was playing with knives and axes by the time I was six. Early on, I learned how to deal with dangerous work situations and how not to get hurt. Simple things like not putting yourself into moving live machinery, shutting off and disconnecting power (important lesson one of my buddies only learned after losing two fingers) before attempting adjustments or repair came soon afterwards.

    While this life experience will seem extreme to most people, my parents believed that safety was learning how not to get hurt in the rural situation we grew up in. To not learn this by being over-protective was to deny children necessary learning experience and prime children with no sense of self preservation to suffer certain disaster.

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