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Heading to London for the Olympics? Download this first…it might help

For those of you from foreign climates (i.e. anywhere outside the M25 motorway in the UK) who may be considering heading to London for the Olympics 2012 this month, we have a little tool we feel you may want to consider downloading for your Android smartphone. It’s (possibly) guaranteed to help you save the day if you’re in a social situation near the Olympic Village and find yourself grasping for a conversational gambit or two.

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Awesome June 22, 2012 posted by

The brilliant Airdroid integrates your smartphone and laptop browser to deliver real awesomeness [Freeware]

The smartphone is starting to push traditional computing aside, simply because a handset is generally more convenient to use than a cumbersome laptop (and let’s not even mention desktop PCs, where are they now?). Of course you can’t do everything with a phone, but you can definitely handle most of the communication tasks, like email and instant messaging (WhatsApp = total awesome!), as well as things like location searching and simple information browsing. But there are times when it would be really useful…

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Awesome April 13, 2012 posted by

The amazing AfterFocus gives your smartphone gorgeous camera skills [Daily Freeware]

The smartphone camera has come a long long way since the launch of the Nokia 7650 in 2002, which is generally thought to be the first mass market camera phone in the world. Back in those days everyone was astonished at the quality of the photos the phone took, even if actually they were really rather awful. It was a PHONE for goodness sake! [Nokia 7650 image –  Wikimedia]

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How Many lets you instantly calculate the true cost of the gadget you’re buying [Daily Freeware]

Here’s the problem. Money. It’s become far too abstract. Not only is it usually dispensed via bits of colored plastic, or transferred from place to place in digital bits and byte, but we have lost sight of the true value of the things we buy. Rather like our governments, we’re divorced from the reality of our spendthrift ways. Well no more.

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World’s first Rate A Politician app may be the democratic answer we’ve been waiting for

Ask a lot of people around the Western world and they’ll tell you loud and long, just how much they dislike politicians, politics and the unhealthy direction the corporate state is moving in. The trouble is that most people feel powerless to change things, and even when there’s a chance to vote, it doesn’t seem to make a difference at all.

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