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Awesome May 17, 2012 posted by

Makey Makey is an awesome invention kit for everyone

We cover a tiny fraction of the Kickstarter projects that approach us, mostly because there’s a limit to how many brush machined aluminum iPhone stands the world can handle in one month. But also because we’re kind of keen to avoid projects which seem destined for niche markets. Not so with this latest project, which we think will become a smash hit all over the world once it’s produced in volume later this year.

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Bookmark This! April 24, 2012 posted by

Your Logical Fallacy helps you win arguments and influence people

The Internet has spawned a lot of conversation, too much some would say. It’s also attracted unsavoury elements like trolls and bullies, as well as the most common type of online personality, the know-it-all. But often these so-called experts are less informed than you’d think, and in fact they only end up on top of conversations because they use commonly held debating tricks to confuse the unwary.

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