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Gadgets March 22, 2012 posted by

Fulljoin NMP001 is probably the strangest little Linux TV in the world

There’s something a little strange about this Fulljoin NMP001 Internet radio. For oen thing it’s not just a radio. It also supports Internet television streaming, which you can enjoy (we use the word in a liberal sense) on the integrated 2.4 inch LCD display. As if that wasn’t enough, the device is actually Linux powered, and the makers claim that it will happily tune in to over 20,000 radio stations and 2000 TV stations on the Net.

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Gadgets March 17, 2012 posted by

Thermospatula makes sure you cook safe, cook happy

Sounding like something you’d expect to see in a horror movie, Thermospatula is a clever little gadget that combines a stirrer/scraper with a neatly embedded digital thermometer. The idea is you should never ruin a perfectly good recipe just because you failed to keep the ingredients at the right temperature.

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Bookmark This! March 15, 2012 posted by

Scosche cellCONTROL makes your car safer by disabling distracting phone activities

There’s no question that a good proportion of road accidents nowadays are caused because the driver is distracted by their mobile phone. Both texting and/or making a phone call with one hand can really take your attention away from the road, and in fact according to a BBC report in 2002, researchers found that talking on a mobile phone can actually be more dangerous than drink-driving.

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Gadgets March 13, 2012 posted by

Portable DVD Writer & Hard Disk Combo is a powerful data conversion station

The cool thing about this new DVD Writer & Hard Disk Combo is the fact that you can now convert your data onto multiple formats all on the same box, and do it on the move. Not only can you transfer data to and from USB drives and DVD via the three in-built USB slots, but it’s also got an SD card slot which means you’ve got access to the microSD cards that smartphones use as well, if you use an…

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Gadgets March 12, 2012 posted by

Hand Reflexology Massager relieves the pain of your mouse hand and arm

If you’re a heavy computer user, you’ll know that there are hazards that come with the job. Number one is the ‘operator shoulder’, where your shoulders ache from hunching over the screen for too long. Another is ‘mousing mitt‘ (I just made that up) where your hand starts aching from too much mousing around the desktop. If you’re really unlucky and don’t take care you can even end up with RSI or at least a preliminary version.

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cool tech March 9, 2012 posted by

Seiko Astron GPS Watch is the world’s first GPS solar watch

The new Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS solar watch, which means that it’s the first watch to be able to automatically reset to the precisely correct time anywhere on the planet. No more hunting for elusive time zone servers. The secret lies in the fact that the boffins have managed to develop their own very low power GPS receiver, which means they can cram it into a watch without instantly draining the batteries. And how it works…

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cool tech March 8, 2012 posted by

Klever Case turns your Amazon Kindle into an absolute classic

One of the depressing things about modern gadgets is the mostly bland, grey plastic design of most of the top sellers. OK, so Apple is the standout with its gorgeous designs, but for the most part consumer technology comes in any color you like as long as it’s grey drudge. What the tech world needs is more adventurous designers and marketeers, and this bunch look like they fit the bill.

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Bookmark This! March 7, 2012 posted by

The ECO-iP4 DIY Paper iPhone Dock is easy on the environment and your wallet

This ECO-iP4 DIY Paper iPhone Dock can be made from any stiff paper or cardboard material and can be built in around 15 minutes if you’ve got a nice sharp pair of scissors and a printer handy. You can print it out on a variety of coloured (and/or recycled) stock and even customise it with text or a logo if you’re feeling especially corporate. And if you need a landscape version all you have to do is make ‘two little cuts’….

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Gadgets March 6, 2012 posted by

This Safe Kitchen Timer turns your fridge into a statement of appreciation

There are some things which are too precious for words. Diamonds, 24 carat gold jewellery, an invitation to one of Kim Kardashian’s weddings. But for us here, there’s nothing to compare to some good old home cooking, lovingly prepared, and savoured over several meals. What you throw away leftovers? Tsk. OK so foodstuffs may not be as intrinsically valuable as a pearl necklace (ever tried exchanging a lasagna for some movie tickets?) but we’ll stick with our choice.

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Gadgets March 5, 2012 posted by

Spy Camera Glasses you can actually get away with wearing?

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve wished I had a camera handy to shoot a scene while out and about. Even a short walk around my urban neighborhood can reveal loads of opportunities, ranging from cute animals and funny advertising to strange people in odd poses – and either the moment passes too fast for me to get my phone camera out, or I’m too embarrassed to stand there and click away. Now if only there was a way…

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Gadgets March 3, 2012 posted by

Hutlzer Banana Slicer saves your fingers but shows up your poor knife skills

When the archaeologists come to dig out the remains of our civilisation, one of the things they’re going to find most puzzling is this Hutzler Banana Slicer contraption. Why, they’re going to ask in hushed tones, would an otherwise advanced civilisation with superior tool handling skills, why would they need to employ a yellow piece of plastic to slice such an innocently soft fruit as the banana? Experts of the period will shrug their shoulders and add it to their growing list of…

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