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S3FM turns your Amazon S3 storage into a low cost online radio station

Just a few years ago, the cost of online storage was ridiculously high and the idea of setting up a streaming multimedia service like a radio station was out of the question unless you had deep pockets or a rich backer. My how times have changed. The launch of Amazon’s powerful and incredibly aggressively priced S3 online cloud storage service really changed the landscape, and encouraged a bunch of services and applications to launch to the world.

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Online Music Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With Your Very Favorite Music

If you’ve ever wondered whether you could spice up your early morning wake up calls and make them more interesting, you’ve probably considered one of the crazy alternative alarm clocks you see around nowadays. Things like alarm clocks that run away from you, that go off with a bang, or –  my personal vindictive favorite –  ones that make you do a complex puzzle to switch off the sound.

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ChefHangout offers masterclass cooking lessons in your own kitchen

In the old days, if you wanted to learn to cook you’d have to travel to a cookery class, spend time learning in a strange kitchen, with strange people and spend a fair amount of money for the privilege. It’s not that there was anything wrong with this system, it’s just that a lot of people couldn’t spare the time or expense to go on this sort of Haute Cuisine course.

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Social Photos lets you migrate photos or albums between Facebook, Flickr and Google+ instantly

Aargh photos, they’re everywhere. Who would have thought at the dawn of the digital camera era that we’d be swamped by a literal deluge of images sitting on hard drives across the globe. I’ve got 16,000 photos which have accumulated over the years and my collection is probably minute compared to some of yours. Where did they all come from? Anyway, the number may be daunting but organising them is an absolute nightmare, especially if like me you’ve got some…

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Music Smasher serves up all your favorite music services with one click

Look around and you’ll notice there’s no shortage of online streaming music services. In fact you could say there’s a bit of a glut, what with all these, exfm, Grooveshark chaps and the rest hanging out trying to attract our attention. Each one offers something slightly different feature-wise, which makes it hard to pick out one service which is the definitive go-to place to beat the rest (although if we had to choose we’d still stick with the mighty Spotify).

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mothereffinganimatedgif lets you create animated gif images in a snap, and for free

We’ve been long term fans of for creating animated gif images, but now there’s another cute boy on the block. The new and rather bizarrely named site now offers free instant animation creation. Just upload your photos by dragging and dropping them onto your web browser window, arrange the order you want them to display, set the delay, quality and width with some simple sliders, and press the Animate button. In seconds you’ve got yourself a great looking animation….

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Gumroad makes selling your stuff as easy as sharing a link

If you’ve ever considered selling your digital stuff like music, e-books etc online, you’ve probably come up against the problem of how to deliver your product after purchase. Sure you can use the major outlets like eBay, Craigslist or Gumtree to advertise but they’re not really set up to let your customers download or access stuff immediately after payment, which makes the whole process a bit cumbersome. Not only that, but there’s the fact that you have to use standard shop or classified…

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