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Should I Change My Password maintains a check on your logins to keep you safe

There’s been a lot of scary news around recently related to hackers grabbing passwords from reputable sites. In the past few months alone, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, eHarmony and Facebook have all been compromised and user passwords stolen. This is not a problem, it’s an epidemic. The issue is unlikely to go away, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself in case it happens to you.

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Kozzi lets you download up to 30 stock photos a month for free

There’s no shortage of stock photo services out there, since it seems that every man Jack with a digital camera can now upload their images to various places on the web. However, finding good quality images can still be a chore if you’re not willing to spend lots of money paying royalty or download fees. It doesn’t help that the big companies like Getty have a habit of buying up the free/cheap image services and then ripping off innocent consumers…

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