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Wajam turbo-charges your web searches with social network results

The world now revolves around friends, the more you have the happier you are, and in fact if you don’t have thousands of mates, you’re a bit of a loser. Yeah right! OK so we’re talking social networking land here, which we all know is not exactly real. Even so, it was inevitable that companies would start to come up with clever ways to make use of all this Liking, Friending, Tweeting and Plussing…and so they have.

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Cloudmagic gives you the ultimate power of search everywhere [Daily Freeware]

The problem with computers is they generate data, lots and lots of data. Not only that, but they store this stuff everywhere, on your computer, on the web (aka the Cloud), on remote network machines, on Internet services. That makes it tricky to retrieve the right bit of data, when you want it, because first you’ve got to remember where the heck it’s stored.

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