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software December 21, 2017 posted by

CrossOver 17 – run Windows programs on your Mac with a few simple clicks

If you have Mac, there might be times that you want to run Windows applications and games that for whatever reason aren’t available on your OS. There are a ton of ways to do this, all of them are pretty involved, especially if you don’t know much about computers beyond turning it on and working a few programs. CrossOver is the software that lets you run Windows software on your Mac.

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CrossOver 17 – run Windows programs on your Mac with a few simple clicks
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Kingsoft PC Doctor turbocharges your computer’s performance…in a safe way [Freeware]

The fact that there’s a ton of programs out there to improve the performance of Windows computers says a lot about the resilience of the modern PC. As we all know, using a Windows machine is rather like running a marathon. Sooner or later your computer hits a performance wall, the speed drops dramatically and you end up scanning the adverts for a replacement machine in desperation. But often there’s no need to upgrade, all you need is a tune up…a…

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Switch To Mac makes it super easy to migrate your data from PC to Mac

We don’t enjoy platform wars. What computer or phone or car you use is pretty irrelevant really. Just as long as it delivers value to your life and serves you reliably then that’s fine, right? We don’t see why people have to get so angry about this feature or that feature, or why my version is better than yours. Which is why we’re pleased to see that there’s a nice new tool to make it easy to move your data from PC…

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Awesome May 14, 2012 posted by

JetClean is the best Windows power utility we’ve ever seen [Freeware]

Over the years we’ve reported on a bunch of free utility programs which will tweak, optimize and turbo-charge your Windows PC. Each of the programs we’ve recommended has offered a specialisation, such as GameBooster for speeding up the machine when you want to play games, or CCleaner for tidying up redundant files. Now there’s a new and very cool kid on the block, which provides a more generalist approach by combining all the major tweaks in one very sophisticated package.

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Prayaya lets you run a full Windows computer on your mobile phone or iPod

There are times when you don’t want the hassle of carrying around your laptop or other Windows computer, even when you know you’re going to have to do some essential work, like over a weekend vacation. Sure you could use your host’s computer or a nearby Net cafe, but wouldn’t it be cool to have your full Windows system stored on your phone or other memory drive, ready for instant access?

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EraseTemp optimizes your PC by automatically deleting your old junk files [Daily Freeware]

In the never ending quest to make our Windows computers work better for longer, no stone remains unturned. We routinely run defrag utilities to optimize our hard disk performance (we highly recommend the free Auslogics Disk DeFrag), registry cleaners, WiFi enhancers and any other kind of tool we think will give us the best performance and reliability.

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XXClone creates a safety clone of your Windows installation in case of emergencies [Daily Freeware]

There are few things more frustrating or annoying than having to try and recreate your hard disk after the original has died for whatever reason. It’s not just the fact that your whole life has probably disappeared, photos, email messages, social networking data, but there’s the added hassle of scrabbling around trying to find all the original program disks, or downloads so you can reinstall all the important stuff as soon as possible.

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Clipboard Master makes your cut and paste tasks an absolute breeze [Daily Freeware]

If you count up the amount of time you spend cutting, copying and pasting information on your computer every day, you’d probably end up with a vast number of hours per year that would shock your hair white. I’m constantly copying web addresses, telephone numbers, search terms, form text, just a ton of stuff. In fact the other day I got so fed up with it, that I decided to try and make my life easier by finding a tool.

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