Welcome to the Red Ferret – the world’s premiere eclectic tech site

The Red Ferret was launched in March 2000 as the world’s first eclectic tech blog, covering gadgets, software, cool sites and tech trivia in a fun and offbeat way. You won’t find coverage of every single MP3 player or mobile phone launch listed here, but you will be able to read about important, unusual or downright bizarre technologies and products from around the world and beyond.

We pride ourselves on two things:
a) giving early warning on potentially important new technologies and trends and
b) on digging out the weirdest, silliest and most arcane news from around the world.

The Red Ferret was founded by Nigel Powell, columnist and feature writer for the Sunday Times newspaper in London and author of the Sunday Times Book of Computer Answers (Harper Collins). Nigel started writing professionally in 1995, having decided to put aside a law degree, MBA and conventional career in senior IT management to focus on more creative pursuits.

As well as writing for the Times and Sunday Times newspaper, he has spent time as the technology pundit on Sky Television’s Global Village program, enjoyed an exhilarating period as President Europe of the original MP3.com and currently runs a small marketing and media consultancy, advising clients such as British Telecom, Toshiba, T-Mobile and Michelin. He was also a founding partner in the Hobo Open Source project and a past director of Artisan Technology Ltd, which provides Ruby on Rails web development tools to coders and designers.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy putting it together. Please feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or news stories our way. We can’t promise to answer everything, but we do try. Honest!

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