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cool tech June 11, 2010 posted by mcoop

Lomography Spinner 360 – 360° panoramas in a second

This Lomography Spinner 360 is so simple it will make your head spin. No tripods and stitching software to fiddle with, just hold level and pull the cord. The camera spins and voila, a panorama to die for. You can get 8 shots on a 36 exposure roll of film. The trick will be finding someone to develop and print the film for you. Priced at $145.00 plus film.  The Spinner 360° operates by holding it in one hand, and pulling…

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Eco Friendly June 10, 2010 posted by mcoop

Papervore Coffee Table – kick back, shred your worries and relax

This Papervore Coffee Table makes total sense. What better way to save the planet than by kicking back in the living room with a cup of Joe and your old utility bills? Make an evening of it, invite round a few friends, and see who can shred enough incriminating paperwork to fill your new beanbag. The possibilities are endless. Yours, in a variety of colors, for a very eco friendly $1,950.00.  Turn your junk mail into recyclable mail. The Papervore is…

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general June 7, 2010 posted by mcoop

Harinezumi 2++ – the palm sized art camera

For some get back to basics no frills capture the emotion kind of photography that we all really want to do, not to mention 8 mm video with sound, the 3 megapixel Harinezumi 2++ digital camera is it. Faults, quirks and unannounced tech spec upgrades, along with oodles of uniqueness and individuality are the norm in this range of kidney bean shaped cameras. Having recently set my hulking great DSLR on a dusty shelf in favour of playing around with my iPhone, I can definitely…

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Eco Friendly June 3, 2010 posted by mcoop

Republic Bikes – the one stop online DIY bike shop

Fancy a lime green fixie bike with clashing red tyres? You’ve got it. Republic Bikes is your genuine one stop, online kaleidoscopic bike shop. Choose your colours, frighten your friends. There’s a selection of models on offer to customise, ranging from skinny shod Lycra loving scream machines to more sedate Dutch cruisers with fat tires and lazy cool, complete with handlebar baskets. Priced at $399 and up.  Republic Bike assembles custom bicycles based on shared design. We develop designs and offer components…

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Gadgets June 1, 2010 posted by mcoop

Chariot Skates – the bigger than Ben-Hur rollerblades

Almost, but not quite released yet, these Chariot Skates are for the seriously well heeled rollerblader. They’re made of carbon fibre and are set to cost between $5000 and $10,000 a pair, complete with all the bells and whistles to let you travel over just about any rough terrain. So if you want to end up looking like a Richie-Rich Transformer on the weekend this is your chance…well soon….  Wheelskates’ revolutionary design features a pair of large wheels that have the skater’s feet…

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Gadgets May 26, 2010 posted by mcoop

RS-7 Camera Strap – for when you need to hang with your camera

We all know the bigger the camera the better the photographer right? So this makes the Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap a must have to save on the chiropractor bills at the end of a day’s shooting. Very simple but effective. Fix camera to strap and hang across the shoulder, just like that. Takes the weight off the neck and gives you quick access to the camera when you need a fast shot. Priced at $59.00 – camera not included.   It’s constructed…

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Eco Friendly May 25, 2010 posted by mcoop

Grove Bamboo iPhone Case – the smug gift for your trendy friends

Now this I want, the warm cosy feeling of having an environmentally luscious Grove Bamboo iPhone Case protecting my resource hungry entertainment centre…sorry…cell phone. Seriously, even the product packaging can be upcycled to a picture frame instead of forwarded to a landfill. You can also upload your own artwork and have it engraved on the back to show off your individuality when you’ve finished posing with your new Walmart purchase. $99.00.  How will my case wear over time? You can expect the case to wear…

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Gadgets May 24, 2010 posted by mcoop

Hose Clothes – all dressed up and no place to flow

Hose Clothes –  that’s right clothes, no nakedness in the garden please, folks. Now that your garden hose is all grown up and needs to act its age it will need some clothes. Yes clothes…. There’s a range of colours and easy fit styles to suit the fussiest of dressers too, and they’re fully washable should things get dirty… Around $27.95.  Ours is a simple premise: hand watering can be more fun than it currently is. And your garden hose can…

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Bizarre May 21, 2010 posted by mcoop

AnyBot QB – forget your Avatar, send in the Anybots

Having a bad hair day or chucking a sicky, but there’s a big meeting at work? Here’s your answer, the Anybot QB. That is if you don’t mind facing your boss facing something which looks like a vacuum cleaner paired with a rice cooker on wheels. From the comfort of your sick bed you just open up the laptop, launch your browser of choice and log on to your Anybot. From then on it’s a like a web cam on steroids….

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Gadgets May 20, 2010 posted by mcoop

SteadePod – clever little tripod replacement stops the shakes

SteadePod is perfect for those times when you don’t want to lug around a ginormouse three legged tripod on your photo jaunts. Just pop it in your pocket and it will do wonders for your low light photography. To use, fix the device to the tripod socket on the camera, pull out the 6 foot stainless steel cable and stand on it – not the camera, the foot pad and wire. Pull, focus, shoot, enjoy. Try not to trip over it and strangle yourself in the dark, and you can even…

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