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Better Driving Please – report bad driving and make our society a safer place to be?


Better Driving Please is a new type of vigilante social network where you try and get someone put in jail for bad driving by reporting them to the site forums. Now granted there are a huge number of dorks out there driving like idiots, but I’m just not so sure how effective this is going to be in getting them stopped. One man’s bad driving is another man’s hustling to the office, and I’ve seen plenty of bad driving by people who thought they were being ever so good driving at a ridiculously slow speed in front of fast moving traffic. This is an interesting idea however, and proof again that there’s nothing the Internet can’t have a go at changing if it wants to.

 It’s a jungle out there, thousands of speed cameras, but hundreds of thousands of relatively un-policed road-miles. Time for us road users, pedestrians and drivers to report abuses – not the low-level errors that we all inadvertently make as part of life – but more flagrant abuse, careless, dangerous driving, speeding through the same built-up area each day, cutting-up, tailgating, illegal / unsafe vehicles, driving without tax or insurance, drink / drug driving, etc – we all see it everyday but few report it – time to report it to each other and let’s build a transparent database that Police can check their records against, making our roads a safer place.


  • Thanks for discussing our site ( and for the opportunity to add a comment. The purpose of BDP is to allow reports from different members of the public to ‘build’ upon registrations of offending vehicles – we want the Police to write / contact the owners of multiple reported (by un-connected verified members) vehicles – issuing warning letters – backed up by action if such behaviour continues. A similar system exists in New Zealand.
    BDP has support from Lord Condon (former Metropolitan Police Commissioner for London) and others in the House of Lords. There are 2 million unregistered / uninsured vehicles in the UK – and fewer then ever traffic police upon our roads – so that law breakers / dangerous drivers know that the chance of being caught is very slim. We maintain that the police are complacent and losing control of UK roads – without transparency and public participation they have no chance of bringing the minority that endanger the majority under control. Thanks for listening.

  • this has a lot of abuse potential– unless it can be reprogrammed to ONLY accept and generate a post or report, ONLY if 2 or more “witnesses” send in the same license plate number–

  • Cannot understand this – people taking the law into their own hands – the more vociferous, which I have just watched on the BBC, I have no doubt go out to find motorists who offend them, and, to be honest, will not be concentrating on their own driving – sad, IMO

  • harassment.
    that’s what ‘bad drivers’ are victims of.

    you (whoever reports on that site) can be arrested for this.
    think about that.

    • Yeah right.. the guilty get away, yet again.



  • I think the idea behind is great.
    My road was recenlty made one way, I was in favour as we were told it would make the road safer however people are driving down the wrong way – How is this safe? I have complained the council about this with no response, I also notified my local Police station who replied “We will look into” this was 3 months ago and still cars are disobeying the one-way rule. Good Job

  • After seeing the programme last night on the tele – well done for this site. The driving standards around Cornwall these days are absolutely atrocious and its about time peope were brought to task about it. A lot of people just don’t seem to care about anyone else’s safety but their own – anyone who moans about sites like this are probably those sort of drivers!!! The law is there for everyone to obey not just a few – there are too many DMM’s around (don’t mean me’s!!)
    Well done

  • site is not working today 14/11/2009!
    When will it be back?

  • It is still not working (18/12/2009). Has it been closed down?, and if so why?

  • Looks like it's gone. No idea why. Lack of money?

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