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announcement November 29, 2005 posted by


So I’ve stuck a Quimble poll up on the sidebar for your amusement. Why? Because I could that’s why, and because it’s a neat application. So use it, why doncha, and maybe even leave comments there when you vote. Maybe tell me if you like it or think it sucks. Or suggest decent poll topics. Or anything. Just to let me know…sniff…that you care.

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announcement August 31, 2005 posted by


Our thoughts are with all those who have suffered, and are currently suffering, at the feet of Hurricane Katrina. Mother Nature can be a terrible mistress sometimes…at which point we are indeed reminded of our frailty. What else can one possibly say?

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announcement July 8, 2005 posted by


Thanks to all the kind folk who sent in caring words about our London bombings yesterday. We’re kind of used to it over here unfortunately, so life goes on, tragic as things are. But thanks anyway, we appreciate it muchly. And it could have been much worse!

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announcement July 4, 2005 posted by


Welcome to The Red Ferret Journal – tantalisingly tasteful, tacky and taut tech trivia. Favour please? If you’re linking to the old enorgis domain, please change it to Thank you so much for listening good people of the earth. And may your camels drink deeply from the well of happiness!

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announcement June 28, 2005 posted by


Welcome to The Red Ferret Journal – tantalisingly tasteful, tacky and taut tech trivia. Should The Ferret have competitions? Everyone else is running them, should we small mammals do likewise? Comment one way or another and we’ll decide. No comments are a vote for no. If we do go for it, we’ll have to find some suitably Ferrety type goodies to donate to the cause, won’t we?

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announcement June 13, 2005 posted by


Welcome to the Red Ferret Journal – tantalisingly tasteful, tacky and taut tech trivia. Apologies to those who’ve posted comments which haven’t appeared. There seems to be something wrong with the comments plumbing (or rather the anti-spam bit). It’s not affecting everyone, so do keep on keeping on, and we’ll try to get it fixed asap. Ta-ra.

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announcement April 28, 2005 posted by


OK, I think it’s all cool, the site seems to be working fine again. We’re going to keep monitoring and hope that things stay happy. Take it easy, all!

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announcement April 24, 2005 posted by


Welcome to the Red Ferret Journal – tantalisingly tasteful, tacky and taut tech trivia. We’re having a spot of bother with the site at the moment, something to do with memory leaks, mySQL and/or errant plug-ins. We’re trying to track it down as fast as we can…[Update: hmm..think we’ve cracked it…]

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announcement March 28, 2005 posted by


Welcome to the new, fresher tasting, longer lasting, great value Ferret. Please update your bookmarks to reflect the new URL at There are quite a few changes under the hood as well as in design, so read on if you’re interested.

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announcement March 11, 2005 posted by


Thanks very very much to all of you who’ve taken the time to comment on the site performance (what a lovely bunch!). I’d love for just a few more to get a statistically significant sample. Purlease? Don’t make the Ferret beg, he’s far too old.  Ta! :-)

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announcement March 10, 2005 posted by

A favour.

Quick favour to ask regular Ferrety readers. How’s the performance of the site? Is it loading OK or slow? Any times you’re finding it unobtainable? Comment here or email, whatever. It’ll help me heaps to get a feel for what, if anything, needs doing. Cheers and bears.

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announcement February 18, 2005 posted by


Sorry for the downtime and access issues with the Ferret recently. Not our fault, seems to be leaves on the line somewhere South of Albany. Hopefully be sorted out RSN!

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announcement February 16, 2005 posted by


Introducing In a desperate, perhaps even pathetic, attempt to regain some badly battered street cred after a disastrous Valentine’s Day fiasco involving three pigeons, an ice cream cone and a small white rose, me and bestest programmer mate Tom are introducing eTrays to the world. What are they? Well, kind of like Google Ads for eBay. Yes we know there’s The Marketplace, but this is different. eTrays provide free, totally customisable closing auction boxes for your web site in your chosen category . We think it’s…

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