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announcement June 7, 2007 posted by

Odiogo – The Ferret goes Podcast potty

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve added the latest greatest version of Odiogo to the Ferret so you can listen to our posts directly on your PC, or subscribe for free to the Ferret as an audio Podcast in iTunes, Juice or any other Podcast client. Just click on the little icon on each post. Cool stuff huh? Basically we’re so hip it hurts. Tags: odiogo

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announcement May 2, 2007 posted by

A thank you to Ferret readers

I’ve been receiving some nice emails recently about the Ferret, saying stuff like how much you folks enjoy it. I just wanted to say thank you back. Without getting all slushy or anyfink. Since I started writing this blog way back 7 years ago, it’s been a joy to publish and get your feedback. It really makes it worthwhile. We’re not a big org like the others, and there’s no teams of contributors, just me and whatever you folks send…

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announcement May 1, 2007 posted by

Adding to the 101 Gadgets Sites page – backlog city

Just a quick note to those folks who are submitting their site to the 101 Gadget Sites page on the Ferret. I’m currently experiencing a time-delay, lag-dicious backhaul complication scenario. In other words I’m way behind in processing them. I’m trying to do a few at a time whenever I get a spare moment, so please forgive me if your site has not gone up yet. Tags: 101+gadget+sites

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announcement April 23, 2007 posted by


So we’re back. Weren’t no big thing. Just a complete re-build, re-constitution of customisations, painstaking hunt for missing tools, fretful self-flagellation over the breakdown of my usual foolproof True Image backup system, etc etc. You’ve got to love computers, eh? Just love ‘em. Oh yes. Tags: we’re+back

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announcement April 20, 2007 posted by


Massive hard disk crash! Send food stamps! Tell family we love them! Back Real Soon Now! Tags: back+soon

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announcement April 6, 2007 posted by

Help Mandyleigh get famous – call for support

Longtime Ferret reader Gary writes in to ask for some support for his wife Mandyleigh, who is bidding to win a Sellaband competition with her jazz rock music and possibly make it big time in the recording world. She’s pretty good actually (although I’m not totally sure about Numb, Gary), so why not give her a helping hand? She’s promised to give everyone who helps out a link to download all of her MP3 tracks for free. And hey, if…

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announcement January 31, 2007 posted by

The Red Ferret Podcasts – polecat polemic?

Guess what? You can now get your daily dose of Red Ferret posts in podcast format, thanks to the services of Odiogo, which we mentioned here at the back end of last year. Marc the CEO contacted me and asked whether I’d be interested and I said ‘heck why not?’ Or something. Anyhoo, just click on the  in the sidebar on the right and you can subscribe via iTunes, Juice or just listen on-site via your player. Cool or what?…

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announcement December 25, 2006 posted by

Happy Holidays to all our readers – wherever you are

A very very Happy Holidays to all our readers and friends, and a big thank you to our supporters in the blogosphere and beyond. Too many to list here, but you know who you are. We really appreciate your patronage, and look forward to many more hours of fun and laughter in the New Year. Pip pip! [We’re going to be running on a reduced format for a few days until the mince pies have started to settle down, so…

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announcement December 22, 2006 posted by


Congratulations to long time Ferret reader Rob Wheatley on the beta launch of a new addition to the family. Apparently the final model is due out sometime in the summer of next year, so all the best to you and the wife, Rob!

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announcement November 16, 2006 posted by

Zookoda saga continues…

Subscribers to our Ferret newsletter which is distributed via Zookoda may have noticed that it hasn’t been sent out of late. Not our fault I’m afraid, but apologies all the same. Their company, as some of you know, is about to be sold off, and so things are a little random there at the mo.  Co-founder Nick McNaughton has written to me to apologise and says that he’s now in discussions with the final three suitors for his company and hopes…

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announcement November 1, 2006 posted by

Our music wiki is open again

Oh yes, I keep forgetting to say that the Ferret music wiki is open again. For those who don’t know, it’s a listing of free and legal music download sites which anyone can add to, as long as it’s legitimate. It’s free, fun and you never know, you might find something really interesting to add to your massive Abba collection.

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