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Bizarre December 14, 2004 posted by

Gotta run…

The Jet Powered Outhouse. Well when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta…[OK, thanks – Ed]  Some folks like to take their time on the can. Not Paul Stender. When the 43-year-old former pit mechanic feels the need for speed, he straps himself into his jet-engine-equipped toilet and roars off, trailing flame…Powered by a 50-year-old, 750-pound Boeing jet turbine that Stender bought for $5,000, the “Port-O-Jet” can top 46 mph with a tailwind…Driver sits on the original throne and looks out through…

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Bizarre December 13, 2004 posted by

Lucky shirt.

Meet Women with This Lucky Shirt. Huh? The current bid for this delectable item is $278.06. Complete with money back guarantee!  I have owned this shirt for about 10 years and whenever I wear it I attract women everywhere I go. I estimate that I have picked up or have been picked up by 500-550 women when wearing this shirt. I am just an average looking guy, I’m not rich, and I’m actually on the shy side so I typically…

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Bizarre December 6, 2004 posted by

Good vibrations.

RCA Vibrating Headphones. $49.95. Because what you really need when playing computer games is a set of sore ears and a ringing skull.  These outstanding RCA vibrating headphones transport the computer game aficionado from outside the game into total immersion. Instead of the normal computer bells and whistle sounds – you can feel it too. Whatever is happening in the game – is happening to you – or so it seems. Get full multi-dimensional sound, a driver size of 30mm…

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Bizarre December 3, 2004 posted by

Camera amnesty.

Hmm…the Carphone Warehouse is offering a ‘camera amnesty’. Bring in your old 35mm film camera and get £25.00 off a new megapixel cameraphone. All the old cameras will be donated to charity. First, I didn’t realise that cameras were an offensive weapon, and second, so the poor old charities get stuck with a load of old Instamatics eh? Nice.

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Bizarre December 1, 2004 posted by

Flap n’ Fly.

Da Vinci’s Ornithopter almost airborne? Yowsers.  Over 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci conceptualized a self-powered flying machine that would achieve both lift and thrust with flapping wings alone and named it the “ornithopter”…Once the prototype has flown, and some five million additional dollars raised, the group plans to build an entirely new thoroughly flight tested machine specifically for the Olympic Games in February 2006.

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Bizarre November 30, 2004 posted by

Extreme machine.

The Extreme Ford F650. Apparently there are times when only a very large pickup truck will do. Especially if you want to carry around a small town on your flat bed. Twin 50 gallon tanks, 12 mpg and 90 mph. Oh and priced from $84,000 if you really really must know.

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