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Do it yourself, dude!

diy October 3, 2006 posted by

DIY Mad Scientist Lights

DIY Mad Scientist Lights. Gotta love these. A box, a dimmer switch, some special 40W bulbs and $20.00 later…  Simple 40w Tube Display Case Lightbulbs Available at most Home supply stores (I Purchased Mine at Lowes), you can also look around online and find other display case lightbulbs with different fillament patterns inside some are quite bland, but others look spectacular when dimmed down and you can trace the path of the filament in them .

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diy September 27, 2006 posted by

The $1 lightbox

The $1 Lightbox. This cheapo DIY lightbox could be useful if you do a lot of eBay photography, or even if you just want to get into doing some still life hobby stuff. Five sheets of paper, some tape and a daylight bulb. Which actually probably makes it more than $1.00, but we won’t quibble with a good idea.  Ever wanted to do product shots but don’t have the bucks to spend on a proper light tent? Why not build…

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diy September 21, 2006 posted by

DIY power station.

The Electrovent Wind Generator. $850.00 for the kit, assemble over a weekend and say goodbye to expensive electricity bills. Er…as long as you only want to power small appliances and lighting and stuff. Still, it’s better than a slap in the face with a wet halibut, isn’t it? Batteries not included.  If you have any other small appliances operating on 120 Volts AC you may use an inverter to transform your 12 Volts DC to 120 Volts AC. But we…

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Bookmark This! September 15, 2006 posted by

Fix your own mobile phone.

DIY cell phone repair. How to dismantle, repair and upgrade your mobile phone. Yourself. On your own. With no help. Just some tools and a torn up warranty. [Via Monkeyfilter] Oh, and the Home of Phone Dismantling may also be useful also.  Generally, dismantling phones is fairly simple, but care must be taken, and you undertake any dismantles entirely at your own risk. If you do decide to dismantle your phone, for whatever reason, please bear in mind that you…

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diy September 14, 2006 posted by

DIY AquaJeep 4×4 Kit Car.

The AquaJeep Amphibious 4×4 Kit Car. Dig out that old 4×4 you’ve got sitting around in the garage, plunk down $495.00 for the plans and a licence and bingo, you’ve got yourself a fully fledged amphibious craft at a fraction of the normal retail price. Oh, did we mention that you’re going to have to build it yourself, with a bit of welding thrown in? Ah…sorry.  Build the amazing steel-bodied Aquajeep from an incredible $1695 plus the cost of the…

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diy September 7, 2006 posted by

DIY Mood Lamp.

The DIY Mood Lamp. Multi-coloured cleverness from Toon Beerten. Or if you prefer a DIY Mood Ball from Harald? Hmm…all this moodiness is making us tired.

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diy September 6, 2006 posted by

Build your own 747 Simulator.

Matthew Shiel’s DIY 747–400 Simulator is 13 foot wide, 11 foot long and 9 foot high. It is located in Sydney, Australia. He started the project in 1998. Bonkers. [Via Metafilter]  In 1998 I began the design and constuction of my 747-400 simulator. The approximate size of the simulator is 13ft wide x 11ft long and 9ft high. It will include every switch and panel in the 747-400. The Simulator has been built to accept full motion and visuals at…

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diy September 5, 2006 posted by

DIY Projection Watch.

The DIY Projection Watch. Buy one cheap LCD watch. Fiddle about with lots of bits and pieces, LED lights, soldering irons and a magnifying glass. Presto, you’ve saved $5.00 on a retail product and gained acres of geek cred.  The first time I saw a projection clock (a friend had shown me his projection clock, which he used to project the time on his bedroom ceiling), I knew I could easily build my own by converting a watch with an LCD display.

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diy August 29, 2006 posted by

Remote Sniper.

The Remote Sniper. Hah, forget about those pathetic TV-B-Gone things, mad person, and build yourself a Godzilla version which can control a TV or VCR from a quarter of a mile away. Tshaw…take that, sad Idol fans. $30.00 for the plans.  I have done a similar project called the Remote Sniper, which can control TV’s, VCR’s from as far away as you can see with a telescope or binoculars. I hacked a green laser pointer to get at the 808nm 500mw diode,…

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Bizarre August 23, 2006 posted by

The Saunaab.

The Saunaab Mobile Sauna. Take one Saab 900 Classic car, rip out the interior and replace with lots of wood, a stove and a BBQ and voila, a mobile sauna. Or maybe not so mobile.  Then suddenly Magnus B. thought of a (crazy?) idea; Building a sauna inside the SAAB! This idea was verified with some other sauna-loving fiends, and of course, this was a good idea. The SAUNAAB construction team was formed! Since this team has members from both Finland and…

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diy August 21, 2006 posted by

DIY 9V flashlight.

The DIY 9V Mini Flashlight. Grab yourself a couple of 9V battery cells, three LED lamps and a bit of solder and Bob’s your teeny light. Neato.  It’s the same thing every time, no lamp in place when you need one – so why not build a lot of these – always in place ! You need: * 1 fresh 9 Volt battery * 1 old (empty) 9 volt battery * 3 high intensity LED’s (white, 25.000 mcd – 3,8…

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diy August 18, 2006 posted by

Hair today…

The Om3ga folk have done a quick run down on repairing scratched CDs and come up with a wizard wheeze. When all else fails try hair gel. Yep you heard right, hair gel. So put away all your bomb making equipment and start fixing those disks for the good of democracy, liberty and fraternity.  So I took it upon myself to perform an experiment, to determine the very best way of dealing with a scratched disc. The limit I set myself,…

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diy August 14, 2006 posted by

DIY Mobile Phone Mouse.

The NokiaMouse. Some mods are just too weird to comment on, know what we mean? This one takes a common or garden mobile handset and turns it into a computer mouse. Huh? Now where did I put that ‘too much time on his hands’ tag? [Via Slashdot]  If I had a mouse with me at all times that would be amazing. So, the NokiaMouse was born. Most phones now have a camera and can run Java, there is no reason…

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diy July 14, 2006 posted by

DIY Home Theater Star Ceiling.

 When uber geek Danny Mavromatis decided to build a full blown retractable roof fiber optic star ceiling for his home theater he decided to do it properly. How properly? Well think 11,000 feet of fiber optics, 350 fiber constellation stars, 600 fiber Milky Way stars, 40 hours just to pull through all the twinklers and 36 fibers for a 12 foot shooting star track. Phew. I bet it’s pretty cool when you’re watching Star Wars though, eh?  I ran out of fiber again. Another 1500’ should…

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diy July 4, 2006 posted by

DIY Mosquito Trap.

The DIY Quick and Dirty Mosquito Trap. Water, sugar, yeast. Bingo! This has been a public service announcement.  After cooling down, put the sugar water in the bottle then add the yeast. No need to mix the yeast with the sugar water. When yeast ferments, it creates carbon dioxide.

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