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hardware May 2, 2005 posted by


The LightFANtastic personal fan. See, it’s not enough that you need to cool off on a hot day. Now you’ve gotta stare in hypnotic rapture at the pretty LED light show from the whirring blades. $12.95 plus free Anadin for life. Fun little fan features multicolor LEDs on its soft blades — switch it on and you get a breeze and a light show!…The blades disappear when spinning, but the lights really shine — entertaining with 64 different kaleidoscopic patterns of blue, red, amber and…

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hardware April 29, 2005 posted by

Wireless cinema.

The LTB WR-SR1P wireless 5.1 headphones. Are these guys allowed to do this? Isn’t there a law against making wireless sound sound headphones? Should be, ‘cause it doesn’t seem right somehow. Against the laws of nature. Mutter.  The LTB WR-SR1P Cinema Wireless 5.1 Six-channel one piece Headphone system is truly “home theater” you can move with. It is a true 5.1 six-channel surround sound wireless headphone system with reciever right in the headset. The Cinema 1 headset 1 piece design is…

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hardware April 25, 2005 posted by

Retina rhino.

The RetinaSafe-18 eyeball security system for cars. $1200.00 for a rather strange 10 eyeballs (?) and car secretary (??).  The iris always stays the same. Iris scans video the eye’s colored area and use it to verify ones identity, like fingerprints, no two individual iris’s are alike. Iris scanning does not require that the person interact with the devise, they can stand as far away as three feet and still have it work. “Retinasafe-18” is installed on the dashboard or…

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hardware April 21, 2005 posted by


The new Netgem iPlayer+ set top box. One box, lotsa stuff. Broadband enabled, answering machine, digital TV, WiFi and Ethernet networking, and….get this party goers…the ability to send SMS and email from your TV. Price? Pah, just £89.99. What price media centers now, eh?  Unlike other set top boxes the iPlayer+ has been developed to bring together entertainment and communications in one device, and to keep upgrading as new features are developed. So when you buy the iPlayer+, unlike many…

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hardware April 21, 2005 posted by

Panel beater.

The Sunbeam 20–in-1 PC front panel. Memory card reader, fan/temp controller, USB, Firewire, audio, video, mic ports. A truly versatile little add-on. Just $34.99 from all good haberdashery stores. Just kidding, madam.  A dual channel fan controller and temperature monitor help keep tabs on the heat in your system. Featuring an overheat and fan failure alarm to notify you of shenanigans that may be going on in your case. Temperature settings for Fahrenheit and Celsius, and M/B signal detection make the…

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hardware April 12, 2005 posted by


The Q-Bike. Around $249.95. Penny for your thoughts…?  Q-Bike is designed to provide a cruise-comfort riding experience with a statement on the elegant of the 1870’s Italian classical “Hi Bike” look. When it comes down to performance, Q-Bike delivers the power and speed of any modern bicycle you ride today. This is done through the Q-Bike’s front wheel-drive chainless technology built for power riding. Chainless also means no more greasy chain to oil and mess with.

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hardware April 5, 2005 posted by

Sync box USB.

The SyncBox II portable USB data copier. $49.00. What with these USB copiers and PictBridge for digicam transfers, pretty soon we’re not going to need the PC for anything at all except cataloguing our gadget collection. That’ll be nice won’t it, oh perfidious pedestrians?  Copy and transfer data between two USB devices directly • Download photos from digital camera to free up memory card space anytime, anywhere • Share business data, MP3 music files, or favorite game settings with business partners…

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hardware March 31, 2005 posted by

Magic Slim.

The Magic Slim 2.2 GB micro disk. It’s cute, it’s USB 2.0, it’s plug and play, it’s a very teeny 50.8 x 50 x 10.5mm and comes with a sweet little leatherette case for around £80.00. You want more?  Free fall test proven 1.0M Max temperature 100oC/1hr Pure metal aluminum 2 pieces of Heat Sinks Special vibration absorption design

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hardware March 30, 2005 posted by

Port ahoy!

The new Port EOS Ergo Station and USB Hub. A portable stand for portables with four ports from Port Designs. How zappy is that? And ergonomic too. €60.99.  Reduces neck & back strain Universal docking solution Increases air flow Rotates notebook 360 degrees Universal compatibility

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hardware March 30, 2005 posted by

Finger lock.

The Fingerprint ID Door Lock. Maybe it’s just me, but at $599.99 I wouldn’t bother robbing the house, I’d just steal the door.  The Fingerprint ID Door Lock / Deadbolt is a cylindrical lock combined with a security deadbolt that will let you into the house using just your finger. It reads your unique fingerprint and only allows entry to prints it recognizes. With three user levels, you’ll be able to determine which users have the authority to operate specific…

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hardware March 29, 2005 posted by

The daily grind.

The Birchleaf Big Wheel. Hah, call that effete Italian kitsch chrome thing a coffee grinder? Now THIS is a coffee grinder, in a real blacksmith’s sweat on leather apron kind of way.  £43.00 ($78.00).   Create good coffee culture in your kitchen with a little help from London’s coffee tradition. Big wheel cast iron birch leaf grinders from Britains leading coffee grinder supplier – The London Pottery Company Limited. Shipped in gift box. Original design by Mr. David Birch.

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hardware March 25, 2005 posted by

Diamond geezer.

When is a speaker not a speaker? When it’s a B&W 800D with diamond tweeters, Kevlar construction and silver and gold crossover capacitors. At which point it becomes something worth between $4,000 and $10,000 a set. Which is really a bargain. If you’re George Clooney.

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hardware March 17, 2005 posted by

Foot switch fever.

Savant Elite USB Foot Switches. $149.00. Cue vision of rows of MegaCorp Inc cubicles containing happy tap dancing workers.  While factory programmed for mouse button emulation, it can be easily reprogrammed on a Windows PC to perform any keyboard action or key combination. Through extensive user testing, proper spacing and orientation of each pedal was determined to maximize comfort and productivity. Furthermore, the outer pedals may be adjusted inward to accommodate smaller feet.

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hardware March 14, 2005 posted by

Thin client.

The PD700A must surely be the thinnest portable DVD player with twin speakers and FM radio in existence?  Flat Panel Structure Ultra-thin slot-in mechanism,dual anti-shock system 7″ true color TFT LCD Monitor DVD/CD/CD+G/VCD/SVCD/MP3 disk playback Last-memory function Power adapter in car 3 hours time DVD Playback with Li-ion battery Dimension:202*154*26mm;Weight:650g(without battery) Built-in 2 *1W hi-fi speakers Suitable to connect with stereo earphone Composite stereo audio input and output 5.1-Channel digital audio output FM Stereo transmitter

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