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heh heh! April 19, 2006 posted by

So you wanna write for the movies…?

If It Ain’t On the Page. Ever had an urge to try and produce a movie script for Hollywood? Then read this first. It’s a first hand account written in blog form by a friend of mine of 10 years spent chasing that same elusive dream. The road to screen success seems to be pretty daunting I must say, although in this case he may just be about to make it at last. Sheesh, and I thought journalism was tricky? 

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heh heh! October 20, 2005 posted by

Coffee Power.

The Redundant Array of Independent Coffee Machines (RAICM). Can also supply coffee wirelessly. Caffietacular…!  Constructed of 6 coffee machines, and one emergency backup unit, the RAICM array is able to churn out more than 50 gallons of coffee an hour. The machines are interconnected via CAT5 (CAT stands for Columbia, Antigua, Tanzania), through a 10/100 MBPS switch, communicating by RCP (Remote Coffee Protocol). Each coffee machine was retrofited with one PCI (Percolation Control Interface) slot into which we could wedge…

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heh heh! September 12, 2005 posted by

Giant killer.

21 year old student legitimately sells unopened Microsoft software on eBay. Microsoft sues him, threatens to seize his car, student fights. Gasp…wins. Crowd cheers. Goliath, meet David.  Economically speaking, it was a lopsided fight. Last year, Zamos earned approximately $3,500. Microsoft: $38 billion. During the whole debacle, Zamos says, he actually talked to a company lawyer only once. Robert Chudakoff, who has specialized in intellectual-property law for 25 years, apparently believed he had the kid on the ropes. “I asked…

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heh heh! August 29, 2005 posted by

Little cars.

Tell you what, if someone actually made these ‘little cars’ instead of just photo-shopping, I bet they’d sell a bunch.

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heh heh! July 5, 2005 posted by

Da Dog disguise.

Ultra Disguise Kit. Turn your ‘dangerous’ dog into a harmless mutt in one move.  Well worry no longer, attachchi will be making disguises for all the so called ‘dangerous breeds’. Now you can go to the park with your kids and your dog (like you have been doing for years), without the worry of people thinking you are a bad parent. All our Invisible Breed Products are FREE to to responsible owners.

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Bizarre May 24, 2005 posted by


The Complimenting Commenter. Arf! But why not just become a Complementing Commenter? So much easier. [via Presurfer]   I love to compliment people. Especially through comments.

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heh heh! April 29, 2005 posted by

Woop Woop.

Help Woop Woop the bear travel the world.  Conditions of bidding are that you are nice and loving. You will help keep Woop Woop safe for Kylie. Write at least 1 postcard and 1 email to send back to his home in to the UK, take him to as many interesting places as possible (he likes adventure & socialising). Oh, and if you know anyone famous Woop Woop would love to meet them as he is a bit of a luvy….

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heh heh! April 27, 2005 posted by

Pet umbrella.

The Pet Umbrella. $15.29. “You so much as snigger softly mate, an’ I’ll rip your ankles off, y’hear?”  The Pet Umbrella keeps your pet dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow. Features include a clear oblong arc trimmed with classic plaid waterproof fabric and ergonomic, angled handle with padded comfort grip. An umbrella leash with hook attaches easily and quickly to your bet’s collar or harness. Clear umbrella body allows full view of pet.

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