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Mmm…wonder if it works?

hmm..interesting April 6, 2007 posted by

Peepel – another office web app hits the street

Peepel Online Office Suite. Spreadsheet and word-processing, with maps coming soon. Needs to be better than good to compete in an increasingly crowded space, don’t it?  Peepel is a unique approach to online applications, allowing multiple applications to run in the same window. Users can open as many applications as they wish in multiple resizable PeepelWindows within the one browser window. PeepelWindows are not pop-ups and can be resized, moved, stacked or cascaded. Peepel is in early stages at the moment,…

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Bubble Guru – instant video clips for your site

Bubble Guru is a quick and dirty video clip maker for your site which lets you record and embed messages on your website in a matter of moments, using your webcam and some Javascript-i-ness. It’s super fast to do, the resulting ‘bubbles’ are entertaining and you never know, it just might prove useful to some people.  Bubble Guru is an easy-to-use tool for quickly recording webcam video messages and getting them onto your website or sending them to others. Bubble…

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hmm..interesting April 4, 2007 posted by

SlickrFrame – opening a photo window on the net

Richard Felix has written in to tell me about his SlickrFrame project and it’s pretty neat. He’s basically converted an old laptop into a WiFi digital picture frame which accepts public images streamed from Flickr via Slickr. If you want to send him a photo or a message just upload a photo of yours to Flickr and tag it slickrframe. He’ll feature interesting ones. Nice project.  I’ve always wanted to have a public window out to the Internet where anyone…

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but is it art? March 26, 2007 posted by

Foldschool – cardboard furniture

FoldSchool offers a range of free downloadable patterns for children’s furniture which you can print out and make at home. A kind of furniture Origami. Although we do suggest you make the items out of cardboard and not paper. Just thought we’d mention that.   Mass culture is run by superficiality and ecological absurdity. Foldschool supports craftsmanship as a face-to-face approach to design and brings together product and user the closest possible. The mindset of foldschool is to restore design to…

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I Let You – set up your own personal Netflix online store

I Let You ( is a pretty bold adventure in user generated content. It basically lets anyone set up a Netflix type video and game rental store for free, using their own stock and charging their own prices. The idea is that many people have huge collections of discs which they  can profit from, either via renting out or exchanging within the community. It’s brave all right, if only because many pundits predict that on-demand movies and games will eventually…

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Imagini – discover yourself and others using images

Imagini is a cool and interesting new service that lets you build a personal profile through your relationship with images. Train the system with your choice of images and then find others with similar tastes. The Ferret is closest to a user called grnbc, with a 61% shared taste in images. Does that mean we could become bestest friends? Your guess is as good as mine. Still, definitely fun, and who knows, it could end up as quite a happy social network. …

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but is it art? March 5, 2007 posted by

Zooppa – advertising for dummies

Zooppa is some crazy stuff. Think Hot or Not meets YouTube meets Jackass for advertising. The site posts a contest for an advert, ordinary Joes shoot their version on video and upload. Users vote for the best. And the winners get cash, or at least Zooppa cash which can be converted into real green stuff. There’s something odly compelling about this, and if it takes off – and the early stuff is pretty awful in general it has to be…

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hmm..interesting February 28, 2007 posted by

Gizmodo’s anti-RIAA campaign starts – going for gold

Gizmodo has started a Boycott the RIAA campaign, which is a gutsy and rather cool thing to do. The whole terror campaign being run by the record labels is beginning to wear a bit thin, and maybe it’s time for the majority of RIAA customers to speak up and voice their concern about these bully boy tactics by not buying any more RIAA product. There’s even a manifesto.  Gizmodo is declaring the month of March Boycott the RIAA month. We want to get…

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hmm..interesting February 27, 2007 posted by

xFruits – mashup your feeds

xFruits is a pretty looking Netvibes type thing which has cutesy icons and promises to let you mashup your RSS feeds to your customised delight. My question is – what does this do that hasn’t already been done before, and better? Answers on a Web 2.0 business plan napkin please to…..  xFruits is a Web 2.0 service. You do not need any specific learning to deal with it. It is a free online service offering to every user the possibility of:…

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hmm..interesting February 26, 2007 posted by

BitMe Television – BitTorrent television by invite only

BitMeTV is an invite only BitTorrent television service. You know the kind of thing, upload and download of your favourite programmes and series. Of course it is only to be used for backup purposes of programmes you already own. The only problem is you’ve got to find an invite. Nope, we don’t have any to give away, we’re very unwashed.  These BitTorrent files are meant for the distribution of backup files. By downloading the BitTorrent file, you are claiming that you…

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hmm..interesting February 22, 2007 posted by

FilterMusic – high quality uninterrupted internet radio

FilterMusic is a specially selected group of Internet radio stations which deliver 128kbps, uninterrupted music feeds in a variety of genres for your listening pleasure. Nothing earth shatteringly new here, but a Nice Idea nonetheless. Oh and it comes with a handy RSS feed which is a nice touch. Tags: internet+radio

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Gadgets February 21, 2007 posted by

Storm Tracker Emergency TV Lantern – a tale of three prices…

The Storm Tracker TV/Radio/Lantern is a fancy looking emergency storm alert lantern, television, radio, hand crank lighting unit. Pretty cool tool for all you outdoors types. And just to make the whole thing a little more interesting, you can pick your price – Price One – – $120.00 Price Two –        – $ 99.95 Price Three – – $ 49.99 …isn’t teh internets wunnerful? Tags: internet+pricing, emergency+lanterns

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hmm..interesting February 21, 2007 posted by

Twingly – watch the blogoshere on a realtime screensaver

Twingly is a screensaver which lets you watch global blog activity in realtime. It looks like you’ll need a fairly decent graphics card to make it work, but nevertheless it looks like an interesting experiment if you like that sort of thing.  Twingly screensaver is visualizing the global blog activity in real time. Forget RSS readers where you see only what you’re interested in. With Twingly screensaver you get a 24/7 stream of all (viewer discretion advised) blog activity, straight…

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hmm..interesting February 20, 2007 posted by

FaceCode – face recognition biometrics for your computer

FaceCode is a software program that turns your web cam and computer into a face recognition system which you use to secure your machine. The basic version costs a mere $29.99, so you may want to try it out on a non-important PC before committing your precious data to a program which may refuse – ‘’Im sorry Dave, but I can’t do that…’ – to allow you access. Review.  FaceCode uses biometrics technology measurable physical characteristics or personal behavioural traits used to…

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hmm..interesting February 5, 2007 posted by

Mux Online Video Converter – Fellini to Spielberg

The Mux Online Video Transcoder lets you convert a video from one format to another online (e.g. Quicktime to AVI). The video needs to have a web URL, so no uploading possible, and the service is billed as ‘extreme alpha proof of concept’,  so don’t you be going around expecting too much now, y’hear? Tags: video+conversion, video+transcoding

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