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Mmm…wonder if it works?

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Gizmo Call – browser based free phone calls

Gizmo Call is offering free calls to landlines or mobile phones around the world. Just type the phone number in the box and press call (the first time you use it, a browser plug-in will be installed). Calls limited to 10 minutes per day and there appears to be a small print $5.00 limit on the page, so it looks like another one of Michael Robertson’s marketing schemes. Still an interesting idea though. Tags: voip, internet+phone

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hmm..interesting January 27, 2007 posted by

Das Park Hotels – green field hostelry

Das ParkHotel. Oh we can laugh at these drainage pipe hotel rooms in some far off field in Austria, but if property prices keep rising as they are, we may all end up dossing down in tiny rooms like these. You have been warned.  It is a little comfortable small housing unit, just like a coin locker where friends or other people can sleep in and safely store private belongings, reload their personal and their tech- nical devices batteries. To work…

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hmm..interesting January 23, 2007 posted by

Blogg-Buzz – a Digg for blogs

Blogg-Buzz. New Digg type service for weblogs, which features interesting and useful blog posts. Members vote on the posts they like most. Now that Digg users have covertly declared war on blogs, maybe this kind of service will take off?  Blogg-Buzz is a user driven social content website. Ok, so what the heck does that mean? Well, everything on Blogg-Buzz is submitted by our community (that would be you). After you submit content, other bloggers read your submission and Buzz what they like…

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hmm..interesting January 22, 2007 posted by

Grooveshark – get paid for sharing music

Grooveshark. A peer to peer music file sharing service which provides legal no-DRM MP3 tracks, priced at 99 cents per, with a share of the profits going to the copyright holders and a share going to the users who are helping to build the community. It’s along the same sort of lines as Weedshare, but seems to be trying harder to focus on the community feel, through incentivising uploads etc. Mmm….not convinced.  Visitors can browse songs uploaded by other members…

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hmm..interesting January 22, 2007 posted by

IndieKarma – widgets + micropayments = interesting

IndieKarma is a rather interesting micropayments idea to help bloggers and website owners gain a little cash from their venture. The idea is that the owner embeds a widget on their home page and every time an IndieKarma member visits the site, one penny is deducted from their account. The big question is, will one of these schemes ever really take off and transform the web funding issue once and for all? Would readers for example, be willing to pay a penny every…

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hmm..interesting January 16, 2007 posted by

UltraShape – vibrate away those love handles

UltraShape is a new non-surgical technique that uses ultrasound to break down fat cells so the body can expel them. The result is apparently like having liposuction but without the nasty bruising, incisions and other surgical stuff which makes for a pretty unpleasant experience. Oh thanks be to spinach that mines body is so perfects already.  The UltraShape solution, developed by plastic surgeons and scientists for the medical community, is based on a technological breakthrough using ultrasound waves, which are designed…

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hmm..interesting January 12, 2007 posted by

Skip-Away CD Repair System – iron away those scratches

The Skip-Away CD Repair System uses a new technology called OptoClear which apparently ‘irons’ out the scratches on your CDs to make them play as new. All in 3 minutes. And it comes in lots of lovely colours, kiddies.  Sanding machines attempt to sand down the peaks, while wax solutions aim to fill in the valleys. OptoClear does neither. OptoClear works like ironing a shirt—it applies the right combination of heat, pressure and time to iron out the peaks and…

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hmm..interesting January 12, 2007 posted by

BlogMailr – blog from your email program

BlogMailr. Free service which lets you post to your blog from any email client. Uses the Metablog API, so works with most blog tools such as WordPress. Interesting idea, created more as a demo platform for Telligent email gateway tech than anything else probably.  When you send an email to we first check to ensure that you are on our approved list of senders for the address you are emailing – yes we know the from address can be spoofed, but it’s step 1….

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hmm..interesting December 21, 2006 posted by

Scenemaker – extract video and share

Scenemaker is one of the new online applications which kind of make sense, except you don’t see people using it properly yet. It’s about grabbing online video clips and tagging scenes so you can extract bits of footage you like to send to friends or post on your blog. Is there a big demand for this? Maybe there is.  Gotuit SceneMaker allows you to tag scenes inside social video sites like YouTube. Now you can send just the best part…

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hmm..interesting December 11, 2006 posted by

Text it better…

There’s no shortage of replacements for T9 predictive text on the mobile phone, but Instant Text Mobile is really quite interesting. A sort of super automatic glossary of words and phrases which you trigger with letters on the keypad. Worth a look if you’re a big handheld writer. [Also check out TenGO].  You may have dreamed of taking notes as fast as you can think — Now, Instant Text Mobile brings you closer to that dream by letting you abbreviate almost everything…

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hmm..interesting December 7, 2006 posted by

Your Recipe Book – personalised pie print

Your Recipe Book is an interesting example of the convergence of on-demand colour printing, email and the web. And it’s a nice present idea too. You set up a cookbook using one of the templates and invite your friends and family to submit whatever recipes and messages that they want via email to the site. Cough up £99.00 once it’s done and you’ll receive a lusciously bound hardcover, full colour, shiny cookbook with a bunch of personal stuff in it, custom made for you….

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The Google Podcasts – Sergey and Larry being Frank

The Google Podcasts. A 10 part series called The Lost Google Tapes will feature interviews with Larry Page and Sergey Brin conducted in January 2000. All proceeds of advertising go to a new social charter charity.  As it turned out, Page came down with the flu, so I first interviewed Sergey Brin alone for over an hour, then came down two weeks later to interview Larry Page. In the interim I was set up for interviews with Google board members…

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hmm..interesting November 30, 2006 posted by

Free movies online If you like your Hollywood movies fuzzy, in several parts, in a 4 inch square window and possibly with subtitles or captured at a strange angle, then this is the site for you. Basically it’s an index of bootlegged movies stored on video sites around the net (on places like YouTube etc). To be honest, it’s not worth the trouble unless you really are too impoverished to pay the nightly rental charge at your local.  Why is this site is legal. We do not and will…

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hmm..interesting November 27, 2006 posted by

Homebrew Mobile Phone Club – make it so

  Fed up with store bought mobile phones? Fancy making your own instead? Then maybe you ought to lock in with the Homebrew Mobile Phone Club folk and roll your own. Er…and did we mention that it helps if you live in the Californian sunshine?  Geographically distant persons are also encouraged to participate in discussions on the mailing list or (if you’re adventureous) you can form your own local chapter. There is currently no formal national or international membership organization, so starting…

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