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Mmm…wonder if it works?

Free Software June 20, 2006 posted by

Of Thumbstacks and men…

Thumbstacks. Hmm…another online application, this time a Powerpoint type presentation app. OK, so it’s basic slideshow stuff, but it’s slick and fast and easy peasy to use. You’ve got to see the writing on the wall for kludgy expensive offline applications, if something as elegant and simple like this can pop up the drop of a hat. So where are we now? Online spreadsheet, word-processor, database (did we mention DabbleDB already?) and now presentation? Hmm, seems like a wrap to…

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hmm..interesting June 12, 2006 posted by


Chargebox. We’ve talked about mobile phone charging systems before on the Ferret, and we’re still not sure whether this tech service has staying power. The idea is that you use these charging lockers to power up your handset when you’re out and about and depleted. Is there a demand for this? Enough for a business plan? [Via Gizmag]  Have you ever run out of battery whilst you are away from your home and been unable to use your phone or…

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hmm..interesting June 9, 2006 posted by


TalkTrust. A private shielded phone number you can use on eBay, or other online site if you need to be contacted but don’t want to risk your real number. Interesting.  Whether you wish to grow your business selling on-line products, services or expertise or simply wish to restrict callers, you would like to talk without sharing your phone numbers. TalkTrust enables “privacy on contact” which enables worry-free talking with strangers.

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cool tech June 8, 2006 posted by

Cell phones to become web servers.

Cell phones as web servers? Hmm…that is something that could really change the face of the web in ways we can’t even imagine. Several billion volatile web sites flooding the Net would certainly add a new dimension to the game of search and seek.  Nokia has ported the Apache webserver to Symbian, in order to enable mobile phones to serve content on the World Wide Web. Many mobile phones today have more processing power than early Internet servers, suggesting that…

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hmm..interesting June 6, 2006 posted by


Airhitch. Cheap flights around the world. It looks like a cross between the old standby idea and courier flights (where you sign up as a courier and get cheaper flights around the world) but they call it ‘exploratory travel’. What’s confusing is the fact that there’s two websites with the same name. The second one sports a hyphen – Air-hitch – and a slightly nicer design. Ah well.   You may be astounded to know that on any given day, literally thousand…

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Bookmark This! May 30, 2006 posted by

Phone 2.0.

A tale of two new millennium phone services. In the geek corner, Voxalot. A free least cost routing SIP service which offers a lot of functionality wrapped up in a rather kludgy design. Of especial interest, the cheap VoIP rate for mobile calls. In the marketing corner, Talkety. Phone to phone ring back offering cheap VoIP calls without the hassle of having to set up hardware etc. Basic service, pretty package. Who will win? Why the company that comes along…

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Free Software May 24, 2006 posted by

Bubble or squeak?

Business IT Online. Free online calendar, financial modelling, contact management and business document management. Small case of deja vu looming. Last time I saw free online business applications on offer was during another…ahem….online boom in the nineties. Is history repeating? Unsustainable business plans again, or is the online advertising market solid enough nowadays to support this kind of ambitious venture? I would like to think that the bad old days are behind us and we’re now sailing in smoother, more…

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hmm..interesting May 19, 2006 posted by


Scandoo. Add-on search engine filter to protect us from nasty stuff like spyware, offensive content et al. Google with a safety fence? Interesting idea really.  Our scanning technology is installed on high speed server infrastructure around the world. We scan each and every one of your search results to see if there is anything malicious behind the links and then feed the security results back into your search page…Scandoo is designed to give you advanced warning – before you click…

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Fun & Games May 18, 2006 posted by

Guitar Hero hacks.

There is clearly some sort of ‘thing’ building around the Guitar Hero game and controller. How else to explain the rising number of hacks popping up? And GH 2 is coming too? Yowsers. Freetar – turn your fave tunes into Guitar Hero enabled fun. Controller Hack – turn your controller into a general MIDI controller Guitar Hero Trainer – Windows hack allows you to practice your licks on a PC. Hack links – and assortment of hardware and software hacks under one…

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hmm..interesting May 17, 2006 posted by


AKA (or A kind of nickname based Plaxo without the spamming? Set up an account with nickname, enter all your contact details and distribute nickname so people can keep up with you when you change jobs, homes, names, sex or whatever. These services are great if you spend a lot of time moving around from place to place, but for boring stick in the muds like me? Not really. Actually I have a sneaking suspicion that a Skype name may end…

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hmm..interesting May 12, 2006 posted by

Micropayment kismet.

IndieKarma. Helping bloggers make a buck. Now here’s interesting, a micropayment system which automatically pays a penny to every site you visit from your stored funds. Will these systems ever take off and work? Jury out.  Each indieKarma user seeds his or her account with a dollar. Each time they visit a site on the indieKarma Network, we debit their account one penny and credit the account of the website they are visiting. That’s it. One penny. To them, it’s…

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hmm..interesting April 17, 2006 posted by

The problem with HDMI…

The Problem with HDMI. Fascinating information about the latest copy protection farce coming from the entertainment industry. Techy but worth a read.  The official story is that HDMI is a security measure, designed to stop infringers. It’s been known for years that HDMI has serious security flaws; even Wikipedia discusses them. HDMI’s security woes make a pretty interesting story, which I’ll explore over several posts.

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hmm..interesting March 28, 2006 posted by

Flood maps.

Flood Maps. Psst. Wanna know what pieces of land will disappear if n’when more of the ice melts around us? No, thought not. Google maps mashup goes eco.

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cool tech March 24, 2006 posted by

Oil Standard.

Oil Standard. A groovy Greasemonkey script which converts all online US $ prices into the equivalent value in barrels of crude oil. Suddenly you can see just what the value of that iPod is in oil resources. Bit spooky, although I’m not certain where it leads us in the end.

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hmm..interesting March 17, 2006 posted by

Web 2.0 logos. I’ve got to admit I quite like this silly little idea. Basically just slap a whole heap of ‘web 2.0’ clickable company logos on a page – size indicating influence – and let rip. Nothing mind-blowingly useful, but as good as way as any to browse through some familiar and not so familiar brand names that are making news nowadays. Take a gander, you may enjoy it too.

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