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Mmm…wonder if it works?

hmm..interesting December 2, 2004 posted by

Knomo tracker bags.

Knomo Bags. An international GPS transmitter tag inside each bag would be cooler, but this is a start I suppose.  Each bag features its unique owner code. Register your code and contact details online at If you misplace your Knomo bag and it is recovered, the finder can use the international recovery number on the bag to report it’s found. We’ll contact you to reunite you with your bag.

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hmm..interesting December 2, 2004 posted by

RayGun fun.

GloFun RayGun. Er..the bit that worries me here is where it says ‘running around’. Cue vision of hordes of wild eyed players foaming at the mouth and sprinting around the streets of the world pointing their handsets at random places in space. Scary!  Glofun RayGun is the world’s first “high-intensity” location game for cell phones…A cell phone loaded with RayGun software emits “spectral” energy that lets you attract and track ghosts. Unfortunately, the energy also annoys the ghosts, so you’d better…

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hmm..interesting December 1, 2004 posted by

Arcade to go.

Next Arcade offers an interesting twist for gamers. It’s basically a downloadable arcade game service which offers arcade games via a Game Club. For $6.95 a month payable annually you get a free controller to plug into your PC, and a choice of games to download and buy. Problem is that I didn’t see any real hotshot games, but maybe that’s because it’s early days.  The Desktop Game Manager is designed to deliver the most exciting downloadable games to your computer, and…

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hmm..interesting December 1, 2004 posted by

Reality check.

The Reality Clock.  For several years World Alert, LLC, has been gathering statistics on all kinds of information, from the most serious issues challenging the world, to the mundane and absurd.

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hmm..interesting November 30, 2004 posted by

Price alert.

PriceDropAlert. Hmm…interesting idea, no? You can see this extending to all sorts of places (mobile phones p’raps?). Although it goes against the ‘instant gratification’ vibe a bit.  Price Drop Alert enables you to add products to your Price Drop Alert list. You will get an email whenever your selected products are available at a cheaper price…There are more then 6 million products from over 500 top merchants in our participating web sites.

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