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What on earth…?

huh..? December 21, 2004 posted by


Apparently this – – is the oldest registered .com domain. March1985. Interesting site, isn’t it? Is this somehow…ahem…symbolic?  Full list here.

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huh..? December 20, 2004 posted by

Music biz muppets again…sigh!

The RIAA (Australia?) is now threatening to sue the Red Cross? Who next, the Pope?  But Speck says it will simply ask the Red Cross to freeze the fund until a legal outcome in the Australian court case is reached, and hopes the charity will cooperate. “It would be incredibly disappointing if we had to sue them,” he says.

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huh..? December 17, 2004 posted by

Go’zilla R/C…

From the ‘you call that a knife?’ school of toy makers, comes the HK-S0516 – The biggest R/C F1 toys at present!  Mommy, can I have a model car to match the size of your new SUV? Please? Check the video. And why is her face blanked out? Is it a crime in China to run R/C toys over 20 foot in length?  1:4 scale, Semi-proportional right and left steering plus forward and reverse, Two speeds selectable, Sealed gearbox, F1 formula sports car…

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huh..? December 16, 2004 posted by

Kick back.

The Kick Bike. A$699.00. Apparently these strange hybrid scooter bicycle devices are all the rage down under. And good for the abs too, no doubt. The Ferret thinks they look like hard work. Far.Too.Much hard work.

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huh..? December 15, 2004 posted by

Tanks a bunch!

Tactical Tanks. Only in Texas, eh?  Tactical Tanks bills itself as “an exciting alternative to the same old leadership classes and team building”…Competing teams, with members on each tank rotating between commanding, driving and navigating, are given objectives to meet and things to find on simulated mililtary missions…As it grows and word gets out, Tactical Tanks hopes to attract birthday and bachelor parties, even weddings — any number of adventurous folks interested in climbing in the belly of a 50-ton…

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Bizarre December 14, 2004 posted by

Put n’ Reel.

The Never Lose Another Golf Ball Putter. $49.95. Er….?  Repeat. Er….?  Our regulation putter has been equipped with a fishing reel, so you’ll never scramble after practice putts again—simply wind in the ball after each shot. The putter is an authentic 32” metal club with rubber grip; the reel is a quality spincast model (commonly used for catching bass, trout, and panfish), that holds up to 10-lb. test line. Fishing line runs through guides down the club shaft and is…

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huh..? December 10, 2004 posted by


The Vivadi Saturn. The name may make it sound like a downmarket Korean SUV, but it’s being billed as the world’s most advanced television set. Well they might have a point since it sports a 46 inch twin tuner plasma TV with integrated 200GB Media PC/PVR, DVD Recorder, Internet/email access and add-on flat panel NXT speakers. It’s very cheap too. Just £15,999.00 for the basic system with the optional NXT’s coming in at a paltry £7,999.00. Hah, chump change. Unsurprisingly it’s for sale at Harrods!

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huh..? December 10, 2004 posted by

TV Ears.

TV Ears. Hey, super useful they may be, but as a tech design statement these things don’t speak to me at all. Know what I mean? At any volume. $169.95.  Great for people with mild or moderate hearing loss, the TV Ears allow you to clearly hear the TV without turning up the volume. This is accomplished through the use of voice-enhancement technology, which raises hard to hear words above the program’s background sound so they’ll stand out…Automatic volume control (AVC) automatically reduces…

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huh..? December 8, 2004 posted by

Blaster masters.

Project T. Blasters. $7.99. This Ferret doesn’t really get LED gidgets like this. But then again, somebody must. Somewhere.  Project T’s, our latest model, are the best looking glasses out there!! (both by day and by night!) A streamlined bolt of EL light at the top is beautifully reflected by the transparent colored lenses.(The lenses are actually the same color as the light- even during the day!!) With a high quality frame, and lenses that provide 100% UV protection, “Project T’s”…

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huh..? December 6, 2004 posted by


PhotoBlocker Spray. $29.99. Really? I remember back in the day when there was all this talk of hairspray being able to do this. Smoke and mirrors, or a real advancement for medical science? Only you, dear reader, can be the judge. Check out also the company’s range of ‘photoshields’.  Reflects photo radar flash. Spray it and make your license plate invisible to cameras. Proven to beat photo radar and red light cameras. Photo radar cameras often utilize a strong flash to photograph…

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huh..? December 3, 2004 posted by

Glow girl, glow.

Cactus Light. $35.00. “Oh, it’s lovely dear. Er..what is it?”“It’s a cactus, ma, glows in the dark.” “Ah I see. Er..thank you darling. Now here’s something from your Uncle Albert.”  Two different cactus lights grow bright, brighter, brightest with a mere touch of their pot, perfect mood lighting, makes a wonderful reading light.

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huh..? December 3, 2004 posted by

The flatulent pendulum.

The Fart Clock. Words fail. Senses reel. $19.98.  Every hour you get a flagrant flatulation (several different farts) from one of a dozen shame-faced characters. Our entertaining 12″ timepiece will look great (and sound even better!) in your den, garage or workshop. Includes light sensor to turn off the sound when the room darkens.

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huh..? December 2, 2004 posted by

Stop the aliens!

Stop Alien Abductions.Yikes! (see also AFDB)  THIS WEBSITE TELLS YOU HOW TO MAKE A THOUGHT SCREEN HELMET, THE MATERIALS AND TOOLS YOU NEED TO MAKE ONE, AND WHERE YOU CAN OBTAIN THE MATERIALS The thought screen helmet blocks telepathic communication between aliens and humans. Aliens cannot immobilize people wearing thought screens nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy.

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huh..? November 29, 2004 posted by

Surf n’ Turf.

Gift Package. This holiday season give a little extra, a matching gift set that says more about your love than a diamond encrusted dishmop ever will. For her, a 2005 Jaguar XKR convertible; for him, a 1944 Goodyear FG-1D Corsair. Special holiday price, $1.8 million.

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